Prescribing Complementary Medicines is an integral part of Grace Gawler Cancer Survivorship Care Plans

The Role of Targeted Complementary Medicines in Survivorship Care Plans

Prescribing complementary medicines is an integral part of our Survivorship Care Plans

Read on to see why it is essential our patients obtain their prescriptive products via our password protected speciality store.

Our boutique and dedicated patient services, provides a One-Stop-Supportive Care & Personalised Medicine Hub that safely supports your oncology treatments. 

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For your Safety,
Grace practices pharmaco-vigilance & responsible naturopathy. Grace utilises information from patients’ genomic reports & other diagnostic information. Details from patient questionnaires, scans, & other case files may be accessed. Grace’s botanical knowledge can help minimise the risk to you of harmful herb-drug interactions.

Self prescribed alternative medicines may cause harm

Patient Compliance is often misinterpreted when it comes to managing illness.

The Grace Gawler InstituteWhile many patients wish to be self-empowered in their treatment choices, in doing so they enter a chaotic self-help world of Dr Google, fake cancer cures and poorly qualified cancer entrepreneurs. 

To be effective for all, the Grace Gawler approach requires patient compliance and honest disclosure about all treatments you may be having, whether they are healthcare practitioner or naturopath prescribed or self-prescribed.

Self prescribed alternative medicines have no role in a Survivorship Care Plan.

Grace Gawler is qualified to provide you with nutritional, naturopathic and botanical medicine guidance and prescription.

In other words, we aim to assist patients by being a One Stop Hub. For your own safety, our Terms of Service clearly outline that clients will not obtain supplements from other nutritional practitioners.

Involving extra practitioners increases the potential for supplement interactions with cancer medications. Supplementation toxicity potential is also increased if patients mix and match with various practitioners.

Survivorship Care Plans have been carefully designed to help patients safely navigate the complex cancer maze.

Herb-Medication interactions can compromise medical treatments

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Eliminating patient stress - Am I taking the right supplements?

Patients tell us they become confused and overwhelmed surfing the net, trying to find supplements that may cure or assist their recovery. Most indicate this period has been very stressful and are relieved to join a Survivorship Care Plan.

As well; our services negate patients having to source different treatment modalities from different healthcare practitioners.

Patients save precious time and money not having to engage in trial and error. Stress is reduced. 

Adherence to your prescribed complementary meds, means that Grace can track symptoms and side effects whilst providing ongoing monitoring via regular blood tests that should be provided by your GP or oncologist.

The skilled use of targeted (using DNA and Genomic testing)  complementary medicines in conjunction with orthodox medical treatment can greatly enhance your recovery from cancer.

Grace will provide you with the password to access our speciality store to purchase prescribed products; only available for our care plan participants. 

Complementary medicine no more guesswork

You may be surprised to learn that genomic testing on tissue and blood can reveal the types of complementary medicines that may benefit you.

Another test that can be performed using a mouth swab is called Pharmacogenomics or PGxThe results of this test can indicate the genes you possess to metabolise complementary medicines as well as conventional cancer medicines.

Genomic testing is considered to be an essential part of a Survivorship Care Plan.

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