Cancer Navigation Packages

Skype ConsultationsA Cancer Navigation Package is a Survivor-Ship Care Plan.

The patient purchases an allotted number of hours which provides them with a dedicated continuity of service at a discounted rate.

Packages are personally designed for each patient’s unique cancer needs – helping them to safely navigate the increasingly complex modern cancer maze. 

Navigated Patients receive the full benefit of Grace’s 43 years’ diverse multi-discipline experience with over 18,000 patients & our global network of leading cancer specialists.

Imagine how the stress & isolation of dealing with cancer can be reduced by engaging the services of an experienced cancer navigator. Someone who is dedicated to you & available to answer your cancer related questions

The Grace Gawler Institute offers 3 types of Cancer Navigation Packages.

  1. Survive and Thrive Package:
    For new patients dealing with active cancer – all stages and types – click here.
  2. Maintenance, Monitoring & Preventing Recurrence Package:
    For Grace Gawler Institute patients who are either in remission or have a stable condition – 
    click here.
  3. Health Restoration after Cancer:
    Specifically for recovered patients dealing with side effects of previous treatments  –
      click here 

How to proceed: 
Most patients begin with an initial one-off consultation prior to registering for a Survive and Thrive Navigation Package. We recommend this approach so that you get to know your Cancer Navigator and feel confident about the service on offer.

Should you wish to proceed with a Survive and Thrive Navigation Package without a prior Skype consultation, please contact Grace by email first.  

Our experienced global cancer navigator engages with each patient to attain a comprehensive overview of their unique cancer history in order to provide a dedicated & personalised approach to their cancer treatment & management. 

To be effective; the navigator must have longevity in the field and be multi skilled across a broad range of supportive care cancer disciplines.

The navigator provides personal guidance as you move through the cancer maze – empowering you to make informed decisions, thus improving your cancer outcome.

Conducting the Cancer Orchestra:

The role of your cancer navigator is similar to an orchestral conductor. She has many responsibilities; coordinating instruments, musicians, music, tuning, timing, sequencing –  ensuring the overall harmony of the symphony ‘team’.

Similarly; your navigator coordinates your ‘orchestra’ – including the support ‘team’ of oncologists, doctors, immune therapies, treatment centres, genomic diagnostic labs, scans, nutritional & complementary medicines & more…

How can a Cancer Navigation Package help me?

Your Package comprises of 10 hours highly skilled & dedicated service from the Grace Gawler Institute:

The Goal: Help you safely navigate the complex modern cancer maze to achieve health restoration, well-being & longevity…

Best outcomes arise from meticulous, highly-specific forensic research, coordination, collaboration & more. In reality we often spend many more hours assisting you – the shortfall is covered by our charity.

Your 10 hours service may include…

  1. Read & familiarise your case – collate your records – safe storage – digitally & in hard copy.
  2. Skype or Face-time Consultations.
  3. Each video consult includes a short bullet point report. Once underway; follow-up Video consults may be 15, 30, 60 minutes – e.g updates, checking-in when overseas)
  4. Emails, phone calls organising second opinions, getting accurate diagnosis, coordinating, collaborating with genomic laboratories, doctors, oncologists (national & international), coordinating treatments, research specific to your case, helping you with logistics…
  5. Emotional & Psychological Support – keeping you on track.
  6. Overseas Patient Guidance Manual (53 pages) & Navigation tips – eBooks Series.
  7. Resources, education & thorough explanations – to help you make informed decisions.
  8. Email reminders to keep you on track.
  9. Invoice monthly or notification if your hourly quota is running out. 

What happens after I purchase my Cancer Navigation Package?

Your navigator…

  • Aims to form a close, trusted &  personal alliance with you.
  • Researches on your behalf & advises you through the important decisions.
  • Advocates for you – with doctors, clinics and medical systems.
  • Helps bridge gaps in communication. While there may be brilliant treatment options for you overseas, many of these are countries where English is not the first language. Communication difficulties often arise. Your navigator ensures nothing is lost in translation.
  • Liaises with all oncology and other practitioners on your behalf.
  • Manages the whole picture of your health.

