Making the impossible – possible for cancer patients

Not just another cancer charity! The approach offered by the Grace Gawler Institute, a registered a not for profit, is unique; in fact it is globally unique.

Our point of difference…

Sometimes the standard of care in Australia & NZ fails patients who have difficult to treat & rare cancers. We call these patients cancer refugees. We exist to source viable treatment solutions for them.

Our co-founder, Grace Gawler, has 45 years experience helping cancer refugees who are lost in the bewildering cancer maze. Today our services have become more sophisticated & now includes newly diagnosed patients.

Our organisation has ATO tax deductible status & is registered with the Australian Charities Not for Profits Commission. We abide by their governance. For our in-house governance click here

Extending Lives - Improving Wellbeing & Quality of Life

Our Platinum service, is the Navigated Survivor-ship Care Plan. A fee for service is charged to each client, however this does not cover operating costs. The fee covers 10 hours of dedicated service. Usually an extra 3-5 hours is provided free of charge.

As an independent not-for-profit we can provide patients with unbiased information. We do not receive any Government funding and rely solely upon sponsorship, donations, grants, bequests & fee for service. As advocates & navigators, we act on behalf of patients – not the medical system.

Helping patients navigate the bewildering cancer maze - one at a time

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Donate Online: For your convenience – you can donate online via secure Paymate payment gateway. ATO receipts provided.

Skype ConsultationsWe sincerely thank you for choosing our charity for your donation.
Pip (Philip), Grace & Jeff

Directors – The Grace Gawler Institute

Creative ways you can help our Institute

Donate Frequent Flyer Points: Assists Institute Directors with travel for research purposes, visits to international cancer clinics and hospitals.

Donate for Specific Project: Donated funds can be allocated for a specific project – e.g the cancer survivor-ship presentations at yacht clubs.

Donation of Goods: Office equipment, printer cartridges etc.

Bequests: In memory of an individual or a patient’s journey with cancer.

For more information about the institute’s services and donations email Pip (Philip):
publicofficer (at)