Blood Based Cancers

There are many innovative treatment options for blood based cancers.

Unfortunately your doctor or hospital may not be aware of those developments at the leading edge of medicine.

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We can recommend genomic testing – worldwide. These tests can help you navigate the personalised cancer maze – enabling precision medicine – targeted treatments.

As well as being able to assist you to access valid scientific Genomic testing that oncologists can use to further improve treatment options, we also refer to State of the Art immune therapy experts in Asia; where immune therapies have been in clinical use since the early 1990’s!

We can assist you with our Personalised Cancer Navigation Service for the following blood based cancers….


Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system. There are two main types – Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. As well there are many other subtypes – some rare.

Like all cancers, lymphomas may result from damage to (or mutation of) special proteins called genes that control the growth and division of cells. We know that people with a weakened immune system (either due to an immunodeficiency disease or drugs that suppress the function of the immune system) are at an increased risk of developing lymphomas. Certain types of viral infections may also play a role, especially in people with a weakened immune system.

Lymphomas arise when developing lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) undergo a malignant change and multiply in an uncontrolled way. Increasing numbers of abnormal lymphocytes, called lymphoma cells accumulate and form collections of cancer cells called tumours in lymph nodes (glands) and other parts of the body. Eventually, lymphoma cells replace normal lymphocytes, weakening the immune system’s ability to fight infection.


Leukaemia is a cancer of the white blood cells. …The main types are:

Acute leukaemias develop quickly and need to be treated urgently.
Chronic leukaemias develop more slowly and may not need to be treated for some time after they are diagnosed. Some forms may not require any treatment.
Myeloid leukaemias arise from myeloid stem cells and are characterised by the accumulation of cancerous myeloid cells.
Lymphoid leukaemias arise from lymphoid stem cells and are characterised by the accumulation of cancerous lymphoid cells such as B-cells and T-cells.

The most common forms of leukaemia in adults are CLL and AML, and the common cancer in children is ALL. Leukaemia is more common in adults.


Myeloma (also known as multiple myeloma) is a cancer of plasma cells in the bone marrow.

Plasma cells are mature lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, that help fight infection by producing special proteins called antibodies or immunoglobulins. In myeloma, large numbers of abnormal plasma cells called myeloma cells are made in the bone marrow.

These myeloma cells multiply abnormally, without any proper order, forming collections known as tumours that accumulate in different parts of the body, especially in the bone marrow and on the surfaces of different bones in the body. These tumours secrete chemicals that stimulate other bone marrow cells (osteoclasts) to remove calcium from the bone.

As a result bones can become weaker, more brittle and prone to breakage. They also collect in the bone marrow preventing it from making normal red cells, white cells and platelets. Over time people with myeloma can become anaemic, more susceptible to infections and to bleeding and bruising more easily.

What can you do?

How can you either value add to your current treatments and extend your life using genomics, immune therapies and personalised medicine?

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Grace Gawler Institute Lymphoma Jeffrey DeslandesJeffrey Deslandes thought he had it all. The father of five children, he had his whole life ahead of him. But on one fateful day in 1999, he believed it was all over when he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. He was wrong.

Jeffrey was initially diagnosed with Stage IV non Hodgkin’s lymphoma with bone marrow infiltration in 1999. His is an inspiring, positive, and true story about surviving cancer—and the things it teaches you – for example – You grow as a person. You learn what is really important in life. You discover who your true friends are.

He relapsed 4 times after harsh traditional chemotherapy treatments, failed to control his cancer. After his last relapse in 2006 he opted for treatment with an idiotype dendritic cell vaccine; an emerging cancer therapy.

When he learned of an experimental treatment involving a personalised vaccine protocol, he pursued it. He says: “It is now feasible to have something good—a personalised cancer vaccine—created from something bad—your cancer. This one-of-a-kind vaccine re-educated his immune system so that it could identify and destroy my cancer.”

Jeffrey’s story is not a gloom-and-doom tale of yet another poor soul enduring cancer treatment.

Instead, he shares his story in the hope of reaching and inspiring other cancer patients who may have given up.

Fantastic Footnote: Jeffrey’s results are nothing short of amazing however today in 2019, we can now help our patients access more effective immune therapy treatments. Bassed around genomic diagnostic testing, the treatments add new dimensions to immune therapy. Our patients are delighted with the results.

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Click here for Jeffrey’s Story as told to Grace Gawler on our podcast site – Navigating the Cancer Maze Austalia