Cancer Legend, Grace Gawler cautions on probiotics

Probiotics might not do anything for your gut microbiome — nothing at all!

Probiotics could even be bad for your gut health, studies find…

While over-the-counter probiotics are popularly viewed as enhancing health or helping protect against certain ailments, scientific evidence really only points to probiotics being effective for a few specific conditions.

Two studies published today in the journal Cell looked at how well over-the-counter probiotics populated a healthy gut, and how well they helped a person’s gut recover after antibiotics. READ MORE


YES says Grace Gawler – a much better option.

Grace suggests a Fermented Functional Food from Japan called LACTIS. Grace has successfully used functional foods with her cancer patients for over 40 years. LACTIS actually does what probiotics claim to do.

How is it Different?

For starters, LACTIS HAS NO LIVE BACTERIA – only metabolites of 16 strains of lactobacillus nourishing your resident bacteria. READ MORE

Here are 3 facts you may not know about probiotics.

  1. Up to 95% of supplemented probiotics can be destroyed by stomach acid.
  2. They are a one size fits all approach, ignoring unique resident bacteria.
  3. If they survive to reach the colon, they can be problematic for immune compromised individuals.


Grace Gawler, is the Australian pioneer of cancer nutrition research for patients. As well; she was the Australian and NZ pioneer of cancer support groups, cancer navigation and advocacy services since the 1980s 

After 45 years’ research and practical application at the cancer nutrition coalface;

Grace  says…

“Did you know you can safely invigorate the health of your own good gut bacteria WITHOUT probiotics?”