Not all genomic tests are the same.

It is therefore vitally important to contact us FIRST if you are considering genomic testing:The Grace Gawler Institute

There is significant variation in the types of tests and their purpose. Some genomic tests are purposed towards suitability for a clinical trial, others are research focused, some are only offered to patients that have been heavily pre-treated, whilst the more sophisticated tests offer personalised and targeted treatments. Some tests are performed in Australia, others are performed overseas. Some tests are computer automated whilst others are interpreted by skilled genomic pathologists. The later is our preference for patients considering joining our Survivorship Care Plans. It is cost effective from the outset when you choose the most applicable test for your unique cancer situation.

No more guesswork. 
A new breed of gene tests can now reveal a patient’s ability to metabolise food and complementary medicines. This is similar to the way pharmacogenomic tests (PGx) can reveal a patient’s ability to metabolise medical treatments,

The test is ideal for cancer patients wanting to optimise their diet and lifestyle according to their genes. 

By analysing certain genetic variations, our preferred laboratory can assess your metabolic profile and provide you with a recommendation of an optimal diet, matched to your genetic make-up. For cancer patients who want to improve their exercise program, by analysing your genes, the test results can recommend types of physical activities that suit you best or what activities to approach with caution.

The test utilises cutting edge Next Generation Sequencing Technology coupled with leading bioinformatics and modern scientific research. We all know that food fuels the body, and exercise helps to keep us healthy and feeling good.
The test offers a solution for cancer patients who are lost in the dietary cancer maze.  

What is required:
The sample, a saliva swab, will be tested against 60 DNA test types and your results will be returned to you usually within 4 weeks.
Your individual analysis will include:

Your DIET TYPE based on your genes:

21 nutrition reports (macro and micro nutrition and metabolism)
8 metabolic properties and eating habits reports
13 sport reports
9 lifestyle and detoxification reports
5 health reports
6 rejuvenation reports
Nutritional charts

Your personal results:

Your analysis results will be delivered as a comprehensive and personalized guidebook:
• Detailed explanation of each specific analysis
• Graphic and textual presentation of your results
• Personalised recommendations and advice

A simple saliva sample is all that’s required of you. You will receive a box with instructions, return envelope and buccal swab to send us the saliva sample required for the analysis.

Very affordable – $450

Frances Testimonial – Health Benefits of Nutritional Gene testing:
Frances was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1994. A series of interventions and treatments occurred over the ensuing years. Then in 2018 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and concurrent endometriosis necessitating major surgery HIPEC.

Frances’s colon was intensely inflamed and so we carefully began a forensic approach to discover the cause and effect relationship of her ongoing ulcerative colitis to value-add to her overall recovery from ovarian cancer.

Under complementary meds there were improvements – but not enough to satisfy either me or Frances. A PET CT revealed that Frances’ colon was lighting up like a Christmas tree.  There was concern for spread of her ovarian cancer – but the diagnosis was clouded by endometriosis and ulcerative colitis. I recommended a nutritional gene test to determine if there was dietary reason for inflammation/ulcerative colitis.

The Test Result: Frances was Lactose Intolerant with two unfavourable copies of the MCM6 gene which given her long term symptoms, likely indicated a total absence of lactase enzyme.
The solution was not only removing lactose from her diet, but examining her medications containing lactose. As it happened two of her key pharmaceutical treatments contained lactose! One was a treatment for ovarian cancer – the other, surprisingly a long term treatment for her ulcerative colitis.
The solution for her meds – take a lactase enzyme with each dose. 
Frances reports – after 17 years that her bowel inflammatory markers (calprotectin) is normal & she is symptom-free.

Be Proactive

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