Collegiate Local & Global Networks

Grace Gawler Institute’s Collegiate Medical Professionals Networks

Cancer experts in our global network are carefully chosen for their skill, compassion and innovation, often providing second opinions. These networks are built on earned trust.

There is widespread collegiate respect for Grace’s knowledge & commitment to her patients. 
Left – Directors, Grace and Pip, R & D visit to Taiwan University 2019 

Our Networks for Second Opinions & Treatments include the following…

Australia & New Zealand – Experts in NET tumours, radio labelled molecule therapy, cyberknife, genomic & pathology diagnostics, intra-abdominal pressurised chemotherapy, hi-frequency ultrasound, pancreatic & liver specialists, and many more.
Singapore – a renowned Singaporean colorectal surgeon, his oncology team and hospital – 2 sarcoma specialists and their hospitals
Germany – an acclaimed German interventional radiologist
Japan – a large Japanese hospital specialising in proton beam therapy – the Asian founder of cell-based immune therapy, expert endovascular treatments TACE
Taiwan – a leading Taiwan head and neck cancer specialist – a leading researcher of medicinal fungi for cancer patients. 
USA – a highly credentialed brain surgeon and researcher