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Lost in the Cancer Maze?

Goal - Plan - Action

goal without a plan

The quote highlights the importance of having a plan to achieve a goal. Without a plan, a goal is just a vague wish that may never come to fruition. After the plan must come Action.

My Cancer Survivorship Action Plans are just that. It’s essential to have a clear roadmap to reach your goals. A well-defined plan helps you to break down your goals into smaller, more manageable tasks and provides a timeline for achieving them. Action. This way, you can track your progress and make adjustments as needed.

As a recognised world leader and pioneer of supportive care medicine, I invite you to seize the opportunity to be navigated through the cancer maze..


As a participant in my Survivorship Action Plans, I will be your constant guide and companion, helping you navigate the complex cancer maze.

I offer a variety of Action Plans that provide you with personalised maps to help you chart your recovery through the maze. 

My plans may include targeted research, referrals, coordination, case management, complementary medicine, naturopathic guidance, regular support and follow up. 

Navigating the Cancer Maze with Grace Gawler

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Why I created Survivorship Action Plans

Based upon decades of experience as a Cancer Navigator, one of the key concepts I considered when first developing my Survivorship Action Plans was patient’s need for a One-Stop-Shop with the aim of managing, monitoring, and offering a range of possibilities for treatments, including referrals for minimally invasive treatments. The idea was born out of 10 and 5-day residential programs that I pioneered in the 1980’s where various Survivorship topics were shared and discussed with patients.

These programs focussed upon stress reduction methods, lifestyle-diet and nutrition, complementary medicine options, resilience building and patient empowerment, counselling and strategies to address trauma, lymphedema management-exercise and a variety of complementary therapies. 

However, after the 5 or 10-day program, when patients returned home, follow up was challenging as was sustaining momentum to build upon the changes and achievements they made.

Offering a Survivorship Action Plan for cancer patients means improved continuity and opportunity to create extended support and cancer recovery strategies over a period of months and in some cases years. The Plan allows for fluidity and to accommodate change. As a patient’s situation changes, so does the Plan.

 As well, the support offered during a Plan and when illness is acute, joining an Action Plan involves no travel and can be achieved in the comfort and privacy of your own home. This is ideal for those undergoing conventional treatments as there is no disruption to timetables.  Plans are also ideal for clients who live in a rural environments where cancer services are limited, and travel involves large financial outlays and family disruption.

In Summary; a Survivorship Action Plan offers a Hub of Supportive Care Medicine options available in one place navigated by your healing companion and guide, me-Grace Gawler.

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My Survivorship Action Plans are unique. 

Each Action Plan is designed and individually crafted for you.

My personalised services “Bridge the Gap” by focusing on the human element of being diagnosed with Cancer whilst focusing on the most researched, evidence-based, minimally invasive, cancer solutions available anywhere.

Plan Categories: The Cancer Turning Point (10 hours). Platinum Survivorship Action (15 hours). Platinum Plus (20 hours). Maintenance and Monitoring (6 Hours). Restoring Health after Cancer (6 Hours), Chronic Ilness Turning Point Plan (10 Hours).

Action Plan Benefits

Increased treatment options: In conjunction with my team of national and international experts, I can broker a range of survivorship options; including, genomic diagnostics minimally invasive treatments, personalised nutrition, complementary medicines and supportive care.

Reduce Stress and Isolation: Imagine how the stress & isolation of dealing with cancer can be reduced by engaging the services of an experienced cancer navigator who can troubleshoot the confusion and overwhelm that comes not only with a cancer diagnosis but with ongoing treatment decision making.

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BBC UK Interview and Testimonials

Wow Grace – what a great BBC interview. Loved how your endorsement of joining traditional and complementary medicine came across loud and clear. I always feel like cheering when I hear you speak like this – there are many, MANY podcasts where people share good information (for example on diet, supplements, visualisation), but then demonise western medicine in their next breath. 

