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Update October 2021: All the patients currently working closely with Cancer Navigator, Grace Gawler, are defying their prognoses. Most are stage 4.

These outcomes are all medically verified. They result from hard work, clever science, good communication, our extensive network of expert cancer doctors, genomic diagnostics etc.

Cancers in our group include: brain, breast, triple negative breast, ovarian, metastatic prostate, peritoneal, head & neck, soft tissue sarcoma, gall bladder & more.

The Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer Survivorship and Research.

Grace and her team of experts can broker a wide range of cancer survivorship options for you.
These include genomic diagnostics and qualified second opinions, minimally invasive treatments, personalised nutrition, complementary medicines and supportive care.

Enhance your cancer survivorship with a veteran cancer navigator by your side.

A breast cancer survivor, Grace has guided 20,000+ patients through the complex cancer maze in 4.6 decades of service. 

The pioneer of Supportive Care Medicine in Australasia

The Grace Gawler Institute“The Grace Gawler Institute offers you guided & coordinated access to cutting edge, minimally invasive cancer therapies & diagnostics,” says Grace Gawler, author, cancer patient advocate, cancer navigator & nutritional adviser, with 46 years cancer support experience. 
The Grace Gawler Institute is an independent, not-for-profit that can provide patients with un-biased guidance & qualified second opinions.

A citizen scientist & pioneer of supportive care cancer medicine, Grace co-founded Australia’s first cancer support groups. Her patient advocacy in Australia & New Zealand saw Grace receiving the inaugural Rotary International Jean Harris Award for services towards advancing the role of women in society; the highest honour Rotary bestows on a non-Rotarian. 

Grace’s experience as long-term care giver, breast cancer patient & veteran of 28 complex surgeries, underpins her unique approach to the art & science of supportive care cancer medicine.
1. Grace’s Cancer Service Milestones 
2. Podcast BBC, UK. Grace interview. Attitudinal Strategies for Survival

We help you Bridge the Support Gaps in Cancer Care

The Grace Gawler Institute

Endorsement by William T. 
Prostate Cancer. Survivor May 2021.

I thought the medical system was handling my prostate cancer care reasonably well until I discovered Grace Gawler.

Grace helped me access a diagnostics and treatment pathway that was in a league of its own.

Only then did I realise the standard of care I had been receiving was not as personalised as I would have preferred.

I now believe my original poor prognosis is redundant. I look forward to accessing new treatments to extend my life.

Are You lost in the Cancer Maze?

The Grace Gawler Institute
Patients share some of the ways they were lost in the complex cancer maze

1. Mary had been to leading cancer specialists & the best hospitals but her cancer was still progressing. She is one of many patients who has fallen through a gap in the medical system. She wonders – is there something more I can do?

2. Bill was recently diagnosed and wants to know more about minimally invasive treatments and who to contact?

3. Sue was recently diagnosed and considers using natural therapies and adopting an alternative approach. She is confused by Dr Google and Cancer Entrepreneurs. She is considering exploring a best of both world’s approach. But with who?

4. Tom finished his oncology treatment & was referred to another specialist. He expected the new specialist would offer a monitoring program & suggest treatments for the future. However, because he is symptom & disease free, he is told there is no need to return unless there is a recurrence. Like the others above, Tom feels abandoned, confused & lost in the cancer maze. 

How our Survivorship Care Plans can help you

Patient Advocacy, Empowerment & Guidance:

While each case is different, bridging the gaps in the system and helping you access medical excellence via qualified second opinions and innovative treatment hubs, is our specialty.

 *We empower patients to effectively navigate the cancer maze; includes all patients; early to advanced diagnosis.

*We navigate patients to access state-of-the-art treatments with leading cancer specialists.

Complementary Medicine, Communication Skills & Wellbeing

*We help our patients access targeted complementary botanical medicines to safely increase wellbeing during and after treatments.

*We encourage (via coaching) better communication between patients & their health professionals. 

*We help patients maintain well-being, build psychological resilience & develop tools for managing trauma & stress associated with their diagnosis. 

We offer two distinctly different services.

Video Consultations                     Long Term Survivorship Care Plans

Video Consultations:
We suggest an initial video consultation with Grace Gawler to explore your cancer recovery options. After the consultation you may be interested in applying for a Long Term Survivorship Care Plan. You will have the opportunity to discuss your suitability with Grace.
Visit ‘Video Call with Grace’ on the menu.

Long Term Survivorship Care Plans:
Our boutique survivorship care plans provide hours of dedicated services, including video calls. Plans are personally designed & implemented for each patient’s unique needs. Cost effective – they provide research, referrals, coordination, case management continuity, regular support & follow up. Visit ‘Cancer Survivorship Care Plans’ on the menu.

Endorsement by Fairlie – Breast Cancer Survivor

Grace is the “missing link” in the complex world of multi-disciplinary cancer management & treatment. Her ability to see the whole landscape of treatment & care options both nationally & internationally is unparalleled! Her depth of knowledge, broad experience base, compassionate character, plus her intellectually curious & rigorous nature; make her an anomaly in the field.

Endorsement by Robert – Long Term Survivor 

My  original diagnosis in 2013 showed a parotid tumour. I had a neck dissection diagnosed with SCC with metastases in lung. The prognosis was poor. Grace organised special immune therapy in Japan, 2015 after previous treatments here failed to halt progression of my metastases. Grace continues to advise me after my return. Still healthy in 2021; my family and I thank Grace and most sincerely. I now have a second chance at life.

Lifestyle & Complementary Medicine

The Grace Gawler Institute

Targeted Cancer Nutrition & Complementary Medicines: Our all-round approach includes innovative oncology with prescribed complementary medicine. Using genetic analysis your complementary medicine can be highly personalised rather than a one size fits all –  no more guesswork! 

Our Survivorship Care Plan Patients benefit from Grace’s qualifications in Botanical Science & Medicine. E:G: Eat right for your genes – Grace can introduce you to the latest nutritional gene testing; a personalised approach to nutrition. A similar gene test is available to identify how you metabolise complementary medicines which helps to avoid contraindications with conventional medicines.

Explore your Survivorship Possibilities

Endorsement by Lawrence: Head & Neck Cancer Remission with Minimally Invasive treatments. Remission.

Thanks to Grace’s expertise, knowledge and contacts, we were able to travel with a medical exemption, to receive Cyberknife Radiosurgery. The Clinic was fantastic and worked with Grace behind the scenes to arrange my treatment plan while we were stuck in Covid quarantine. Follow up with PET CT Dec 2020 showed no evidence of disease. Healthy and well 2021>

Endorsement by Janet: Advanced metastatic gallbladder cancer In Remission since 2016

I immediately related to the mantra of ‘navigating the cancer maze’ when I clicked on her website. Grace gave me HOPE, VISION & DIRECTION. Due to a combination of treatments, palliative chemotherapy became curative despite her poor prognosis and little chance of eradicating the tumour –  expected medium survival time is 4.8 months. 2021; Janet remains in Remission.

Be Proactive

Talk to Grace, our experienced cancer navigator today. Most patients say it was a life changing conversation & wish they found her sooner...
Grace Gawler