Family Cancer Navigation Package

The Family Cancer Navigation Package is similar to the Survive and Thrive Package except that it includes services for up to 3 family members with cancer.

We’ve initiated this package because we now encounter more families where multiple members are diagnosed with cancer.

The package allows for a total 15 hours of organisation, coordination, support and monitoring at a cost of $2500.

Like the Survive and Thrive Package it is built around the Five Point Survivorship Care Plan.

Before you purchase the package be sure to explore the Care Plan Infographic at the bottom of this page.

By submitting my payment below I consent to have read and comprehended the Terms of Service and I have studied the Cancer Navigation pages and I understand my role in the Navigation Package Survivorship Care Plan

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Family Cancer Navigation Package – $2500.00

The Infographic below provides a quick glance at the five components of your cancer navigation package. More details can be accessed by clicking on the icons at each of the five stages.