The 5 Step Cancer Plan

The 5 step formula is based on 45 years observing cancer patients who achieved exceptional recoveries. Over my decades helping patients safely navigate the complex Grace Gawler 5 steps to beat cancercancer maze – it was clear – certain patients consistently attained ‘better recovery outcomes.’

Their oncology treatments produced fewer side effects. They had less anxiety, more energy & better quality of life.

As well; they responded far better than their oncologists expected.

This is how I developed the 5 steps for cancer recovery success formula.

Our new model of personalised cancer medicine often surpasses the normal standard of care – especially for late-stage or rare cancers.

To explain our model we have created the 5 steps chart below

Use down arrows to advance pages (3) of the 5 step formula. Use magnifier to read

Download as PDF here.

5 step formula April 30 - 2017