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Welcome, I’m Grace Gawler, your Cancer Navigator & Patient Advocate.  

I invite you to explore the many ways I can help you navigate the cancer maze.

As our patient you will benefit from my 43 years of diverse cancer service. 

Are you lost in the complex and bewildering cancer maze?

In fact there are many mazes within the maze. There is the medical maze, alternative medicine maze, nutritional supplement maze, conventional treatment maze and
emotional maze; just to name a few.

If you have been told “there’s nothing more you can do?”  

From experience we know we can assist you with life extension & life quality. Explore our survivor-ship programs, especially our Cancer Navigation Package. We offer options, second opinions & the new paradigm of personalised cancer medicine.

The Grace Gawler Institute is a one-stop-shop for all patient’s needs. 

We offer comprehensive advisory services & referrals for second opinions for patients diagnosed at all stages of all cancers. 

Our Cancer Specialty Store provides patients with access to prescribed, safe nutritionals & botanicals to complement your conventional cancer treatments.

Assistance for all patients – all cancers :

Whether newly diagnosed or a long-term patient, we have the breadth & depth of experience to help you.

  • We are committed to increasing your life quality & extending life via the best medical & scientific knowledge available in the world today – via our global medical networks, we can help you in many ways that the standard systems of cancer care & treatment cannot.
  • Patients leverage from our national & international experience over four decades, one on one with 18,000+ patients.
  • Skype ConsultationsPatients find that stress is significantly reduced by joining our Cancer Navigation Community. No longer alone; we help patients make informed life preserving decisions.
  • We help you avoid the many scams & pitfalls promoted by cancer bloggers & entrepreneurs.
  • Patients can leverage from our strong & trusted oncology collegiate relationships for second opinions, referrals & treatments such as cell-based immune therapy.
  • We help you build a collaborative & communicative team – who are informed & updated regularly – an important ingredient in your health restoration & recovery.
  • We help you manage side effects of chemo & radiation. We advise re targeted nutritionals & botanicals; prescribing only those not contraindicated with conventional cancer treatments.

May 2018 - Patient Achievements

We received medical confirmation of exceptional outcomes for 4 of our navigated patients. Contact Grace to discover how they achieved this outcome.


Three of the 4 patients were over 70. All patients had been told ' there is nothing more we can do' before joining our cancer navigation package.
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Your Personal Cancer Navigator says:

A cancer navigator must have credibility, qualifications & vast experience assisting cancer patients to navigate the cancer maze.
As a cancer navigator, I have 4 decades of multi-disciplinary experience. Using the model I developed, I guide, monitor & manage patients helping them to develop
a personalised survivor-ship care plan.

Many Survivors: Over the decades I have helped many patients become long term survivors. For example my first brain cancer patient, then a young boy of 4, is alive and well today, 26 years later.

Background: In the early 80s, I co-founded the first cancer support groups in Australia, then pioneered residential programs for cancer patients.

Other experiences include 22 yrs as a caregiver to a cancer amputee, then co-director of 2 cancer charities. I’m an international speaker & author of 4 cancer related books. 

A solid background in veterinary surgical work led on to training qualifications with distinctions in nutrition, herbal medicine, & naturopathy. This was followed by courses in counselling, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, psycho-oncology, Rubenfeld Synergy (USA) and more…  More about my background click here

My patients find it inspiring to know that, due to a life challenging condition, I have experienced 23 surgical procedures; including 6 life-saving surgeries overseas.

I underwent a world first experimental surgery in the Netherlands in 2002/3. Of note: I was discouraged by most Australian specialists from seeking the new procedure, one that proved to be life-saving. Listen to my UK BBC Bristol interview here.

Be Proactive

Talk to Grace, our experienced cancer navigator today. It could be a life changing conversation
Grace Gawler

More Information about our global cancer navigation service…  

Cancer Navigation Package

We invite you to explore the options of an overseas second opinion & treatment protocol if you are…

  • Diagnosed with a rare or difficult to treat cancer, & if you are still relatively well and able to travel.
  • Experiencing resistance to treatments that would normally work for your cancer type.
  • Finished treatment – have stable disease & wanting to pursue further treatment options.
  • Early in diagnosis & considering treatment at an alternative medicine clinic overseas. We have vast experience in this area & advise that there may be innovative conventional treatments, genomic diagnostics, targeted medicine & highly effective cell-based therapies with over 25 years of verified, credible research with publications; that you may not know about. 

Unlike a medical tourism group – we provide much more than a referral service.

In fact, this service is so unique it sets the benchmark in personalised cancer care & management, providing guidance & management at every step. 

It is essential and our requirement, that all patients referred overseas have joined a cancer navigation package. 
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Precision Medicine & the Genomic Era: Join the Cancer Treatment Revolution

We help our patients access Precision Medicine – targeted, minimally invasive treatments, not yet routinely available in most hospitals:

Genomic diagnostic and screening tests can accurately identify targeted treatments for cancer patients. 

The tests lay the foundation for precision medicine, also called personalised or targeted medicine.

As a bonus: pharmacogenomic tests can determine whether the patient can metabolise (digest/absorb) the identified target treatment successfully.

These two tests have revolutionised cancer medicine with targeted treatments achieving better outcomes.

We understand if you think our service sounds too good to be true!

So we invite you to explore these 10 remarkable recovery  stories.

If they inspire you please contact us and we’ll start your Health Restoration Journey by sending your medical history to our overseas experts for a second opinion.

You’ll soon be meeting for yourselves some of the many exceptional cancer doctors in our global network.

Leaders in their fields, they are not restricted by local hospital protocols or financial constraints.

The testimonials verify that many of our patients consistently defy normal Clinical Expectations.

Exceptional Responders:

Many of our patients had advanced cancer –  many have achieved excellent outcomes. The majority received a special immune therapy made from their own blood or cells – minimally invasive – minimal side effects. 

To celebrate these consistent successes we formed an exceptional survivor’s group; the Grace Gawler Institute Christmas Club.

Jeffrey Deslandes, a 12 year survivor of stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, thanks to cancer vaccines, is patron of our Christmas club. For more information…

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If these stories inspire – you can arrange a Skype Consultation (green button below).
If required, I can fast track your appointment.

In the consultation, we’ll examine your medical history and begin your Health Restoration Plan. Based on your history – I’ll discuss treatment options with you. I predict you’ll be amazed – since most patients say; ‘I wish I found you sooner.’

Next: For continuity, convenience & cost efficiency, we advise registering for a Cancer Navigation Package. (Red button below) This commitment underpins the many hours of complex  organisation & international collaborations required to give you a second chance at life...

Targeted Botanicals and Precision Wellness.

Targeted Cancer Nutrition – No more gueswork:

I can also support your cancer treatments with coordinated-targeted botanicals, (when appropriate).

This requires an in-depth knowledge of herb-drug, food-drug and other interactions – one of my strengths.

Our Precision Wellness Program helps you maintain gains from your overseas treatments, minimise risk of recurrence, contribute to longevity & well-being.
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Nutritionals: In the age of Dr Google one-size-fits all cancer marketing hype, we support your your journey with safe science-based nutritional medicine, including prescribed targeted botanical products. We can refer you for gene-based nutritional analysis.

All our prescribed products are checked via pharmacogenomics to ensure compatibility with any conventional cancer treatments you are having.

Cancer Knowledge = Patient empowerment 

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Precision Medicine

Targeted Treatments – Minimally Invasive – Low Toxicity

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What is a Cancer Navigator – Understanding Genomic Diagnostic Tests