11 year Survivor from Stage 4 Cancer

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In today’s podcast (below) we interview Jeffrey Deslandes about his remarkable recovery from stage IV non-Hodgkins lymphoma using a little-known treatment, cancer vaccines.

Is it suitable for me? You may be wondering if these highly effective, low side effect cancer vaccines, made from your own blood or tissue, are applicable to you. 

This question is answered more thoroughly on this page – click here

Navigating the Cancer Maze  podcasts feature interviews with leading cancer doctors and inspiring patients.

One interview, Jeffrey’s Survival Story has had enormous impact and has helped dozens of patients extend their lives or even find remission.

End of the Line for Jeffrey? In 2006, after years battling Non Hodgkins Lyphoma, including harsh treatments, terrible side effects and 4 relapses, Jeffrey Deslandes faced a bleak future.

He decided to look outside the square – outside the normal hospital gold standard treatments.

NOW, 12.5 years later (May 2018) Jeffrey is alive and fit, thanks to blood based (not drug based) cancer vaccines (immune therapies)

Click here for our inspiring podcast interview with Jeffrey – Stage 4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor  

Since the interview we have worked closely with Jeffrey; telling others about these potentially life-saving treatments.

Jeffrey went on to write his inspiring book – From Cancer Good Things Grow – which you can purchase from us. Click here for Book Launch

Recent Vaccine Improvements: The vaccines we help patients access today are even more advanced & effective, than the vaccines Jeffrey used some years ago.

We now have many other stage 4 patients who have experienced similar successes as a result of our Global Cancer Navigation Package which guides patients through the advanced vaccine process overseas (Asia). See Testimonials

If you are a patient like Jeffrey, or have been told by your hospital – ‘there is nothing more we can do’, you may like to talk to us about these new vaccines.  See – Discuss your suitability for Cancer Vaccines: