Skype Consultations

A cancer navigation package is a 5-point survivor-ship care plan. 

Our Survive & Thrive package is essential for all patients referred for cancer treatments overseas.

Patients benefit by purchasing an allotted number of hours which provides them with a dedicated continuity of service at a discounted rate.

Survive & Thrive Packages are personally designed for each patient’s unique cancer needs – helping them to safely navigate the increasingly complex modern cancer maze. 

Patients can take advantage from our globally unique service made possible by Grace Gawler’s 44 years’ diverse multi-disciplinary experience with more than 18,000 patients. By continually expanding our global network of leading cancer specialists, patients can access some of the best cancer treatments available.

Imagine how the stress & isolation of dealing with cancer can be reduced by engaging the services of an experienced cancer navigator. Someone who is dedicated to you & available to answer your cancer related questions

Our Cancer Navigation Service is not simply a referral service nor a medical tourism agency, we remain fully involved in your care overseas & back home – before, during and after treatment.

The Grace Gawler Institute offers 3 types of Cancer Navigation Packages.

  1. Survive and Thrive Package:
    For new patients dealing with active cancer – overseas referrals – click here.
  2. Maintenance, Monitoring & Preventing Recurrence Package:
    For GGI patients who have had successful treatment overseas & require ongoing advice – 
    click here.
  3. Health Restoration after Cancer Package:
    For recovered patients who after orthodox treatments need help  managing side effects –
      click here 

How to proceed: 
Most patients begin with an initial one-off consultation prior to registering for a Survive and Thrive Navigation Package. We recommend this approach so that you get to know your Cancer Navigator and be better informed about the service on offer.

Should you wish to proceed with a Survive and Thrive Navigation Package without a prior Skype consultation, please contact Grace by email first.  

To explore the content of the Survive & Thrive Navigation Package & to better understand the levels of help you will receive – click the blue button below