Cancer Navigation Services for Patients

About our Cancer Navigation and Patient Advocacy Services:

  • Solutions Focused  – we research tirelessly for solutions to your cancer issues
  • Diagnostics – we help you access advanced genomic tests for accurate diagnosis
  • We collaborate & refer to leading cancer specialists across Australia & Worldwide
  • We bridge gaps – between innovative medical science, complementary therapies & supportive care – emotional & psychological aspects of healing
  • We help patients beat the odds of their prognosis & increase treatment options
  • We employ Personalised Cancer Care Approaches

We back these claims with experience and passion


All cancers – breast, colon, brain, prostate, uterine, liver, melanoma & more
Boost conventional treatments – genetically personalised program – beat the odds
Reduce side effects from conventional cancer medicine

Colorectal – referrals to Australian and International Experts – Help with polyposis, ileostomy, IBS, colostomy
Nutritional – personalised for your gene and psychological type,
Naturopathic Services – for cancer and non cancer issues
Cancer strategies & Coaching
Minimise risk of secondaries with genetic medicine


Navigation Services Include:
*Cancer Strategist
*Cancer Case Management
*Coordinator of Medical Teams – national & international
*Complementary Therapist
*Patient Advocacy

FAST TRACK REFERRALS to expert doctors in our medical alliance including…

  • oncologists
  • surgeons
  • interventional radiologists
  • genomic testing laboratories


As your case manager & personal cancer strategist we advise and guide in collaboration with your doctors


We act as your advocate and attend oncology consultations with you – we ask the questions you may not ask and draw more from the consultation than you could do alone.
We de-brief with you afterwards to make sure you understand the consultation eneabling you to make informed decisions.

Research Advocate: We research innovative treatments on your behalf, Because our national and international oncology and research networks are so vaste, we often find treatment solutions to patients told there is ‘nothing more we can do.’
We make hospital visists to make sure everything is flowing properly and we ‘negotiate’ on your behalf.


This exciting field is expanding rapidly – especially important for over 50s
Our new understanding of genetics enables us to correct or ‘neutralize’ onco-genetic pre-cursors before they become cancerous


Tailored diets & supplement regimes for your genetic profile
You benefit from Grace’s 30-yrs naturopathic & herbal medicine – specialising in cancer


Psycho-Oncology – our experience shows patients can make valuable gains in this work.
However many patients neglect to explore this aspect of their illness.
We (and many of our medical colleagues) believe that Psycho-Oncology can be 50% of the cancer healing effect
Psycho-Oncology is like sports psychology – used by all top athletes
We offer resilience & survivorship programs that help you succeed – (this is more than just being positive)


For health professionals and patients

Internet Radio Show:Podcasts –  interviews with leading cancer doctors & researchers, inspiring patients

The Cancer Survivor-Ship with Captain Pip: Our unique outrigger sailing canoes visits yacht clubs giving presentations about cancer awareness, prevention, diet and overseas treatment options.