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Ferments for Cancer Recovery

Benefits of fermented foods. Introducing Japanese gut health secrets

Boosting the nutritional content of foods with ferments:

Research demonstrates ingesting fermented foods regularly can bring tremendous health benefits. Fermented foods use age old processes that boost nutritional value of the original fermented food and increases shelf life.
Fermentation helps food to last longer and also enhances the taste.

The mystique of fermented foods is pure kitchen alchemy!

The process of fermentation transforms food, changing and enhancing nutrient value; even making some nutrients more bioavailable. Vegetarians can get their vitamin B12, not present in plant foods by regularly eating ferments.

Small amounts of fermented foods made with living bacteria differs from ingesting probiotic supplements which are concentrated and contain large amounts of live bacteria that may not be naturally resident in your digestive tract.

Health promoting fermented foods:

If you are introducing fermented foods for the first time, it is essential to start with small amounts and gauge how you react. 

Large amounts can cause bloating, gas and headaches. This is due to the changing over of your gut bacteria.

  • Yoghurt, cultured butter and other fermented milk products
  • pickled vegetables e.g. kimchi, sauerkraut, Japanese pickles
  • miso paste – made from fermented soybeans
    tempeh – made from soybeans fermented into a block
  • natto – Japanese fermented soybeans, strong smelling, may not suit everybody
  • sourdough breads – made from a range of different grains
  • olives – table olives are fermented to remove bitter compounds
  • apple cider vinegar – fermented apple juice made with a culture

Japanese are masters in the art of food fermentation

Your gut bacteria health is in your hands

The Japanese alternative to fermented foods for cancer patients:

Probiotics have taken the world by storm in recent years, the health benefits connecting seamlessly in todays’ clean living, well-educated markets. What many people don’t realise however is that there are alternatives to Probiotics and Prebiotics.

Japan has one of the largest functional food industry in the world and long been industry leaders in fermentation manufacturing. Their culture is defined by a relentless quest for perfection. The result is a clean, pure, healthy alternative to the common probiotics now flooding the market; LACTIS extract.

Introducing Japan's best kept secret – Lactis

LACTIS meets your body’s digestive balance needs by functioning differently from a traditional probiotic, as it is designed to invigorate your own existing good bacteria to grow. Lactis achieves its functional qualities by the way it is made:

Non-GMO soy was selected as the culture medium because of its complex carbohydrate, “oligosaccharide”. Oligosaccharide’s long sugar chain provides the nutrients for 16 strains of Lactobacillus to be co-cultured during a 12-month fermentation process. The soy is transformed by 16 strains of Lactobacillus, creating a potent Extract

Lactobacillus Fermented Extracts is considered the next generation ingredient for digestive balance and well researched for over 50 years.

LACTIS delivers a safe, powerful micro-payload of nutrients keeping your resident gut bacteria healthy.

Grace Gawler Cornall and Pip Cornall, directors of the Grace Gawler Institute, share their experience with LACTIS over the last 3 years.

Grace:As a result of numerous colon surgeries, the part removal of small and large colon, has compromised my ability to digest and metabolise certain foods. Long periods of consuming antibiotics, necessary after multiple surgeries had damaged my gut microbiome. This has been further complicated by long periods taking antibiotics damaging my gut microbiome.

Since taking LACTIS, I have experienced a phenomenal improvement in my metabolism and digestion. Most remarkably, I’ve been able to eat foods that I was previously unable to digest.”

Pip: “Since taking LACTIS  my digestion has vastly improved with less flatulence. Bowel motions are more regular, with well formed stools. I no longer experience regular reflux and my taste buds seem more acute. After 3 years taking LACTIS I believe it is wise to continue.

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Over 90% of our patients report positive health gains from a Japanese functional food called LACTIS.

“I have had digestive problems, including severe constipation, all my life. Now with LACTIS all symptoms have disappeared & my life is normal.”

“I usually get constipated when I travel. But; after using LACTIS this does not no longer happens. I’ve had no interruption to normal bowel function.”

“I have had intermittent diarrhoea & constipation since chemotherapy, including a lot of bloating & gas. In the three weeks on LACTIS; this has completely resolved.”

“After taking LACTIS, my bowel function improved, I have a lot less gas. Oddly I am selecting different foods from a wider range of food groups – foods I have not eaten for years. These dietary changes have positively contributed to my general health.”

” LACTIS enables me to think more clearly and I am less foggy headed after chemo.”

“Previously my stools were quite erratic. A few normal days a week versus mainly loose. They are now consistently good – six days out of seven. I feel in the best internal health ever.”

Hiromi Shinya MD, Albert Einstein College of medicine, Prof, USA endorses LACTIS extract

Lactis is probiotics reimagined!
Lactis comes highly recommended for gut health by experts like surgeon Dr Hiromi Shinya who designed the wire loop snare to remove colorectal polyps.
“I have performed endoscopic examinations of stomach and intestines of 300,000 people in the USA and Japan. From this abundant clinical experience it is been possible for me to understand that there is a close relationship between the environment in the intestines and health of the whole body. Once intestinal function is impaired intestinal putrefaction sits in and the toxins thus generated are absorbed from the gut into the bloodstream to be transported throughout the body. Intestinal maintenance is very important from a health point of view.”

LACTIS can be taken while undergoing cancer treatments to maximise wellbeing & reduce side effects.

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