About Pip Cornall

Originally a Physical Education and Outdoor Ed teacher, after leaving teaching in the late 70s, Pip Cornall established the Ulladulla Windsurfing School, built a ski lodge in the NSW Alps, where he taught skiing and in spring, white-water canoeing. He later started a special outdoor adventure company called Wilderness Awareness, which focused on building a connection with nature. (Adventures of the Heart in Nature.)

In the 1990s, after training as a mediator, Pip worked with young men in the juvenile justice systems of Australia and America. He taught peer mediation for teens in Oregon schools, worked in an Oregon Juvenile Correction Centre and was a volunteer mediator in Oregon courts for community disputes. In 2002, while working for the Australian Sports Commission, he conducted a week long course culminating in a ‘clear the air’ conflict resolution and mediation with a high ranking Australian Olympic team – many of whom are household names.

Pip has written two small books, Sustainable Masculinity and Kicking a Goal for Masculinity. Both are designed as discussion templates to help adults talk about the concept of healthy and unhealthy forms of masculinity with boys, teens and young men. His books and eBooks are offered free to organisations and individuals.

Pip has been a director of The Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer Survivorship and Research since 2010 where he initiated programs such as Prostate Mates and Captain Pip and the Survivor Ship.

Pip and Grace Gawler were married in 2016.

Through the Institute, a Health Promotion Charity, Pip offers sessions for…

  • men dealing with cancer
  • men supporting a partner with cancer
  • Sustainable Masculinities for men and boys.

    Captain Pip & the Survivor Ship
    Making a Splash for Cancer

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