Skype Consultations

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Full name – Phone number (s) – Geographical location – Brief summary of your condition (bullet points).

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You will then be instructed how to complete both consent & questionnaire forms.

To assist you we require your medical information. After you have provided a summary on the contact form, Grace will email you with a consent form and Video call protocol. Remember to include your location on the form.

We cannot respond to one line inquiries.

Grace will attempt to answer your inquiry within 48 – 72 hrs. If enquiry is urgent please indicate in subject line.

If regular GGI clients wish to contact Grace urgently – do so by Skype SMS.


Skype ConsultationServices:

  1. Skype consultations – Health Restoration Plans (cancer & other diseases)
  2. Returning clients – Skype consultations & follow-up/management – email Grace
  3. Cancer Navigation Package  – for overseas referrals – gives continuity & long term management – best outcomes 
  4. Maintenance, Monitoring & Preventing Recurrence Package

    Cancer Specialty Products:

    Science-Based Nutritionals& Botanicals, books:  visit Store

Relevant Information:

Cancer Navigation Package Info:  click here           Consultation Fees: click here 

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Skype Consultations