The Role of Targeted Complementary Medicines in Survivorship Care Plans

Prescribing Complementary Medicines is an integral part of

Grace Gawler's Survivorship Care Plans

Prescribing complementary medicines is an integral part of our Survivorship Care Plans.

Read on to see why it is essential our patients obtain their prescriptive products via our password protected speciality store.

Our boutique and dedicated patient services, provides a One-Stop-Supportive Care & Personalised Medicine Hub that safely supports your oncology treatments. 

The Grace Gawler InstituteFor your safety, Grace practices pharmaco-vigilance & responsible naturopathy. Grace utilises information from patients’ genomic reports & other diagnostic information. Details from patient questionnaires, scans, & other case files may be accessed. Grace’s hi tech approach aims to minimise the risk of harmful herb-drug interactions.

Patient Compliance, Alternative Medicine, Mix & Match Approaches

Patient Compliance is often misinterpreted when it comes to managing illness.

While many patients wish to be self-empowered in their treatment choices, in doing so they enter a chaotic self-help world of Dr Google, fake cancer cures and poorly qualified cancer entrepreneurs. 

To be effective for all, the Grace Gawler Institute’s approach requires patient compliance and honest disclosure about all treatments you may be having, whether they are healthcare practitioner or naturopath prescribed or self-prescribed.

Mix and Match Approaches:

Mix and Match Approaches have no role in a Survivorship Care Plan.

Grace Gawler is qualified to provide you with nutritional, naturopathic and botanical medicine guidance and prescription.

In other words, the Grace Gawler Institute is a One Stop Hub. It is a requirement that patients do not or obtain supplements from other naturopathic or nutritional practitioners.

Extra practitioners increase the potential for confusion and supplementation interference with cancer medications. Supplementation toxicity is also increased if patients mix and match with various practitioners.

Survivorship Care Plans have been carefully designed to help patients safely navigate the complex cancer maze.

Compliance minimises the risk of interactions between supplements and medicines

E.G. Herb-Medication interactions can compromise medical treatments

Special considerations when making an inquiry:

Alternative medicine inquiries:
We are approached for help by many patients who have taken the path of alternative medicine to treat their cancer without success. A video Call can provide the tools to shepherd these clients back into smart conventional medicine.

Medical compliance for Patients refers to following advice from one’s doctors and nurses. In the quest for some control/empowerment/involvement with their case; patients will often self-adjust medication doses, not take the entire course of a prescribed treatment, or for example; cease taking important treatments such as anti-DVT medication anti-depressants or dexamethasone. 

Not following Medical advice for Cancer patients can have serious consequences. Cancer patients need to find a doctor, GP or Oncologist who has the time to listen to them, answer relevant questions and be sure that they have understood their answers.

 The Grace Gawler ethic is to prioritise providing your doctors with evidence-based information for any prescriptive or targeted complementary medicine that is prescribed by Grace Gawler. We stress patient compliance and honest patient disclosure of treatment approaches are essential for safety, as well as effectively and successfully Navigating the complex cancer maze.   
Please read – Terms of Service &  Pharmacogenomics 

To summarise, experience tells us that mix and match approaches to cancer can be a recipe for problems. When self-help can become self-harm, we do not wish to take responsibility for the outcome. Honesty and disclosure are essential ingredients if choosing a therapeutic relationship with us.

Interactions can effect the efficacy of your cancer treatments

The Grace Gawler Institute

Herb-Medical drug and even herb-herb interactions can negatively impact your cancer treatments.

We frequently encounter patients whose cancer medicines are not working. Upon deeper investigation, we’ll discover that their supplement regimes has caused multiple interactions with their medical drugs

In such cases a patient’s good intentions for self-help can actually cause self-harm. In these cases, if the oncologist has not been informed of the patient’s dietary and supplementary regimes, he/she may then consider his treatments have failed and may increase dosage or search for stronger drugs.

The Good News: The skilled use of targeted (using DNA and Genomic testing)  complementary medicines in conjunction with orthodox medical treatment can greatly enhance your recovery from cancer.

Eliminating patient stress - Am I taking the right supplements?

From the outset, our Survivorship Care Plan services negate patients having to source different treatment modalities from different healthcare practitioners thus saving time, stress, energy and inevitably avoiding the confusion of taking extra treatments not in your prescriptive Survivorship Care Plan Protocol.

During preliminary Care Plan consultations, the importance of adhering to prescribing of targeted complementary medicines is clearly explained. For your own safety and wellbeing, we ask that you adhere to our guidelines re prescriptive complementary medicines.

It is essential to obtain your prescriptive products via our password protected speciality store for the following reasons:

If patients purchase our prescriptive products from another source, the specified protocol design and therapeutic chain is disrupted and the opportunity for ongoing monitoring fails.

Adherence to your prescription complementary meds, means that Grace can track symptoms and side effects whilst providing ongoing monitoring via regular blood tests that should be provided by your GP or oncologist.

Our password protected store is just for Survivorship Care Plan Patients

The Grace Gawler Institute provides an online store where hand-picked practitioner and research grade products are made available only to our clients.

We have visited the overseas manufacturers of many such products to verify high standards of quality and production.

We do not hold stock of these products, but order from our various suppliers, as patients require them. We add new products according to patients’ needs.

Survivorship Care Plan patients can access a password protected shop.

Constant contact with Grace means she is regularly updated with your general health and cancer situation. Continuity of contact may result in early discovery of recurrence or other conditions NOT related to your cancer that may impact your wellbeing/survivorship.

Treatment resistance can occur with complementary medicines as with conventional cancer treatments. Sometimes they need to be changed or dose adjusted.  As a backup – Grace monitors our online Cancer Speciality store. If she has no record of your purchases, we assume you are not following our protocol and guidelines – and follow up is therefore not possible.

 Brand substitution can sometimes occur meaning patients take a less therapeutic product, one that do harm or interfere with other treatments including those that are medically prescribed.

At the completion of your first Survivorship Care Plan (which may be either the Basic Plan-10 hours of service or the Platinum Plan-15 hours) we offer discounted Renewal plans as well as maintenance and monitoring care Plans.

We strongly recommend that patients who have recovered & cancer free, take advantage of at least 2 Maintenance and Monitoring care Plans.