Before completing the contact form please read the following:

  1. Submitting the contact form indicates your commitment to proceed with a 30 minute video consultation to discuss your options & how to proceed with your application for our Cancer Navigation Services
  2. These effective Navigation Services are built around our 5-point Cancer Survivorship Care Plan  – a boutique service with limited patient intake.
  3.  If your application is approved; you can then purchase the Navigation Package – 10 hours of organisation, guidance & expertise dedicated to help you navigate the cancer maze. 

How to contact Grace for a Video Consultation.

Are you the patient? Due to health privacy laws it is essential we are contacted by the patient. 

The patient must complete the contact form & initiate the inquiry.

Other useful links: Video Call Consultation with Grace
Survive & Thrive Cancer Navigation Services

Although our specialty is overseas referrals, (includes local doctors) – we are not a medical tourism organisation. 
Cancer is very complex. Our work is sophisticated & boutique. Thus; we cannot provide ad-hoc advice via email/phone. A thorough consultation is essential to assess if the Navigation Package is suitable for you.
Due to high patient volumes – we cannot answer one-line enquiries. 

How to Proceed.

Step 1. Complete the contact form below. Provide *Full name  *Geographical location *Bullet point summary of your condition

Step 2. When Grace receives your form she will email a consent form, protocols for a Video call and a link to our online questionnaire. When your documents are received she will arrange a time for your video consultation.

Step 3. Answer the simple maths quiz below before completing the form.

Step 4. Tick the box below to verify…
a) you are the patient
b) you have understood the information above
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Note: In the event the form is unsuccessful please send all the relevant information to navigator (at)

OR: Call our answer phone for email information – 07 5577 2997