DNA Nutrition Test

The test builds on the links between genetic variants and individual dietary needs; it is key to determining the optimal diet and healthy lifestyle for your unique genetic blueprint – you.

The personal nutri-genetic guide therefore identifies our specific characteristics and guides us to make science based choices on the path to optimal health and well-being. No more guesswork.

Through the analysis, individuals will:

  • Discover their needs for the most important micro- and macro- nutrients
  • Learn about their metabolism as well as about their response to physical activity
  • Find out whether they have inherited high cholesterol, high blood sugar, weak bones, and/or are susceptible for being overweight
  • Learn about their metabolism of alcohol, caffeine and lactose
  • Find out whether they are prone to oxidative stress
  • Learn about their muscles and find out which sport activities are the best for them
  • The nutrigenetics guide NutriFit is a comprehensive guide that contains 35 analyses divided into 8 chapters that cover key thematic elements of diet and lifestyle. In total we analyse over 110 genetic variations.

The test reveals to a person, which nutrients are most suitable due to his/her genetic makeup by taking into account a holistic approach. Each person discovers the specific needs, dictated by the genetic makeup, which enables them to establish an optimal diet and lifestyle and help to improve the health, well-being and the quality of life.

The nutrigenetic guidebook covers:

  • Instructions to make it easier to read the nutrigenetic guidebook
  • Understandable and interesting introduction to genetics and diet
  • 35 analyses divided into 8 chapters
  • A special section “More about analyses” where more detailed information about each area covered in NutriFit can be obtained
  • Glossary for unknown terms
  • List of all genes analysed accompanied with the description of their role
  • List of scientific research on which the NutriFit analysis is based

Nutritional tables with nearly 200 different foods accompanied with information about each food products caloric value, content of cholesterol, nutrients, minerals and vitamins, all of which enables effective planning of meals

Each individual analysis contains:

  • Explanation of the analysis
  • Coloured presentation of genetic results
  • Explanation of genetic results
  • Individualized dietary recommendations and recommendations on lifestyle, based on the individual’s genetic makeup.
  • Additional points of interest and information
  • Graphs and data indicating the role of heritability

Outstanding added value of the nutrigenetics guidebook is that the individual, based on the response to the basic types of nutrients, will get a comprehensive diet and daily caloric intake recommendations adapted to the genetic makeup of the individual.