Cancer Cure Claims

Four reasons why patients need to be cautious about cancer cure claims from ‘cancer celebrities and entrepreneurs: 

  • Because your life depends upon the truth.
  • Cancer entrepreneurs can only promote one size fits all cancer cures. 
  • Following false cancer cure protocols can waste precious time and money.
  • Although many cancer cure stories sound convincing; they may not be able to be medically substantiated.

We created this page to help cancer patients be better informed and discerning regarding 'cancer cure' stories.

Cancer Entrepreneur's claims must be fact checked for your Safety & Longevity:

We strongly suggest that patients fact-check all cancer cure claims. The following cancer entrepreneurs have influenced millions of patients:

Bill Henderson, influential American cancer entrepreneur and author was heavily promoted by fellow entrepreneurs Chris Wark (Chris beat Cancer) and Ty Bollinger  (The Truth about Cancer Video). Henderson succumbed to non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Oncologist David Gorski writes on Henderson;

Chris beat Cancer. Chris Wark claims to have healed himself from cancer using nutrition and natural therapies.

Ty Bollinger –  best known for the Video Series ‘The Truth about Cancer, viewed 3.8 million times. An American conspiracy theorist. Background: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Accounting and Taxation, former Competitive Bodybuilder, Health Freedom Advocate, promoter of alternative cancer therapies.

West Australian Laura Bond, journalist, built her overnight career with the blog “Mum’s not having Chemo’ and subsequent book. She also appears in Bollinger’s Truth about Cancer series. Bond now consults cancer patients in London. Her mother, Gemma Bond, died from her cancer.

Hulda Regehr Clark; Canadian naturopath, author, and practitioner of alternative medicine claimed all human disease was related to parasitic infection, and also claimed to be able to cure all diseases, including cancer and HIV/AIDS. Following a string of lawsuits and eventual action by the Federal Trade Commission, she relocated to Tijuana, Mexico where she ran the Century Nutrition clinic. Clark’s claims and devices have been dismissed by many including CAM figures such as Dr. Andrew Weil as scientifically unfounded, “bizarre”, and potentially fraudulent. Clark died 3 September 2009 from blood and bone cancer.

Nicholas Gonzalez, was a New York-based physician known for developing the Gonzalez regimen (or Gonzalez protocol), an alternative cancer treatment. His methods have been generally rejected by the medical community. In 1994 Gonzalez was reprimanded and placed on two years’ probation by the New York state medical board for “departing from accepted practice”. Died from Cancer 2015.

Jess Ainscough (AKA Wellness Warrior) and her mother, Sharyn Ainscough. Jessica used her media skills to become a ‘cancer wellness guru’ called ‘Wellness Warrior” She amassed hundreds of thousands ‘followers,’ Jess and her mother both died from cancer.

Scott Stevens  was promoted by the Gawler Foundation as a ‘living’ example of Foundation ‘protocols’.Scott Stevens claimed Gawler Foundation ‘protocols’ and natural diets kept him healthy and cancer ‘free.’ Update 2016: Scott died 2016 from cancer. The claims:  –  The Reality 

Tony Barry, well known Australian TV star, is the narrator of a video that has promoted ‘black salve’ to millions of patients worldwide. Few viewers know he lost his leg to melanoma some years after making the video and is very ill.
Grace Gawler – I have seen horrific outcomes in patients who used black salve – these included health school owners or ‘natural medicine’ doctors. (Hushed up of course) Due to patient confidentiality I cannot give their names.

Carissa Gleeson – a WA ‘cowgirl’ was spending $5000/wk on ‘natural treatments.

Esther Hicks aka: the famous Abraham channel, claimed for many decades her method of prayer and ‘higher vibration’ can keep you cancer free. When her husband, Jerry Hicks, died from cancer, she hid the truth claiming it was a spider bite. Millions of their followers believed they could not die from any illness

The sample cases above illustrate how medically un-substantiated cancer cure claims can influence tens of thousands of patients to make poor treatment choices.

Many patients who presented at our clinic had high tumour loads due to following such misinformation.

We estimate the annual deaths in Australia from alternative medicine is in the thousands. See video – No ‘Alternative to Cancer’