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The Institute’s Founder & Director is Grace Gawler.

Grace Gawler DHM (dist) DBSc ATMS Mem IPOS….

Over 4 decades experience as a cancer navigator and patient advocate – supportive care medicine…

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Grace is a rare synthesis of multiple cancer related disciplines. A deeply caring therapist with a deep understanding of modern oncologic treatments, including genomic diagnostic screening & testing, pharmaco-genomics, immune therapies and more.

Leading oncologists around the world embrace collaborating with Grace and appreciate her knowledge and thoroughness.

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Grace has pionered the application of complementary therapies including naturopathy, botanical medicines & psycho-oncology (managing patient psychology) and the many forms of complementary care to relieve symptoms associated with cancer & cancer treatment & boost treatment outcomes.

As well; Grace foundered Australia’s first Breast Cancer Support Groups in the 80’s. Because her skill set is so comprehensive, so broad-based  Grace is best described as a Cancer Navigator, Cancer Management Consultant or a Multi-Discipline Cancer Strategist.

Grace’s close collaborations with national and international oncology experts gives her enormous experience and adds depth and breadth to her work.

For example, sitting with patients as a patient advocate in oncology consultations across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Germany and Asian countries gives her a perspective – a global benchmark that is unique.

She can, therefor, access state-of-the-art treatments for her patients – increasing treatment options for those told ‘there is nothing more we can do.’

As wel, Grace is an active patient educator, via her blogs, newsletters, Internet radio shows, books and public presentations.

Having been in the role of carer for a cancer amputee for many years, then supporter for `18,000+ patients; plus her own survival crisis with a life challenging medical condition, she has a unique experience base to show others a way to recovery.

Her work is acclaimed internationally – contributor to numerous medical journals, Grace has authored 4 books on cancer recovery & motivation & hosts the weekly internet radio show – Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia.

First hand experience seeking overseas treatment: Institute founder, Grace Gawler knows what it like to be a patient with a life-challenging condition who has fallen through gaps in the medical system. A paralysed rectum following a routine surgery in 1997 was to change her life drastically.

In 2002-03, with just one Australian physician supporting her decision to seek an experimental treatment developed in the Netherlands, (15 others did not support her decision); she left Australian to seek her recovery. Her experimental surgery involved a long stay in Rotterdam.

The procedure involved surgically implanting a bionic device and electrodes in her lower back and buttock; designed to mimic the nerve supply that had been lost. Not tried before for her condition, it was successful and a world first! The device still pulses at 6 volts 24-7 and is responsible for Grace getting her life back; ending years of colon surgeries and failing ileostomy procedures.

The battery operated device needs to be replaced approximately every 3-4 years. So far Grace has undergone 23 surgical procedure since 1997.

The procedure is now performed in Singapore but still not available in Australia.

The Global Health and Travel article (PDF below) features Grace & her surgeon, Dr Lim Jit Fong, discussing her surgery in Singapore- use magnifier to enlarge etc.

Lim Jit and GG - Global Health and Travel_A Return to Normalcy_Pg 44-45

PODCAST – click here for BBC UK Interview – Grace explains her world first procedure

Grace on ‘Walking the Talk’ – “I have walked the path as a patient. Since 1997, I’ve had 22 colon surgeries –  6 overseas. Each gave me quality of life & longevity. I persisted despite doctors & natural therapists in Australia advising it would fail. I believe I’d be dead today if I had taken their advice”. Last surgery – Singapore, Sept 2014.

Grace is also a Survivor: Her story on BBC Bristol – listen on our podcast site

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A word from the co-director at the Grace Gawler Institute:
Hello, I’m Pip Cornall, Grace’s husband. I’ve worked with Grace and her patients for over 10-yrs. The following is a snapshot of this amazing woman.

Grace is dedicated. She begins at 5 am, sometimes earlier & has few days off. Grace is truly altruistic – much of her work is unpaid but done from a place of joy & care for her patients.

Apart from her 42-yrs experience, Grace is always researching & studying, thus her knowledge of cancer healing has enormous depth and breadth. This is evident when she hosts her weekly radio show – Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia – Click Here for Show

You can’t work with someone like Grace & not be inspired by her devotion & intelligent approach. Similarly, patients get great value from her consultations. Click here for Professional Testimonials  &  here for Patient Testimonials

When patients are told – there is nothing more we can do, Grace’s network of leading cancer specialists in AU, USA, UK, EU & Asia, can often provide viable treatment options. Her alliance includes leading brain surgeons and oncologists.

Sometimes, exploring a wider medical box can yield excellent outcomes, quality of life and life extension. With Grace’s patients I’ve seen a lot of these.

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