You are almost a “lone voice” in your astute approach and I admire you so much. Your personal story, particularly with the world-first surgery, is incredible! Kristie, UK

Be inspired by Grace’s BBC Interview

How Yvonne benefited

Yvonne Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer: In remission, Oct 2023. Since joining a Survivorship Action Plan in Feb 2021, I immediately felt supported by Grace’s informative weekly check-ins and video consultations. Since then, Grace has provided me with coordinated services and guidance. She recommended and organised genomic testing which has pointed the way forward in terms of nutrition, medication, and treatments suitable for me as an individual. 

When I was diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer in late 2020, I knew I needed to take immediate action and find specialized help. But where? Throughout my initial surgery and subsequent chemotherapy, I felt I was in very good hands, but it soon became clear to me that each stage of treatment takes place in isolation, with little collaboration, ongoing planning, or support, between practitioners.    

I ‘found’ Grace while still having chemotherapy. I joined a Survivorship Action Plan that provided weekly check-ins and video consultations. 

Grace is fully attuned to the ‘whole person’ – her decades of knowledge and experience have equipped her to not only help one manage their cancer journey, but to recognize and suggest potential treatment options for related health issues.

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I believe Graces’ approach has set me on the road to recovery far more quickly and effectively than I could ever have achieved on my own.

I’ve been in remission since April 2021; I’m feeling well, positive, and fully optimistic for a long and purposeful future. I’m confident that with Graces’ ongoing help and support, I can continue my path to complete wellness. Yvonne King, Adelaide. Update Oct 2023. Yvonne remains very well and cancer free. 

What other patients say

Anna: Metastatic Ovarian Cancer. I could not be more grateful for Grace having come into my life, she was able to bring it all together, was willing to look me holistically and see me as the unique individual that I am. 

This resulted in several significant outcomes.

Judith – in Remission 2023: Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer. An extremely important part of my recovery has been the weekly video Survivorship Action Plan sessions I have with Grace.

These weekly video sessions with Grace have been invaluable to my recovery.

Deb B –  in Remission 2023: ER Positive Breast Cancer 2014. Grace has taught me to be conservative and discerning with complementary medicine. Grace’s no one size fits all approach has helped me to dispense with the load of unnecessary and possibly harmful complementary medicine I had been taking in desperation.

Ngareta –  in Remission 2023: Rectal Adenocarcinoma. I cannot recommend Grace highly enough. Because of her, I’m now cancer-free. I was diagnosed December 2017, and didn’t know what to do. Luckily I found Grace, and I signed up for a cancer action plan. For more great survivorship stories – click here.

Action Plans may include

Cancer Survivorship Strategies
Are you lost in the cancer maze?

*Priority services by arrangement: After hours services, including weekends and public holidays can be provided. Time spent after hours will be deducted from your Action Plan at double the normal rate.

*A deeply forensic approach, leaving no stone unturned.

*Casting a wide net involving my expert colleagues, nationally and internationally, fast tracking of appointments.

* Re-examination of original diagnosis – access to Genomic diagnostics, minimally invasive treatments, personalised nutrition, prescribed complementary medicines and cancer resilience coaching. Refer to website MENU for more info about each individual Plans as listed below.

Choose your Survivorship Action Plan

Option 1. Organise a preliminary Video Consultation with me to discuss how a Survivorship Action Plan can benefit you.  

Option 2. Apply now to join my Platinum Action Plan, for Australia and NZ patients – entitles you to 15 hours of personalised and dedicated services within your home country.

Option 3. Apply now to join my Platinum PLUS Action Plan – entitles you to 20 hours of personalised and dedicated services including one or more international referrals.

Option 4. Apply now to join my Cancer Turning Point Plan recommended for those who are early in diagnosis and treatment. This is our starter plan. It entitles you to 10 hours of services. I will introduce you to a wide range of personalised treatment options you may not know of. To explore Refer to Menu for other plans.

Apply for your Action Plan

Contact me now to discuss how to proceed

Terms of Service:
Each patient has the nature and services offered by a Survivorship Action Plan carefully explained to them during a video consultation.
Patients are referred to read the website once again before making a payment.
Each plan is processed on an individual basis, therefore a few days may elapse before you receive your welcome letter.
Please be sure You have adhered to the criteria, read the website and the terms of service and understand what your plan involves before you make your payment. 
See Terms of Service: