Drawing on 45 years of cancer service, the navigator, Grace Gawler, will guide you through the complex cancer maze, helping you to access the best minimally invasive treatments suitable for your cancer type.

A simple metaphor might help you better understand how it works: Imagine you are the captain of your survivor-ship sailing in uncharted waters – it is the voyage of your life and you want it to be a successful voyage. As a first-time captain you enlist an experienced navigator, who, in 45 years of cancer service, has successfully navigated thousands of novice captains like you through the stormy cancer seas.

Because the navigator sees your cancer options through a global treatment lens, (more minimally invasive treatment options) she liaises regularly between home country & overseas doctors to present a complete picture of you and your illness.

The navigator applies her meticulous approach to each patient’s case resulting in the minimisation of mistakes & optimal patient outcomes.

For example; in 40-60% of cases, she detects mistakes (from local doctors and hospitals) that will have hindered your recovery efforts. She will help access a more accurate diagnosis.

The navigator fills numerous roles helping to bridge the gaps between the patient as a whole person and the patient as seen in the medical system. 

You will gain immediate realistic hope based on the following:

Accurate diagnosis (from advanced genomic testing). Not used (at this level of detail) in the public medical systems, the tests can identify minimally invasive target treatments not previously considered.

Increased minimally invasive treatment options – a boost for those patients told ‘there is nothing more we can do.’

Peace of mind knowing you will be treated by leading specialists applying cutting edge cancer treatments.

Time efficient: You will spend less time researching doctors, treatments, complementary medicines & therapies on the internet. We are literally a ‘one-stop-shop’.

Reduced waiting times for specialists, scans & tests due to our priority services.

Reduced worry of organising & arranging convenient medical appointments.

Ongoing personalised support, to help you manage the clinical, practical & emotional challenges of cancer.

Regular thorough monitoring with genomics

The Grace Gawler Institute provides a personalised & boutique service as we guide you through the multiple layers of the cancer maze – medical (local & overseas), nutritional, emotional & psychological.
We fast track & coordinate medical appointments, second opinions & diagnostic tests.
We suggest questions for you to ask of your oncologist.
We debrief with you after appointments to clarify & help you make informed decisions.
We conduct considerable research on your behalf – the research leads to increased treatment options for you.
We provide personalised support at every level throughout your entire cancer experience.

Our therapeutic director & chief navigator, Grace Gawler, has 45 years helping patients navigate the cancer maze.

Knowing that accurate diagnosis is key to targeted treatments, we refer patients to the best of modern genomic diagnostic tests.
As well, over the decades, Grace has built close liaisons with leading doctors across Australia, Asia, UK, USA & EU.

Doctors are selected based on their credibility & performance results as well as research record & academic achievement.

We prefer doctors who embrace new technologies, are ‘approachable’ & will ‘go the extra mile for you.’

Public health systems in Australia, NZ, UK or similar countries, do their best to provide good service to the general public. However, treatment for standard cancers, can be very fragmented – many mistakes are made.

Navigating the ‘system’ to find the best (most appropriate) doctors & surgeons can be difficult and frustrating. Government health systems are limited by resources, funding & protocols.

The Cancer Navigation Service is a boutique service and as such can help you access exceptional levels of treatment & care.

This combined with careful case management means most of our patients exceed ‘normal’ medical expectations.

As well – the complexity of cancer makes it very challenging to manage. In fact all patients could benefit from an expert Navigator who supports them through the entire process.

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The five point Cancer Survivorship Care Plan forms the basis of our cancer navigation services.

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The navigator is the conductor of your total cancer care: She is like an orchestral conductor made up of musical experts from many countries. Thus the conductor has many responsibilities; coordinating instruments, musicians, music, tuning, timing, sequencing. She ensures the overall harmony of the symphony ‘team’ to produce a musical masterpiece.

Similarly; your navigator organises and coordinates your ‘medical orchestra.’ These include local and overseas oncologists, doctors, immune therapists, overseas treatment centres, genomic diagnostic labs, nutritional & complementary medicines. She makes sure nothing falls through the gaps and conducts the ‘team’ to produce the best medical ‘masterpiece’ for you – your health restoration.

The Institute has vast expertise in the field of supportive care medicine including complementary medicines, therapies and care protocols.

However, most patients presenting to us have harmed their recovery efforts and undermined their cancer medicines because of uncoordinated and fragmented use of complementary medicines.

There are some excellent botanical supplements which can complement cancer treatments but this field requires expertise.

We recommend that patients check with us to see if their supplements are contraindicated against their cancer medicines.

We also suggest that patients using naturopaths or integrative doctors insist that these practitioners collaborate with their oncology teams.

All practitioners in your team should work together on your behalf  otherwise your approach is sub optimal.

We advise you to study the various pages on this website relating to complementary medicines, nutrition as well as the video tutorial page & the cancer fact checker page.

The Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer Survivorship and Research is an independent health promotion charity organisation.

We work with many doctors, hospitals and clinics both locally and overseas.  

This ensures we can access the most appropriate treatment for your current condition.

For example; sometimes we help you access the best treatment for you in Au or NZ.  Other times it may be necessary to source your treatment in Singapore, Japan, Germany or other overseas countries.