DNA Tests for Second Opinions

The Grace Gawler Institute employs a forensic approach (no stone un-turned) to ensure patients receive an independent second opinion. For the last decade, this has involved genomic diagnostic tests. We refer to the services of a certified Australian laboratory. 

Genomics is the area of science that involves the study of DNA, which encodes the entire blueprint of the body. Cancer and inherited diseases are due to errors in this blueprint. 

Advanced Genomic Oncology Tests: utilise ‘Next Generation Sequencing,’ precisely identifying a range of targeted treatments that may successfully treat your cancer type.

Genomic testing also provides the opportunity for a second opinion if there has been any doubt about the accuracy of your diagnosis.

When reports are available we organise referrals to innovative cancer specialists in our network who will interpret the tests for you and your oncologist.
After your interpretation, Grace Gawler will organise a consultation with you to discuss the summary provided by the oncologist. 

An additional genomic test that benefits cancer patients: Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

The Pharmacogenomics (PGx) test is your one test for life. This new test will cover your metabolic response to medications at all stages in life. It can be referred back to at any time regardless of your age or health status. Pharmacogenomics is a break away from one size fits all medicine.

When you receive your Pharmacogenomics report (34 pages) there is a summary card listed on the last page. The summary card should be printed and kept in your wallet or purse and provided to all treating health professionals, including anaesthetists, dentists, GP, pharmacists, oncologists, et cetera.

Potential Benefits: With PGx results doctors can individualize drug  selection and dosage for patients based on genetic makeup. Testing patients before treatment may help determine response to certain drugs helping to avoid drugs that may be ineffective or cause harmful side effects. For patients currently on treatment, results may identify better treatment options or identify why a patient is experiencing side-effects. 

Keeping an eye on your DNA

Embrace a second chance at life with advanced genomic diagnostic tests

Pharmacogenomics – the right drug, for the right patient, at the right dose

Be Proactive

Talk to Grace Gawler about a second opinion. It could be a life changing conversation
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