Global Experts in the Art of Cancer Survivorship

As cancer patient advocates & navigators with 44 years’ experience, we help patients safely navigate the complex cancer maze.

We assist patients early & late stage in their diagnosis with a personalised recovery plan. Talk to us early on about minimally invasive targeted treatments.

How we help you? We guide patients through the process of accessing an intelligent blend of the world’s best cancer therapies via our extensive network of overseas & local medical associates.

Rare or Difficult-to-Treat Cancers: Via our these networks we can assist with all cancers – including brain tumours.

Alternative Medicine: We do not endorse alternative cancer medicine; rather we promote high-tech medical & scientific options.

Cancer Navigation Care Plan: Patients benefit from our Survive & Thrive Package; a dedicated Cancer Navigation Service based upon our signature 5-point Cancer Survivorship Care Plan: A Highly Sophisticated & Globally Unique Service

All plans individually designed & meticulously supervised by Grace Gawler; the pioneer of  Patient Advocacy & Navigation Services in AU & NZ. (1980’s)


Overseas Referrals: For 30 years, Grace has referred patients with a range of cancers; including those rare or difficult-to-treat or brain tumours – to some of the best cancer clinics in the world.

Personal Overseas Surgery Experience: It is unlikely Grace would be alive today but for pioneering surgery in the Netherlands 2002/3. The technique is still not available in Australia.  Grace’s story – BBC, UK Interview


We recognise that many patients are lost in the cancer maze. The conventional & alternative medicine maze, nutritional & supplement maze, emotional maze etc. We also recognise patients’ desire for minimally-invasive treatments & well-being through the cancer journey.


As an independent organisation, we can offer patients with rare & difficult to treat cancers access to state-of-the-art medical treatments & diagnostics. E.G. genomic diagnostics, safe cell-based immune therapies, proton beam therapy, cyber-knife etc.

Your cancer is unique. Our 5-point survivorship care plan is personalised specifically for your genetic cancer type. We're sure this is the world's most comprehensive cancer survivorship care plan.

1. Genomic & DNA Cancer Testing

AU & NZ’s best science based tests form the basis for targeted medical treatments with less side effects. More

2. Targeted treatments (based on the tests)

Referrals for targeted treatments (overseas) Some medicines can be imported by our oncologists. More

3. DNA based nutrition & exercise plans

DNA tests eliminate Google guesswork. Plans are designed to work with your inherited genetics, not against. More

4. Cell-based immune therapies

Referrals to the pioneer of cell-based immune therapies (overseas) with excellent outcomes. More

5. Productive Psychological support 

18,000+ patients have received effective support during our founder’s 44 years of cancer service. More

Cancer Treatments without Borders
Implementing the 5-point survivorship care plan

After genomic testing we routinely find 50+% of patients were misdiagnosed. The tests reveal target treatments, often not available in AU & NZ hospitals. We can refer patients for treatment overseas, or; with their oncologist’s support, we’ll help them import an approved medicine not yet obtainable here.

Cancer treatments differ globally. E.G. There are no Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) centres in AU & NZ. (used in USA, Germany, Japan for 30+ yrs). PBT delivers accurate radiation with few side effects – ideal for brain, head & neck cancers & many others.

Immune Therapies: We refer most of our patients for cell-based immune therapies with amazing outcomes. (point 4 above). e.g. DNA repair & restoration often occurs after these very safe but potent treatments. Patients look and feel better almost immediately.

Participants in our navigation services can access some of the leading centres in cancer medicine to help you get the right diagnosis & treatment  Our role is to refer, organise, coordinate, advise & support you through the whole process.

We refer patients to some of the best minds in cancer medicine. Thus, a cancer deemed un-treatable in AU & NZ, may be treatable, even curable in a respected hospital overseas.

Our Team

Our national/international medical team is coordinated by cancer navigator, Grace Gawler. It includes renowned doctors from Singapore, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, USA & more.

In the age of assembly line medicine, as an independent Institute (GGI), we can work outside the corporate medical box; not restricted by AU & NZ hospital limitations.

Grace has 44 years multi-disciplinary cancer service experience. This includes 3+ decades referring patients to international cancer hospitals. Considering Grace for your Cancer Navigator? Read how overseas surgeries saved her life & more

Cancer Nutrition & Complementary Medicines:

We refer our navigated clients for Gene-Based Targeted Nutritional Analysis and Pharmacogenomic Testing 

No more Google guesswork! Based on both test results, Grace can prescribe targeted nutrition. In addition; pharmacogenomics can indicate your ability to metabolise your cancer medicines as well as complementary medicines.

Bridging the Gaps in Assembly Line Cancer Medicine

How to Proceed:

View the video (right) Then arrange a Skype consultation with our cancer navigator, Grace Gawler.

Following the consultation, to benefit more deeply from our 5-point survivorship care plan, you have the option to become a ‘fully navigated patient by joining our Survive & Thrive Cancer Navigation Package

INSPIRING SURVIVOR STORIES - We referred these 17 STAGE IV patients for personalised cancer vaccines & other hi-tech treatments overseas. THEIR OUTCOMES ARE EXCEPTIONAL.


Many of the specialists in Grace’s global cancer network are leaders in their fields & have been carefully chosen for their skill and professionalism.  Such medical networks are built on earned trust. Their respect for Grace’s knowledge & commitment to her patients forms the basis for ongoing collaborations.

Our specialists include – a leading USA brain surgeon, the Asian founder of immune therapy, a renowned Singaporean colorectal surgeon, an acclaimed German interventional radiologist, a Japanese proton beam specialist & so many more.  


Be Proactive

Talk to Grace, our experienced cancer navigator today. Most say it was a life changing conversation & wish they found her sooner...
Grace Gawler