Brain Cancer Navigation Service

Brain Cancer Navigator and Patient Advocate for Australia & New Zealand Patients

Helping you safely navigate the bewildering brain cancer maze

Grace Gawler, cancer navigator and patient advocate. 

During my 45 years of cancer service, I have helped more than 18,000 patients attain wellness & longevity. 

Via my local and global cancer navigation service, brain cancer patients can access a wider range of highly effective treatment options than offered in Australia or New Zealand – this can be the difference between life and death.

In recent years significant advances have been made in brain cancer treatment and these also can mean fewer side-effects.

What advantages do navigated patients have over non-navigated patients?

Patient without a cancer navigator.

Whether they know it or not, many patients are lost in the brain cancer maze. Let’s consider the following scenario.

Your doctor refers you to a brain cancer specialist.

You’re in shock; so much of what the specialist says will not sink in; memory retention will be poor.

You don’t know the best questions to ask to get maximum value from your consultation.

And; it is likely you don’t know that you don’t know. It’s like being lost in the jungle -having to decide which path to take. One path offers realistic hope, the other harm or death. You don’t know how to choose wisely.

Without a benchmark for assessing the specialists’  information, you will likely accept the treatments offered without understanding the consequences.

It is unlikely you will know of other feasible treatment options. But if you do mention your ideas you will likely be discouraged by the specialist, especially if their hospital can’t offer these better (for you lifesaving) treatments.

One size fits all: Whether you are a labourer, famous film star or prominent politician, you will be offered the gold standard treatment. 

This one size fits all approach involves some trial & error.

The options are usually surgery, whole brain radiation, and possibly chemotherapy. Side effects can be devastating – even life threatening.

Patient with a cancer navigator.

Prior to seeing your brain cancer specialist, navigator Grace Gawler outlines ways to maximise the appointment – preparing a list of questions to ask the specialist –  how to interview his/her suitability.

Afterwards, the navigator will debrief with you, explaining the specialist’s consultation. Grace will also discuss the consequences of various treatments offered, often minimised by the system.

The navigator will inform you about other viable treatment options, often unknown to the specialist, who nevertheless may be discouraging of them.

E.g. – You may qualify for more effective treatments with minimal side-effects. These can be accessed overseas.

E.g. – Cyberknife & Proton Beam Therapy, types of radiation that leave minimal damage. They are far superior to whole brain radiation offered in the hospitals. Fewer side effects – more accuracy.

E.g. – Blood-based immune therapies may also be used effectively (zero or minimal side effects). These are very different to the drug-based immune therapies now being enthusiastically adopted in our hospitals. These come with unpredictable & severe side effects.

E.g. – Nutrition – for many years, the navigator has been using a science backed German nutritional with great effect for brain cancer patients. 

The navigator will also stress the need for developing a close ongoing relationship & explain how the timing & sequencing of the various treatments is crucial for optimal outcomes –  seeing you as a whole person.

The Grace Gawler Institute

Brain Cancer without Borders 

If your favourite singer’s latest CD is available within hours of release, why should brain cancer patients wait so long for the latest treatments to reach AU & NZ?

Brain Cancer without Borders is a global alliance of cancer experts who provide innovative medical treatments.

Skype ConsultationsVia our global medical alliance, your cancer navigator and patient advocate, Grace Gawler, will help you explore and access the latest brain cancer treatments – supporting and guiding you through the complicated process.

Viewing you as a whole person, she will support you emotionally and psychologically, organise and coordinate treatments and advise you about state of the art nutritional products for brain cancer patients.