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Cancer patients deserve to know the ‘real’ truth about cancer

Please note; this page contains a wealth of information about the misinformation (I call it myth-information) impacting the lives of cancer patients worldwide.

In fact, most of the patients presenting to us, have been harmed or negatively impacted in some way by the plethora of misinformation.

So now let’s look at some facts…

Fact 1: When it comes to cancer cure claims, the internet is like a river of untreated, unfiltered information. The flotsam (advertising claims) in the ‘health & well-being’ industry is worth many billions. The claims and hype tend to cover up the ‘good stuff’ (valid information).

Fact 1 a: Here’s another version. The internet is a modern version of the village green of olde. Rumours spread among the people (peasants) and soon become concrete truth. The few wise men who knew the ‘earth was not flat’ were sometimes burned by the peasants for ‘disbelieving.’

Please do not be deceived that internet advice or advice from friends is very different. Fake cancer news dominates valid research; sadly cancer patients are easily deceived (wishful thinking). You need to be wise & skeptical to see through the hype and slick marketing.

Fact 2: Detecting fake cancer information is an essential survival skill. The patient needs to understand the harmful effects of false information – how to question & assess the reliability of information – how to understand cancer fact from fiction.

Fact 3: The internet, books, cancer entrepreneurs, seminars, cancer forums and even leaders at cancer retreats often promote bogus, un-proven or dis-proven cancer ‘cures’ or treatments.

Fact 4: The ‘cancer-cure’ world is laden with myths, anecdotal ‘cures’ not backed with evidence; fad ideologies and … just plain lies. Fake science trumps real science.

Fact 5: Patients need to ask questions, think critically and discern ‘hype’ with intelligence, logic and discernment.

Fact 6: If you are a cancer patient, you need truth about recovery methods, not just opinions from unqualified people. You need the truth because your life depends on your ability to make informed choices.

Modern medical science knows ‘the real truth about cancer’ can be found in your blood & tissues. 

In other words; advanced genomic tests can now reveal the whole physiological truth about your cancer in ways never thought possible.

The tests inevitably point the way to treatments not previously considered (targeted treatments) – enabling better outcomes. PET scans can show where the cancer is located. CT DNA tests show circulating tumour cell counts. These truth-tellers are more accurate and more reliable than emotional claims that flood the Internet.

Successful outcomes are built on informed decisions based on accurate information.
It is your life at stake – often there is little room for error.

The following video, called No Alternative to Cancer, supports our observations and experience obtained almost 5 decades working at the cancer coalface. The Cancer Council of Australia states there were approximately 50,000 deaths from cancer in 2022.

It is our experience that between 5 to 10% of these deaths may have been preventable had the patience not succumbed to misinformation leading to adoption of alternative cancer treatments. Included in this number are those patients whose use of complementary medicines clashed with their standard treatments.

The video: Every year, thousands of Australians are suffering and dying prematurely because of alternative cancer treatments, according to a special investigation by Dr. Paul Willis, director of The Royal Institution of Australia.

“We are able to say that in Australia, the drop-off rate for conventional treatment is between three-to-five per cent, averaging at four per cent of people who are diagnosed with cancer,” Dr Willis tells SBS.

“That figure represents the number of people who are diagnosed with cancer but do not follow through with conventional treatment like chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or a combination of all three when they opt for alternative medicine.”

Note: I have had a number of dialogues with Dr Paul Willis. Paul is a scientist and does not have clinical experience working with cancer patients for 49+ years like Institute director, Grace Gawler has accrued. Even so, Paul’s figure of 3 to 5% cancer patients turning to alternative medicine is alarming. From our experience we believe 5-10% is more accurate – a figure that dwarfs Australia’s annual road toll.


Never in the history of humanity has there been such a powerful tool for promoting myth-information - we call it the internet.

USA Video of Concern for all cancer patients:

A polished American video – The Truth about Cancer, by Ty Bollinger, takes alternative medicine hype to a new level, with millions of YouTube views and growing fast.

Sadly, there is little truth in the video – but in typical Hollywood-style – it is seductive, people without medical training will be drawn in.

