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Navigated referrals for Minimally Invasive Targeted Treatments – minimal side effects

Drawing on my 45 year’s experience, I guide you to the world’s best cancer treatments & genomic diagnostic testing.

Local & Global Cancer Experts

Are you feeling like a refugee lost in the cancer maze?
We invite you to explore Cancer Recovery & Survivorship Outside the Box with the Grace Gawler Institute. We help you effectively navigate the local & global cancer maze, via our unique referral service & guidance.

How we assist you:
The first step is a video consultation with therapeutic director, Grace Gawler. who will fully explain our cancer navigation services. Next; we’ll assist you to create a personalised Survivorship Care Plan
built around the 5 points below. (scroll page) 

Making the impossible Possible - Diane's remarkable triple Negative Breast Cancer Story

Diane took advantage of the Grace Gawler Institute's 5-point Survivorship Care Plan.

Globally Unique; our Survivorship Care Plan is personalised at every level.

Here’s how we do it…

1. Genomic & DNA Cancer Testing

Scientific 2nd opinion using multi-gene panels cancer analysis for precise detection of targeted treatments. More

2. Targeted Treatments (based on test results)

Referrals for targeted & minimally invasive treatments; local and/or overseas 

3. Gene based diets & Complementary Medicines
DNA tests eliminate Google guesswork. Plans are designed to work with your inherited genetics, not against. More

4. Cell-based Immune Therapies

Referrals to the pioneer of cell-based immune therapy. Rebuild your immune system. More

5. Coordination, Guidance & Support 

18,000+ patients have received effective support during our founder’s 45 years of cancer service. More

Cancer Treatments without Borders - Accessing minimally invasive innovative treatments

                       Cancer Navigation could save your life.
                       Don’t take the Cancer Journey Alone!
Why choose Grace Gawler as your Cancer Navigator? 
* 45 years cancer service resourcing & referring patients to global leaders of personalised (precision) cancer medicine.
Patients benefit from her survival success, multi-disciplinary training & qualifications.
*survivor 28 complex surgeries & successful innovative surgeries overseas. Podcast BBC – UK – Grace’s Overseas Surgery Story

Cancer Navigation Pioneer: Grace was the Australia/New Zealand pioneer of patient advocacy & cancer navigation services. In the early 1980’s, she co-created Australia’s first cancer support groups & has co-founded, directed 2 cancer charities.
Overseas Referrals Experience: For 30+ years, Grace has referred patients to experts in her global medical network for advice, second opinions & state-of-the-art treatments – effectively bridging the gaps in assembly line cancer medicine.

The Grace Gawler Institute - Experts in Cancer Navigation Services

What is a Cancer Navigator & Minimally Invasive Treatment Advocate & how can they help you?

How to Proceed: 
View the videos (R) viewing time 1.40 & 1.23 mins. NEXT: Arrange a video call consultation with our cancer navigator, Grace Gawler. 

NEXT: You have the option to become a ‘navigated’ patient by joining our Survive & Thrive Cancer Navigation Plan.

At the Grace Gawler Institute believe every cancer patient deserves a chance to extend their life with high level wellbeing

We specialise in helping patients access hi-tech overseas treatments. This is especially helpful for those with rare or difficult to treat cancers or those given a poor prognosis at first diagnosis.

Expert Second Opinion: Of course we can assist newly diagnosed patients seeking a second opinion. In fact; early in diagnosis, there may be an advantage in exploring minimally invasive value-add treatments, not available in Australia or New Zealand.

Knowing about valid and well researched treatments, can assist with creating your long term health restoration plan. Importantly, having a plan to work from throughout your cancer journey can provide patients with psychological peace of mind and less stress.

Cancer Treatments without Borders with the Grace Gawler Institute - Accessing minimally invasive innovative treatments

Cancer treatments differ globally:
The Grace Gawler Institute often needs to cross national and international medical borders to provide optimal assistance for our navigated patients. High-tech treatment facilities outside of Australia and New Zealand can offer treatments not available locally.

These include proton Beam therapy, cell based immune therapy, interventional radiology for minimally invasive treatment of cancer and targeted therapies according to genomic diagnostic results.

Participants in our navigation services can access some of the leading centres in cancer medicine. The Grace Gawler Institute navigator’s role is to refer, organise, coordinate, advise & support you through the entire process…

Targeted Cancer Nutrition & Complementary Medicines - No more Guesswork!

As you have scrolled and read the Grace Gawler Institute’s home page, you are likely to realise that we offer an all-round approach including a blend of conventional oncology with innovative oncology with complementary medicine. Your treatments can be highly personalised rather than a one size fits all approach; one of the biggest issues in Google style alternative medicine! 

Our unique all-round approach is made possible due the longevity, experience and qualifications of the Institute’s co-founder and therapeutic director, Grace Gawler. When you become a navigated patient with the Grace Gawler Institute, you also take advantage of Grace’s qualifications in Botanical Science & Medicine. Grace can show you how and where to access the most up to date genomic diagnostics that assist in prescribing targeted nutrition and targeted complementary medicine.

This is especially important for cancer patients so that contraindications with conventional medicines can be avoided.


The specialists in the Grace Gawler Institute’s global cancer network are leaders in their fields carefully chosen for their skill & innovation.  Our medical networks are built on earned trust. Their respect for Grace Gawler’s knowledge & commitment to her patients forms the basis for ongoing collaborations.

Our specialists include – a leading USA brain surgeon, the Asian founder of immune therapy, a renowned Singaporean colorectal surgeon, an acclaimed German interventional radiologist, a Japanese proton beam specialist, & so many more.  


Be Proactive

Talk to Grace, our experienced cancer navigator today. Nearly all patients say it was a life changing conversation & wish they found her sooner...
Grace Gawler