Captain Pip and the Survivor-Ship called U-CAN-TRI

It’s unique. It’s quirky! It’s a marine billboard on a low budget. 

The Survivor Ship is now about to make a Splash for cancer in Tasmania. It is currently undergoing a refit and will be out and about very soon!

The video below features the Survivor-Ship on the Gold Coast. It is called U-CAN-TRI – can you guess the metaphor?

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Captain Pip, a director at the Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer Survivorship & Research, combines his love of sailing & canoeing with the quest to help patients safely navigate the cancer maze.

Assisted by a team of avid sailors, comprising two doctors, one engineer, and boat builders (father & son) from Multi Marine Australia, the Survivor Ship project began to take get under way.

The team shaped & fibre-glassed two floats (amas) which were added to an 18ft paddling canoe (Rosco) along with side & front decks.

The paddling canoe morphed into a ‘tri-sailing-canoe’ – a stable sailing billboard to promote the institute’s message  U-CAN-TRI.  Can you spot the multiple metaphors?

The craft embodies our message to patients…

  • engage an experienced navigator
  • collaborate with the navigator to make a viable plan
  • work with the navigator to engage a team of experts
  • be adaptable, creative & innovative
  • and above all, with the right team behind you – know U-CAN-TRI

U-CAN-TRI was launched on November the 9th, 2015, at Hollywell Yacht Club on the Gold Coast.

She also made an appearance at the Fadden Senior’s Expo in July 2015. These were the first of many appearances at yacht clubs and other venues throughout Queensland.

The yellow outriggers, carry the URL of our podcast website which feature interviews with leader cancer researchers & inspiring patients.

An added advantage of the radio shows is that it expands our cancer research & practitioner network. Thus we are often able to ‘broker’ viable treatment solutions for patients once told there were no more options.

We assist them via referrals to our doctors in our networks comprised of some of the brightest minds in cancer medicine.

Thus U-CAN-TRI, our little craft, may help extend the lives of many, many cancer patients.

Captain pip and the Survivor-Ship are out making a Splash for Cancer:

We thank our Sponsors: 

Bendigo Bank –  Materials for Construction

BCF – Outboard motor 

Evolution Sails – Jib, Mains, Mizzen Sail

Reece Plumbing –  Pipes for Floating Dock