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Personalised Cancer Survivorship Plans

It speaks volumes to the effectiveness of my services that most patients say…

“I only wish I had found you sooner.

Cancer Diagnosis? Make me your first Port of Call.

*The beginning of the journey for each patient, before treatments begin, is the most critical time.

*Your life quality hinges on choices made at this point. A cancer diagnosis is so traumatic it is best to take time and never rush.

*Before you make any major decisions, consider discussing value-add treatments and possibilities with me, Grace Gawler. 

*I have walked in the shoes of the patient, plus partnered with thousands as I help them navigate the complex cancer maze.

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Navigating the Cancer Maze with Grace Gawler

*My way of working enables you to move forward with confidence having no regrets about the decisions you make.
*The reward is peace of mind that you are taking the right course of action for you.
*This is particularly helpful for people who want to explore a best of both world's approach.

Jan's survivor story explains it best. Click the Maze above

Just In - New Survivor Story June 2024

Cancer Survivorship and WellnessShelley – Advancing Tongue Cancer, Metastasised to Neck Lymph Node:

From stormy seas to calm waters!

I was diagnosed with cancer for approximately 12 months before I came across Grace Gawler, the Cancer Navigator.

I had refused conventional treatment, and instead, was on an alternative route of diet, lifestyle and supplements. I was very sceptical of Western medicine, and determined to do it my way, although I was being monitored periodically from my oncologist at Peter Mac. At around the 11th month mark, after embarking on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and IV vit C, I could feel my cancer progressing (in my throat). When I had my PET scan with my oncologist, I wasn’t surprised to find that my cancer had progressed substantially. At this stage, I was looking at alternative treatments in either Mexico or Asia. I didn’t want to be ripped off, and really needed a trusted person who had connections overseas.

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 When I found out about Grace, I contacted her because she had contacts and knowledge about oncologists and treatments from all over the world. I was desperate for direction, and knew that time was running out.

From the first contact with Grace, after I told her all about my type of cancer, she told me that she didn’t recommend any of the alternative treatments overseas, and in fact, what I had been doing would never have achieved my goals from the get go.

There was one hospital in Perth that may have had a treatment for me, but after contacting them and liaising with my oncologist from Peter Mac, it was obvious that I had to relinquish control and go with the treatment recommended to me by both Grace Gawler and my oncologist. 

As nervous as I was about this treatment, it was also a massive relief. I had been fighting and churning all the time, and being blown about in the wind- every time I read something new, or spoke to somebody, they suggested something different, and I was spending my life chasing my tail and spending a fortune on supplements that may or may not have done any good at all.

I felt so secure with Grace at the helm because she was an independent person- not part of the medical team from the hospital, but completely knowledgeable as to all of the treatments. If my oncologist said I had to do this or that, I could bounce everything off Grace, and feel completely confident that she was in my corner, and it would be in my best interest to do what she said.

Throughout my treatment, she had many suggestions which minimized the side effects, and helped me survive and thrive.

I have just achieved the ultimate goal of being ‘cancer free’ once again, but I am realistic enough to know that this may not always be the case. I intend to work with Grace into my future, so that I can continue to grow from this experience, and hopefully never repeat the patterns in my life which may have contributed to this situation in the first place.

The peace of mind I felt with Grace was really like sailing into a flat, turquoise lagoon, after spending a year in cold, rough  waters.

I cannot recommend Grace Gawler highly enough for your cancer journey! Shelly White

Navigate the Cancer Maze with Renewed HOPE

Survivorship Action Plans

Grace Gawler Independent Cancer Consultant

The best way I can help you is via Survivorship Action Plans. My coaching and advocacy can empower you to become the most successful patient you can be.

I also provide assistance for women with cancer via video consultations, retreats, workshops, seminars, support groups and eBooks.

If you want to access cutting edge, minimally invasive cancer therapies, second opinions, state-of-the-art diagnostics, approved complementary medicines and therapies, nationally & internationally, I can help you. To better understand how I work see carousel below. For more details read our survivor stories.

Surviving against all Odds

Cancer Survivorship and WellnessBe inspired by Grace’s BBC Interview:
Wow Grace – what a great BBC interview. Loved how your endorsement of joining traditional and complementary medicine came across loud and clear.
I always feel like cheering when I hear you speak like this – there are many, MANY podcasts where people share good information (for example on diet, supplements, visualisation), but then demonise western medicine in their next breath. 