    Grace is experienced & qualified to manage & advise you in the areas of…

    *nutritional health
    *complementary medicines & therapies (yes they are different)
    *targeted botanicals to complement oncology treatments
    *most importantly  –  sequencing (timing) & coordinating of all treatments. SEE MORE
    *psychological & emotional support – comprises at least 50% of your Recovery Journey.
    *Sorting through medical options & second opinions.

Ask Grace Now – if you have questions
Quote ‘Cancer Navigation Package’ in your email

What uniquely qualifies us to offer this service:

  • Grace Gawler’s 30 year’s experience in overseas referrals.Cancer Navigation Package
  • As well, she acquired an in-depth understanding of what overseas treatments entail, when she underwent successful experimental surgery in the Netherlands, in 2002-03.
  • Grace has worked internationally in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany and Japan and maintains many collegiate relationships with exceptional cancer health professionals from these countries.
  • Working with some of the best minds in cancer medicine gives Grace a global yardstick for excellence; she insists on nothing less for her patients.
  • Overall, Grace has spent 43 years working at the cancer coalface with approximately 18,000 + patients.

Point of Difference:

  • Unlike many referral services, we have no financial links with health professionals, clinics, hospitals or other service providers that we refer to.
  • We therefore have no bias as to where we refer patients – each case is taken on the specific needs of the individual.
  • Continuity of care and in-depth therapeutic relationship with each patient.
  • Extensive experience in the psychological and emotional aspects of dealing with cancer. (Books and publications on subject)

Is the navigation package right for you?

Note: the navigation service is not a mix & match arrangement designed by you the patient, with occasional checking in with your navigator.

For best outcomes a close ongoing relationship between navigator and patient is required.

Whilst we encourage patient empowerment, we consistently observe patients attempting to ‘research’ and flit from one treatment to another – getting lost and confused in the cancer maze.

This is how we work.

All recommended treatments must be coordinated, timed & sequenced in accordance with our referring doctors recommendations & in collaboration with your cancer navigator, Grace Gawler.


  • We take every care with each patient based on four decades of experience.
  • We are diligent with professionalism & thoroughness.
  • We take our responsibility seriously.
  • We want you to obtain the best possible outcomes.


Ben – Brain Tumour Glioblastoma IV Wildtype –  Diagnosed – 3/6/17 – provided 23/10/17

My wife and I were directed to Grace by another patient. This patient was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six months to live. This was 5 years ago! I was diagnosed with a grade IV Glioblastoma and with so many things happening medically it was an extremely stressful time. We purchased the Cancer Navigation (NAV) package and the very next day had a Skype session with Grace.

Prior to speaking with Grace, we had been told that there was no cure and treatment was limited to radiation and chemotherapy. The first thing that stood out for us was Grace’s knowledge. Speaking to her for the first time was exciting as we realised there was hope.

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After our first consult Grace had given us greater understanding of my diagnosis and paved the way for my tumor sample to be analysed so we could begin precision medicine. The resulting report from Genomics has enabled Grace to be able to direct us to specialists, world wide, that have provided evidence based treatment specific to my cancer.

The NAV package enabled us to have numerous Skype meetings of all different lengths depending on the need at the time. We communicated many times via email and Grace provided us with a wealth of information including extensive research papers, websites and apps. Grace was able to provide options for treatment, but more importantly recommendations. It didn’t take long to place 100% trust in her.

We were well informed prior to beginning our first treatment recommended by Grace. This was in Japan. It was unbelievable service. We were in Japan for 5.5weeks.

Whilst in Japan I experienced a seizure and some swelling of the brain that was the result of radiation I had in Australia. During these times it was like Grace was sitting beside my wife. She advised her what to do and communicated with the treating doctors in Japan on our behalf.

The care and support demonstrated went above and beyond anything we have experienced. Our treatment in Japan has also positively altered my treatment plan in Australia. My last MRI showed shrinkage of the tumor, which remained after the tumor was removed.

I totally believe if it was not for the NAV package allowing us to have priority access to Grace and her wealth of knowledge, the MRI results would be very different. The NAV package is a must for anyone wanting priority access to life saving information.