Bollinger’s video fails to stand up to the most basic medical science or current medical practice. He denigrates medical science but fails to provide any scientific argument.

He tries to back up his unfounded statements by impersonating science (pseudoscience) – using its language, terminology, concepts and techniques.

If you look at his list of “experts” who support him, you’ll find the usual list of scam artists and non-scientists: folks from natural news, Mercola, Burzynksi (who has a long-running fake cancer centre down south), but he has contacted no one who does valid research biological sciences, or is involved in actual authentic research.

The Truth about Cancer video – Is it True?

How the Truth about Cancer Video makers respond to criticism

Ty Bollinger’s Cancer (un)Truth

Why the video is weak on truth?

Our institute’s director, Grace Gawler, with 49+ years’ experience at the cancer coalface, and extensive experience in naturopathy, botanical and nutritional oncology, has never seen protocols like those promoted in the video achieve successful outcomes – not in any of the 20,000+ patients she has worked with; mostlyu one on one with.

What is our Credibility? 20,000+ patients As husband and wife team we have 66 years cancer experience (Grace 49 yrs Pip 17 yrs)

Our background includes extensive experience and training in naturopathy, ownership of 4 organic farms, a health food shop, training in yoga therapy, founding & directing two cancer charities & authoring 4 books on the topic.

Why we know the video is weak on truth? Our institute’s director, Grace Gawler, with 49+ years’ experience at the cancer coalface, and extensive experience in naturopathy, botanical and nutritional oncology, has never seen protocols like those promoted in the video achieve successful outcomes – not in any of the 20,000+ patients she has worked with.

Unique & Trusted Perspective:

We have a huge added advantage.

Our work of bridging the gaps between botanical medicines and oncology means we have sat with patients in oncology consultations all around the world.

We led medical tours to an Integrative Cancer Clinic in Europe (3 years). 

We have close collaborations & partnerships with some of the best oncology doctors in the world.

In our role as cancer navigators & patient advocates, we work with, but outside the medical systems. 

Thus – we are not bound by their ‘in-house’ politics and protocols.

Visual Proof: As part of our work, we receive patient’s genomic tests, blood tests, scans, x-rays, & medical reports. This information is the very accurate, indisputable truth about their cancer.

Many had visited ‘reputed’ cancer naturopaths, integrative doctors and/or clinics in Australia & Overseas.

BUT: From their medical history and records, it was apparent that few of the practitioner’s protocols (diets, supplement regimes) had slowed the patient’s cancer – often the opposite had happened.

Our mission: is to help patients Safely Navigate the Complex Cancer Maze.
Treatments that appear to work, we explore further. If they meet our stringent scientific criteria, we will recommend them.

As independents, we are not paid or funded by any of the hospitals, medical systems, or integrative clinics we work with. 

Therefore we are free to choose the very best treatments for our patients.

Clinical Experience: As mentioned before – from our clinical experience we have never seen protocols like those mentioned in the Truth about Cancer video, work successfully for anyone.

Many of the fads in the video have been around for decades. In our experience – while patients experiment with alternative treatments, their cancers continue to grow. This is the tragedy of Dr Google and slick Hollywood productions that are alluring to desperate cancer patients.

Patients who experiment with alternative medicines will all die in cancer hospitals. It places an enormous emotional, physical, and financial burden on families and the state. Tragically, many of them had cancers with good cure rates, especially if treated early.

It’s Your Life: Before trusting your one precious life to the ‘Truth about Cancer video’s advice or testimonials, you need credible evidence.

Many of our patients were entranced by the Truth about Cancer video, many have been bombarded by ‘friends’ who fervently promote the video. It sounds good but fails to deliver credible fact.

It is concerning that so many people place their faith in a Hollywood style production over credible science; especially when it is produced by a man with no medical training or clinical cancer experience.

Consider this:

 We believe ‘friends’ of patients who show them unproven or dis-proven alternative medicines, should be prepared to be full-time caregivers who support the patient financially & physically when these protocols inevitably fail.