About Us in Brief

The Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions:
A Small Charity making a Big Difference in the World.

What we do:

Skype ConsultationsCancer Services:
*We help patients safely navigate the complex Cancer maze. The majority of our clients have fallen through gaps in the medical system.
*We help them access expert second opinion via genomic diagnostic testing.
*We inform and educate them about potential innovative treatment options.
*We guide and support them through the process.

Other Cancer Services:
Psychological and emotional support for patients and families dealing with a diagnosis of cancer.

Male health Services:
Includes educational material for boys and young men as well as psychological/emotional support for men with cancer and men caring for a cancer patient.

As a small independent charity, we have an agility and flexibility unavailable to bigger charities. As well our work is mostly hands-on; with two of our directors working one on one with patients 24/7.’

Experience: Grace Gawler, our therapeutic director, draws upon 45 year’s experience at the cancer coalface across multiple disciplines. Includes; founder/co-director of two Cancer charities. (Total 22 years) Cancer Nutrition. Carer for cancer amputee. Author. National & International Presenter.  See Grace’s Milestones

Knowing that cancer treatments, medicines and protocols vary from country to country; the Institute helps patients access advanced overseas treatments – treatments not available in their home countries.

Since many of those we assist are stage IV patients, speed of referrals and meticulous guidance often means the difference between life and death.

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