Thank you. We look forward to working with you in the future! Ben & Laurenn

Rachel – High-grade serous ovarian carcinoma stage IV – diagnosed December 2015

13 January – 2017 – Email update from Rachel:

Just letting you know I had PET/CT scan and results yesterday and I am all clear. I have No cancer!

Many, many thanks for all your care of me and support over the past year and a bit and throughout my cancer journey. You gave us direction, courage, hope and lots of good paths to follow especially sending us to Japan and recommending a new oncologist and surgeon. 

My husband and I are so very grateful. We can’t thank you enough.

As of October 2017- Rachel remains well and cancer free.

Rachel’s Story: In January 2016 liver metastases were diagnosed along with multiple peritoneal nodes.

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December 2015 -Rachel presented with right upper quadrant tenderness. Subsequent CT diagnosed multiple liver lesions from 6 cm ovarian mass.

Jan 2016 -PETCT multiple metastatic deposits of the liver intrahepatic Metastatic Deposits (Segment 6 liver) and Peritoneal Metastases in the Pelvis.

January 2016 – Grace suggested that to prepare for chemotherapy- she would request an opinion from Japanese immune therapy specialist. Rachel decided to pursue this approach and underwent pre-treatment with NK and DC vaccines with hyperthermia in Japan (Not drug based immune therapy – but vaccines made from her own cells.)

1 February 2016 – In Australia Rachel entered into a chemotherapy regimen of neo-adjuvant dose dense carboplatin and paclitaxel

May 2016 – Grace consulted the Japanese doctors again and it was suggested more NK and DC vaccines (with hyperthermia) in Japan  would be a significant contribution to recovery chances.

July 2016: Grace suggested Rachel consult a Brisbane oncology-gynaecology surgeon to explore option of a hysterectomy to remove uterus, fallopian tube and remaining ovary as well scope for any other cancers

(Notably in December 2015 surgery, only the left ovary was removed)

Post-treatment completion saw Rachel’s third visit to Japan to receive more immune therapy….DC and NK cells (made from her own cells)  with hyperthermia. The outcome was exceptionally positive.

Prior to travelling to Japan Rachel had considered a liver resection and major de-bulking surgery. However with the results of a recent PET CT scan and follow-up MRI since returning from Japan she had new options because all that remained was a solitary 5 mm residual tumour, which according to the Japanese doctors, may resolve as the others have done. 

 Janet – Advanced Metastatic Gallbladder Cancer – diagnosed May 2016

Janet’s husband –”I feel so lucky that I clicked onto Grace’s name whilst doing a google search on behalf of my wife, Janet,  who was diagnosed with advanced metastatic gallbladder cancer. * When I clicked onto her website, I immediately related to the mantra of ‘navigating the cancer maze’!

That was exactly what Janet and I needed.  Grace immediately gave us new HOPE, VISION & DIRECTION that we were sadly lacking at that stage of our journey!

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I was not prepared to accept the traditional oncology approach of ‘no other options than chemo.’

In my wife’s case, we were also told that chemo was not the cure!

Grace’s recommendation to consider autologous* immune therapy as a value add, in combination with chemotherapy, gave us renewed energy to move forward.

Within a fortnight of her recommendation we were on a plane to consult with one of her Asian colleagues – a world leader in immune therapy.

I fully believe that the immune therapy Janet received has been the XFACTOR in her recovery. Although this can never be proven, her poor prognosis prior to immune therapy, cannot be questioned.

We are true believers in what Grace Gawler achieves in her role as Cancer Navigator!

*Autologous – refers to the fact that the immune cells (white blood cells) are derived from the patient’s own blood.

Grace explains Janet’s case: On the 17/05/16 Janet was diagnosed with a malignancy of the gallbladder which involved the fundus infiltrating into segment four of the liver. There were adhesions of omentum with peritoneal seeding, proven on biopsy. Palliative chemotherapy was given however this was to minimise or stabilise growth with little chance of eradication.

*Metastatic gallbladder cancer – has a poor survival outcome (medium survival time of 4.8 months) especially without surgery. Janet has been declared tumour free by scans and internal biopsies that are negative for a malignancy.(Updated – Oct 14 – 2017)

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