Alternative Cancer Practitioners and Entrepreneurs who Died from Cancer

Alternative Cancer Practitioners and Entrepreneurs who Died from Cancer

Fake Cancer Celebrities and Fake Cancer Cures

Hello, I’m Grace Gawler. Some people know me as a naturopath specialising in cancer but many years ago my role became more encompassing than cancer naturopath.
As a cancer navigator and patient advocate, I’ve had 45+ years’ helping patients helping cancer patients safely navigate the cancer maze. In over 18,000 cancer patients I’ve worked with, I’ve never seen a ‘natural’ cancer cure – not one!

Please consider this for a moment – please let it sink in (in this fast moving world) because I know the stories circulating on the internet, in cancer patient forums and from friends state the opposite to my experience. As a dedicated cancer naturopath I wished this to be otherwise. My experience is at the cancer coalface. The internet is opinion or ideology –  not science based.

WHAT WORKS BEST: Instead, I have focused on what produces the most effective cancer outcomes for my patients.
As a Cancer Navigator I’m responsible for researching, liaising with, and coordinating brilliant oncology specialists on behalf of my patients.

Consequently, I am closely connected to some of the world’s leading cancer specialists who willingly collaborate with me. Spite my training natural botanicals I have found this the most effective way to extend or save cancer patient lives.

The fact that so many leading oncologists, brain surgeons, interventional radiologists are willing to share my patients, include me in all documentation, and respond to me within a very short time, indicates they have a high regard for my Cancer Navigation Services.

The reason I have built alliances with these high performing oncology specialists is this…

In contrast to never observing a ‘natural’ cancer cure, I’ve seen 1000s of lasting remissions (as long as 35yrs) due to smart medicine – clever oncology supported by COORDINATED complementary medicines & therapies.

Naturopathy can be a useful adjunct to good oncology but in recent decades, the field has become riddled with pseudoscience, hype and myth. This is reflected in poor outcomes.

While teaching at naturopathic colleges, I’ve been appalled at the lack of genuine medical knowledge – especially about cancer.

The following examples may help you think critically about ‘natural medicines.’

I help patients build critical thinking skills as opposed to ‘wishful thinking un-skills’ because I have seen so many patients hasten their death because they made wishful thinking based decisions. E Ernst says…

“Alternative medicine, particularly in the realm of cancer, has a long history of attracting people who are seduced by simplistic explanations of this dauntingly implacable and hugely complex constellation of diseases. They become gripped by a messianic conviction that this is the true path to a cure.” E Ernst

Fake Cancer Celebrities: It is tragic but true that in my 4+ decades at the cancer coalface I’ve seen many fakes and frauds. Sadly I have seen devastating impact when patients follow their seemingly compelling advice.

The list of fake cancer entrepreneurs is to numerous to include – here are just a few…

  1. Bill Henderson (USA). Australian patients were spending $1000s/month on his ‘natural’ diet protocols – Note Henderson was heavily promoted by Chris Wark and Ty Bollinger – (The Truth about Cancer Video) 

    Oncologist David Gorski (Orac) (David Gorski) is disgusted by the false claims and writes on Henderson –

  2. Hulda Clark (USA) died from Cancer – Immediately after Clark’s death, her supporters tried to cover up her death – claiming she had died of “complications from a spinal cord injury

  1. Nicholas Gonzalez –

    HINT: For your sake – fact-check all cancer cure claims

  2. Jess Ainscough (AKA Wellness Warrior) and her mother. After a few years as a ‘cancer wellness guru’ called ‘Wellness Warrior” amassing hundreds of thousands ‘followers,’ Jess died from her cancer, following her mother. Both followed the Gerson diet – both inspired by the misreported Ian Gawler story.

Jessica Ainscough and her mother, Sharyn –  both died following Gerson protocols. Both had  curable cancers by our standards.

6. Scott Stevens  was widely promoted by the Gawler Foundation as a ‘living’ example of Foundation ‘protocols’

Scott Stevens claimed Gawler Foundation ‘protocols’ and natural diets kept him healthy and cancer ‘free.’

Update 2016: Scott died 2016 from cancer. The claims:

The Reality: 

7. Ian Gawler: I have purposely omitted mentioning my ex-husband, Ian Gawler’s, cancer cure claims. Some people dismiss my authentic information –  angry ex-wife etc. Not so.

I resigned from the Gawler Foundation in 1996 because I had moral issues with the direction it was taking. However I invite you to do your Google searches and form your own decisions. Try Ian Gawler ‘criticisms.’

8. Tony Barry, well Australian TV star, is the narrator of a video that has promoted ‘black salve’ to millions of patients worldwide. Few viewers know he lost his leg to melanoma some years after making the video and is very ill.
NOTE: I have seen horrific outcomes in patients who used black salve – these included health school owners or ‘natural medicine’ doctors. (Hushed up of course) Due to patient confidentiality I cannot give their names.

9.Carissa Gleeson – a WA ‘cowgirl’ is spending $5000/wk on ‘natural treatments. Sadly we know she will not be successful by abandoning conventional medicine.

10.Esther Hicks (the famous Abraham channel) claimed for many decades her method of prayer and ‘higher vibration’ keeps you cancer free. When her husband Jerry Hicks died from cancer, she hid the truth claiming it was a spider bite. Millions of their followers believed they could not die from any illness

11. West Australian Laura Bond, a young Perth woman built her overnight career with the blog “Mum’s not having Chemo’ (and subsequent book) She now consults cancer patients in London. Mysteriously, all news of her once heavily promoted mother, Gemma Bond, is absent. Is she seriously ill or has she died from her cancer?