You are almost a “lone voice” in your astute approach and I admire you so much. Your personal story, particularly with the world-first surgery, is incredible! Kristie, UK


Navigate the Cancer Maze with HOPE

Why I’m passionate about helping you

I have walked in the shoes of both patient and caregiver, personally applying the Art Of Survivorship. Based on my experience as a caregiver, I envisioned and co-founded the Gawler Foundation for cancer patients, in the 1980s. 

In 2002 I set a precedent for overseas treatment, after sustaining post surgical nerve complications due to a routine prolapse repair. My colon ceased to function and my situation became life threatening. Following multiple attempts with restorative surgery, I travelled overseas undergoing a successful world first innovative bionic procedure.

I’m also a breast cancer survivor who has had four breast cancer surgeries, including a mastectomy. 

Grace Gawler Independent Cancer Consultant

Participate in the Art of Survivorship

Value of an Independent Consultant

The Grace Gawler InstituteBased on my personal experiences, I realised the necessity to provide an independent service for cancer patients.

As in my own case, many patients find themselves falling outside of treatments on offer in standard of care cancer medicine.

Patients with advanced cancers, those with rare, or difficult to treat cancers, or patients with known treatment resistance, can benefit from consulting with medical experts in my independent networks, national/international.

Whilst I acknowledge the valuable resources and research provided by government bodies and cancer councils, my independence as a support consultant can greatly value-add to patient outcomes.

More about Me

Best help book for women with cancerFor almost 50 years I have provided cancer patients with survivorship action and wellness programs that teach how to navigate the complex cancer maze.

I envisioned and co-founded the Yarra Valley Living Centre for cancer patients, in Victoria’s Yarra Ranges in the 1980s. 

This initiative led me to be recognised as an Australasian Pioneer of Supportive Care Medicine for cancer patients. 

A former member of the Victorian Government’s Ministerial Advisory Committee for Women’s Health, I authored the first book on the emotional healing of breast cancer, Women of Silence.

In 2024, as an independent support consultant, I am still helping patients to successfully navigate the complex cancer maze. 

“Although her primary qualification is in naturopathy, she has in my opinion, a greater body of knowledge than most oncologists I have experienced in my 47-yrs as a general practitioner.”   Dr B Whelan

How patients benefit

Grace Gawler Independent Cancer Consultant

By participating in my Survivorship Action Plans, my patients feel:

  • more empowered and knowledgeable about options
  • more able to make informed decisions
  • more confident discussing their side-effects with doctors
  • more able to dialogue effectively with oncologists
  • more supported
  • less stressed by the challenges of dealing with cancer
  • realistically hopeful in the face of adversity

Bridging the support gaps in cancer care

Access my networks

Most patients who approach me are surprised to learn there are a range of treatment options they were not offered.

Because I designed Survivorship Action Plans based on my life experience, professional training and subsequent networks; they remain globally unique.

You will be surprised by how personalised the service can be in a world where we are experiencing increasing Artificial intelligence (AI) and where personalised medical services are challenged.

My personalised services “Bridge the Gap” by focusing on the human element of being diagnosed with Cancer whilst concurrently focusing on the most researched, evidence-based minimally invasive cancer solutions available.

Cancer Survivorship and Wellness
My team of National & International cancer experts can provide patients with second opinions that may lead to minimally invasive treatment options.

Apply for my Cancer Survivorship Action Plans

Step 1. Organise a Video Consultation with me:

Explore Options you never knew existed

I suggest an initial video consultation to explore your options. Not an either/or approach; I am happy to liaise with your oncologist and GP.

After your initial consultation you have the option of participating in one of my Long Term Survivorship Action Plans. Alternatively; I may suggest you directly consult one of my medical colleagues. The aim of a video consultation is to help you find guidance and direction as well as exploring the possibilities.

Visit ‘Video Call with Grace’ on the menu.

Cancer Survivorship and Wellness

Step 2. Long Term Survivorship Action Plans:

By engaging me as your cancer navigator, you can take advantage of my personalised survivorship action plans. 

The initial Platinum Action Plan provides 15 hours of extensive and dedicated services, including video calls.

Cost effective Action Plans provide research, referrals, coordination, case management continuity, regular support, follow up and more.

Platinum Action Plans are personally designed & implemented for each patient’s unique needs.

 Visit ‘Cancer Survivorship Action Plans‘ on the menu.

The Grace Gawler Institute

A Specialist GP's opinion of my approach

Dr Bruce Whelan: Over the years I have come to know and appreciate the skills and knowledge Grace Gawler has in managing patients who approach her seeking help to navigate the cancer maze. Grace, having worked in the field of cancer management for 4+ decades, has a breadth of knowledge which I find quite amazing.

Although her primary qualification is in naturopathy, she has in my opinion, a greater body of knowledge than most oncologists I have experienced in my 47-yrs as a general practitioner.

