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Cancer Survivorship Care Plans

Your Survivorship Care Plan - Personalised and Powerful

Our unique and boutique survivorship care plans offer 2 levels of patient services. 

Basic Plan provides you with 10 hours of dedicated services, including weekly video consultations, guidance and email support. 

Platinum Plan is designed for patients who have intensive needs and therefore provides 15 hours of dedicated service.

Plans are personally designed & implemented for each patient’s unique needs. Highly cost effective; they also provide research, referrals, coordination, case management continuity, regular support & follow up.

The Grace Gawler InstituteGrace and her team of experts can broker your cancer survivorship options. These include genomic diagnostics minimally invasive treatments, personalised nutrition, complementary medicines and supportive care.

Grace says – “When you enrol in a Survivorship Care Plan you will access the ultimate in personalised cancer care. 

Survivorship care plans are designed to educate and empower patients with evidence-based knowledge. 

You the patient, and myself, the Navigator, work as a close team. This is fundamental to your success and survivorship.”

Reduce Stress and Isolation


Imagine how the stress & isolation of dealing with cancer can be reduced by engaging the services of an experienced cancer navigator. Imagine someone who is dedicated to you & available to answer your cancer related questions and can troubleshoot the confusion and overwhelm that comes not only with a cancer diagnosis but with ongoing treatment decision making .

Survivorship Care Plans Fee Structure:

Basic Care Plan – $1950.00

Platinum Care Plan – $2950

Survive and Thrive

Survivorship Care Plans – More Benefits:

Avoiding pitfalls: Your experienced cancer navigator (20,000 patients) knows the pitfalls on the cancer journey. She can therefore help you eliminate time consuming one size fits all trial & error experiments with your one precious life.

Genomic diagnostics: The navigator can introduce you to the world of precision and personalised cancer medicine using genomic diagnostics.  This service is only available to survivorship care plan patients.

Bridging the gaps in cancer medicine: Patients unwittingly can fall through the gaps in the medical system. Your cancer navigator looks for those gaps and will follow-up with qualified second opinions.

Targeted complementary medicines: You will no longer need the services of a naturopath, your navigator is an Australian expert in providing nutritional advice and prescribing targeted complementary medicines to safely and effectively support your cancer treatments.

Emotional & Psychological Coaching & Support: Keeping you motivated & on track.

The Grace Gawler Institute

Optimise your survivorship with a veteran patient advocate

The essential role of patient advocacy in rare cancers:
A Patient advocate and navigator supports by providing psycho/social support to patients and families.
Education and information dissemination by informing/educating about diseases, treatment options, quality of life.
Advocacy in order to give voice to patients’ needs.
Patient difficulties and challenges in rare cancers.
Misdiagnosis and/or late diagnosis and consequent lack or late treatment.
Variability of quality of care, due to lack of expertise and no adherence to clinical practice guidelines, if any.
Limited access to appropriate treatments, including compassionate use of drugs.
Reduced number of referral centers, with specialized experience and expertise.
Difficulties to carry out clinical trials, due to the small number of patients with each a specific rare cancer.
Lack of information on the disease, available treatments, care pathways, and on-going clinical trials. Link to article:

Additional Care Plans to enhance your survivorship

Maintenance, Monitoring & Prevention: For GGI patients who have achieved a successful recovery as a result of our Survivorship Care Plan. The plan focuses on preventing recurrence increasing wellbeing, quality of life & helping reduce side effects remaining after conventional cancer treatments. – click here

Health Restoration after Cancer: For patients not previously enrolled in our Care Plans, who, after orthodox treatments, need help  managing side effects.
The plan focuses on your health restoration; peripheral neuropathy, brain fog/chemo brain, tailored exercises including yoga and breathwork, stress reduction and much more –
  click here 

The Grace Gawler Institute

How to Proceed

How to proceed: 
Patients must apply for a Survivorship Care Plan. It is a requirement that you read and comprehend our terms of service. Should you wish to proceed with a Care Plan please contact Grace.  

Write Survivorship Care Plan in the subject line.

Optimise your Survivorship: We would like you to achieve maximal (100%) benefit from your Survivorship Care Plan. Please engage with us and please read the information we send you throughout your Plan.

We love to see our clients move from Critical Help Phase to a Management and Monitoring phase. Our best hope is to watch you move towards long term remission. 
Lets see what we can achieve together!

Be Proactive

Talk to Grace, our experienced cancer navigator today. Most patients say it was a life changing conversation & wish they found her sooner...
Grace Gawler
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