UPDATE – after almost 2 years ‘off the radar’ GEMMA BOND died at Xmas 2016. HOWEVER  brazen Laura justifies the death and continues to peddle her dangerous advice while pocketing the loot! –

The cases above illustrate how scientifically un substantiated cancer cure claims can influence tens of thousands of patients to make poor treatment choices.

We have observed many patients who presented at our clinic with high tumour loads due to following misinformation promoted by the above ancient and others.

And we observe many unnecessary premature deaths from this insane trend. We estimate the annual deaths in Australia from alternative medicine to number in the thousands.

The ethics of cancer cure claims:

Dr J Crews, an ethics professor from the Edith Cowan University in WA, wrote to the many cancer celebrities (including the following) who based their work (and their wealth) on their personal cancer healing stories.

None could substantiate their cancer cure claims:

  • Ian Gawler – Australia’s ‘most famous’ cancer patient – Gawler’s 2 articles in the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) have now been shown as
    Profs Haines and Lowenthal’s paper in the IMJ (journal of Internal Medicine) suggest he did not suffer from secondary cancer but from TB. For over 3 decades Gawler had omitted the TB information in his books and retreat courses. (see Google)
  • Petrea King, (Quest for Life) a former colleague of Gawler; her claims of ‘meditating her cancer away’ (in a cave in Egypt) have not been substantiated.
  • Brandon Bays – (The Journey) widely promoted on Oprah, now a multi-millionaire, similarly could not substantiate her miracle cure claims.


Naturopathy under Scrutiny:

Why would Australia’s most experienced cancer naturopath, Grace Gawler, state that she has never seen a natural medicine cancer cure that did not involve conventional medicine?

As mentioned earlier in this article and evidenced on our institute webpage; – administering supplements to cancer patients is a very sophisticated science.

It is sad that most patients and the naturopaths they visit, have a poor working knowledge of the nature of cancer, the interaction of supplements and medicines.

A Question to ask YOUR NATUROPATH: If your naturopath or integrate GP is not experienced in – pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics – you should stay away. I would suggest a runaway – they are more likely to do harm than good. As

Ask them their experience with Pharmacognosy (all practitioners prescribing ‘natural’ supplements should know this field) – Google these terms.

And there’s more – two new exciting fields in nutrition – nutrigenomics & metabolomics:

These fields remove the guesswork and one size fits all approaches that have dominated naturopathy, integrative and nutritional medicine.

Nutrigenomics & metabolomics:

Science is beginning to understand how genetic variation and epigenetic events alter requirements for, and responses to, nutrients (nutrigenomics).

At the same time, methods for profiling almost all of the products of metabolism in a single sample of blood or urine are being developed (metabolomics).

If you are working with a practitioner advising you in cancer nutrition, they must be experienced in these six new fields.

These are…

  • Pharmacodynamics
  • pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • pharmacognosy
  • nutrigenomics
  • metabolomics

Other existing problems with current day naturopathy:

The health outcomes we have seen in thousands of patients advised by their naturopath’s, have not been positive. We would not be writing this document if it were otherwise.

With so much misinformation (fake info) and profit-driven advertising, present in the natural health-and-wellness industry on the internet, it is often difficult to find the truth in clear, concise, and reliable fashion.

“An informed patient is an empowered patient, and that truly informed decisions can only be made with truly accurate (and scientifically honest) information.” Dalai Lama

Mother Teresa – Miracle or Medicine?

Health Gurus who died from illness:

Working inside the cancer industry over four decades as we do, we are privy to information never accessed by the cancer community. We know the true story because some of the high profile cancer gurus, naturopaths or integrative doctors came to us for treatment.

One such doctor, who has featured on the global video about black salve, was, against our advice, trying to treat his brain tumour with herbal supplements that we knew would not cross the blood brain barrier. Sadly he died but the millions of people who watch the video do not know this information.

Nor do they know that the narrator of the video, famous Australian actor, Tony Barry, lost his leg to melanoma.

Tony Barry’s case is mentioned above – it is noteworthy in that his video narration is very convincing but there is no update or disclosure of his amputation. And there never will be.

More questionable gurus:

Chris beat Cancer –  this man has negatively influenced many of our patients. He is dangerous for those believing his stories.

Improper use of medical titles to sell product or ideology to vulnerable patients:

Sadly, unscrupulous cancer entrepreneurs, often high-profile celebrities with large followings and huge influence, through improper use of medical titles, pretend to be a qualified doctor practising in cancer.


  • Dr Talia Miller – breast cancer coach – USA
  • Dr Ian Gawler – from the Gawler foundation – AU
  • Dr Noel Campbell’ Noel Campbell is the sole director of Operation Smile which runs the Hope Clinic offering alternative therapies to treat cancer. While he claims to be a doctor, he is not a medical doctor but rather a former dentist. Campbell worked closely over the years with Melbourne doctor John Piesse, who has again been deregistered for helping patients avoid vaccinations. (Sept 2107)

When you work at the cancer coalface for as long as I have – you know ‘stuff.’ You know the inside story about many cancer entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial cancer patients, false claims and more.

It’s not just alternative medicine and even complementary medicines that can cause problems when not coordinated with conventional cancer treatments – there are many problems we know of within oncology, the hospitals and the medical systems.

In short – there are good doctors and the doctors, ethical ones and unethical doctors. That’s another story for another time.

For now, I hope this document has been sufficient to help you demand proof – credible proof when confronted with cancer cure claims.

© Grace Gawler – Oct 2019