Welcome, I’m Grace Gawler, a Cancer Management Consultant and I recently celebrated 40-yrs service in this field.

Many of my first patients (beginning 1975) are still alive. Some had poor prognoses, but working together, we beat the odds.

Each Christmas I am delighted to receive cards & letters from these patients. Many have provided testimonials like this one from a recent patient who has taken advantage of the team consultations with myself and Dr Bruce Whelan. CLICK for testimonials


Dr Whelan says...Grace, who has worked in the field of cancer management for the last 40-yrs, has a breadth of knowledge which I find quite amazing. Although her primary qualification is in naturopathy, she has in my opinion, a greater body of knowledge than most oncologists I have experienced in my 47-yrs as a general practitioner Click here for Dr Whelan’s full testimonial


Grace Continues:Bridging complementary & conventional medicines for decades, I’ve seen many excellent outcomes, even when the prognosis was poor.

You as Patient: To achieve such outcomes you will need to play your part as an active participant working as a team – we call this participatory medicine.

I listen to you: Having helped 1000s of patients extend their lives and achieve wellbeing, I’m often asked what is my secret. It’s simple. I listen. I deeply listen to you, the patient, as I piece together the puzzle of your cancer. Everyone is different and your health restoraton must be personalized. Many patients tell me of doctors or oncologists who had not listened to them – very few made genuine eye contact.

How my 40-yrs experience helps you: I offer a unique personalised boutique service for cancer patients that only someone with 40-yrs experience can provide. Your health is a responsibilty I take very seriously. I assist you to Navigate the Cancer Maze on all levels – medical, nutritional and psychological. In collaboration with medical colleagues I provide complementary medicine advice and arrange 2nd-opinions for treatment options.

Cancer Strategies I’ve observed that there is an ordinary way to approach a cancer diagnosis and an extraordinary way. EXAMPLE: Only those with extraordinary investment skills – the top 10% – make money on the stock market. Living through cancer is a similar experience. When diagnosed with cancer there is no ‘how-to book’ of instructions and this is why many people get lost in the maze. You need to develop new skills to deal with your new situtation. This time you are investing in your life. Teaching you how to navigate the cancer maze is our speciality.

Personalised Approach During your office visit or Skype Video Consultation, together we create your health restoration plan.  My approach is scientific, integrative & solutions focused!

Your Patient Advocate: With doctors, oncologists, hospitals and complex medical systems to navigate, I know how confusing it can be and how isolated and disempowered you can feel. This is the time you really need an experienced case manager.

Now it is Over to You: Lets get started – We offer 6 ways to begin 

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Read on for More Useful Information & Background:

*Oncology & Complementary Therapies: Over decades, I perfected methods to enhance efficacy of conventional cancer treatments.  Oncology specialists noted my patients tolerated chemo & radiation with reduced side effects & greatly improved wellbeing.

*Collaborative Cancer Medicine: I found close collaboration with oncology doctors gave best outcomes. I firmly believe complementary therapists should not work in isolation.

*Referrral Networks: We refer patients to cancer specialists, nationally and internationally (when necessary). We have a well established network of innovative specialists across Australia, Asia, Europe, the UK and USA. Our network grows weekly due to our weekly interviews with leading researchers and practitioners on our internet radio show. Click to Play

Walking the Talk: I have walked the path as a patient, with 22 colon surgeries and having received life-saving surgery 6 times overseas in the past 11 years. Each gave me quality of life and longevity. I persisted despite doctors and natural therapists in Australia advising it would fail. I believe Iwould be dead today if I had taken their advice. Her last surgery- Singapore Sept 2014.

The Institute’s Founder and Director is Grace Gawler.Grace Gawler Gold

Grace is a rare synthesis of multiple cancer related disciplines.

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