Grace, like myself, only practises scientifically proven medicine. But what she brings to these patients is the best that western medicine has to offer in conjunction with evidence-based complementary treatments not embraced by western medical practitioners. More at: What Doctors Say on menu

Navigating the Cancer Maze with Grace Gawler

Women of Silence
The breast cancer survivorship revolution

Cancer Survivorship and WellnessIn 1994, based on the life stories of women who had attended my residential programs and workshops, I authored the first book and best seller, Women of Silence the emotional healing of breast cancer. (1994, 2001)

I published my autobiography, Grace Grit and Gratitude in 2008. My other publications are A Helping Hand, and Survivor’s Secrets for Women.

I co-founded Australia’s first cancer support groups, followed by ground breaking residential retreats for women with cancer and women with breast cancer. In 1986 I graduated as a health practitioner in natural medicine.

My patient advocacy in Australia & New Zealand saw me receiving the inaugural Rotary International Jean Harris Award for services towards advancing the role of women in society; the highest honour Rotary bestows on a non-Rotarian. 

I have also served an active role as a member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee for Women’s Health in the Victorian Government.

My personal experience as a long-term care giver to bone cancer patient with a poor prognosis also underpins my unique approach to the art & science of supportive care cancer medicine.
1. About Grace Gawler  
2. Podcast BBC, UK. Grace interview. Attitudinal Strategies for Survival

Inspiring patient stories

Cancer Survivorship and WellnessFairlie – Breast Cancer Survivor

Grace is the “missing link” in the complex world of multi-disciplinary cancer management & treatment.

Her ability to see the whole landscape of treatment & care options both nationally & internationally is unparalleled!

Her depth of knowledge, broad experience base, compassionate character, plus her intellectually curious & rigorous nature; make her an anomaly in the field.

Cancer Survivorship and WellnessJudithInvasive Lobular Breast Cancer – mastectomy

In April 2021, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I was convinced that my healthy, vegan lifestyle of many years would protect me from cancer. I was able to make arrangements for a mastectomy but that was about all. I had no idea what to expect after the operation and no idea of how to go about choosing an oncologist.

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Luckily for me, I stumbled across Grace Gawler’s website and was able to have a Zoom meeting with her about a week before surgery. It was amazing the difference it made to the way I felt about my future. Grace, with her knowledge and experience, was able to bring a feeling of calm and control to a situation which until then had felt like I was walking through a nightmare. She supported my choice to have a mastectomy and gave information and advice about the operation which increased my feelings of control.

After the operation, Grace suggested various genomic tests which might identify the best path forward.  She was also able to direct me to an amazing oncologist who understands the person as well as the disease.

I would sincerely recommend Grace to anyone who is going through the cancer maze. It can be a very lonely and confronting journey and sometimes one with which even family members can’t really identify. But Grace Gawler can; she’s been there, done that and she understands the emotions as well as the disease.
Judith Sept 2021

Judith update: October 2021

An extremely important part of my recovery has been the weekly video Survivorship Care Plan sessions I have with Grace. During these sessions I am able to discuss any issues I’ve encountered with someone who understands what it feels like to be a patient. Grace’s expertise allows me to access immediate feedback on my DNA tests, blood tests and nutrition. These weekly video sessions with Grace have been invaluable to my recovery.  I am now cancer free and moving on to the Wellness Care Plan so that I can continue to have Grace’s support and guidance.

Be the most successful patient you can be

Cancer Survivorship and Wellness

Become Cancer Resilient

Stress Reduction and Resilience

When you join a Survivorship Action Plan I help you build psychological & emotional resilience. As well I assist you to develop tools for managing trauma & stress associated with your diagnosis & treatments.

There are no dress rehearsals for a cancer diagnosis or recurrence. You may be required to build a new skill set or draw more intensively upon resources you already have.

The tools that I share with you can free up vital energy required for healing and health restoration.

Cancer Survivorship and Wellness

Lifestyle and Complementary Medicine Help

Cancer Survivorship and Wellness
No more guesswork! 

When it comes to supplements many patients use the more is better principle often leading to dangerous self-prescription. Many are unaware of potential interactions with conventional treatments. We aim to remove the guesswork by recommending a drug sensitivity profile analysis called Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

Grace can also introduce you to the latest nutritional gene tests that can provide information on how you can optimise your nutrition and metabolism. 

When skilfully prescribed, complementary medicines can make a significant contribution to a patient’s recovery. By using her qualified approach, she can help you reduce the stress of decision making

Explore your Survivorship Possibilities Now

Grace Gawler