Advanced Cancer – Think outside the Box!

Woman in boxMany of our cancer services fall ‘outside the box.’

As such they are more difficult to explain.

Here is a story that might help – A farmer’s wife finds a lump in her breast. The small regional hospital suspects breast cancer and refers her on to a hospital in a large city.

The regional hospital (it’s a small box) simply does not have the resources, skill or experience to accurately diagnose and treat the woman’s cance but the big city hospital supposedly does – it’s a bigger box with more resources, skill and experience.

the farmer's wife grace gawler institute - treatment outside the boxBUT – suppose they find her cancer is rare & beyond the scope of their reources & skill set. They may refer on to some of Australia’s biggest and best hospitals. These huge boxes are simply bustling with dedicated doctors, nurses, and secretaries. They are well funded & thus offer a variety of the ‘best’ treatments.

ANOTHER BUT! After treatment at one of the huge boxes her aggresive tumour is still growing and she is told ‘there is nothing more we can do.’



There may be much more that can be done. And if the farmer’s wife’s life is on the line wouldn’t she want to know about it? Wouldn’t you?

As specialists with 42 years experience we help patients find boxes – very special boxes offering treatments that have a high chance of working for your cancer. Would you investigate?

This is a simplistic way of describing just one part of our work. We help you outsource a treament that is beyond the scope of the boxes at your disposal. Our network of medical colleagues includes some of the best performing cancer doctors throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA.

BUT – that’s not all.

We can act as case-managers for you – stepping outside the box is rewarding but extremely complex – and this requires a detailed explanation – best done face to face…

If she accessed our services early she would likely achieve a better outcome with less expense and suffering. That way we could refer her on to some of the best treatment centres before her body was exhausted by chemo and radiation. Treated early – her cancer might even respond to low side effect treatments such as cancer vaccines &  immumotherapies.

BEST ADVICE: Come early – investigate what is on offer.

If the answer is yes; how do you proceed?

Break out of the box

Grace Gawler Institute: With 4 + decades of experience helping cancer patients access innovative treatment in clinics of excellence, our charity provides a globally unique service.

Our boxes are many and expanding rapidly…

Referrals: We may refer you to another hospital with more expertise in your cancer – possibly in the same city, interstate or even overseas, depending on your willingness and budget.

Sometimes your original hospital doctors may not know about new treatments available in other centres, sometimes protocols prevent them ‘referring-on’.

Sometimes they may not be supportive of you searching outside their box.

Happily, we work with oncologists who are supportive in this way – the trick is to have them all communicating. with each other. (ideal but not always easy)

While we do not promise a magic bullet, expanding your medical box can buy you wellness and longevity.

Thus each year gained is an opportunity for new medicines to reach clinical application – some  may hold the key to your long term survival.

Bigger Medical Boxes: In a nutshell, our charity has considerable expertise referring patients to ‘bigger’ medical boxes thus opening the door to cancer recovery & health restoration.

one_more_thingHold On – There’s More!

Like the proverbial set of steak knives – this service is just one of many we offer!

Each service we add – helps you increase your odds of survival.

You see – although we can refer you to world standard oncology experts – that is what they know  – oncology. Just as the surgeon knows surgery.

Being a pro-active patient – you may be seeing a naturopath, a Tradional Chinese Medicine practitioner, you may be having Reiki and be buying ‘cancer cure’ supplements online.

Without being aware of it you have entered another box – the box of complementary medicines.

BUT – The people in this box also have limits – few will know anything about oncology, surgery, radiation therapy – many are opposed to them – many have an inflated sense of their field’s impact on cancer – and almost none will collaborate with oncologists.

Imagine: A service that draws all the fields (boxes) together.
Imagine a team dedicated to your survival.
Imagine a team that incorporates  oncology, naturopathy, botancial sciences, psycho-oncology (emotional aspects of healing) and provides short and long term case management.
That is what we do…

grace gawler instituteIf you choose to work with us you will move outside the limits of the ‘boxes’

Your new box is bigger and better resourced – it is ever expanding

You might say it is a ‘box without walls’

How our New Model is More Effective at Helping you