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Welcome, I'm Grace Gawler. You may be wondering how a consultation with me can benefit you?

Grace Gawler: “Apart from 43-yrs helping cancer patients attain good health and quality of life, few people know I have had both colostomy and ileostomy bags as well as 22 colon related surgeries. Six (6) of these were by necessity overseas. The financial cost was enormous but I have learned so much to pass on to my patients and today (2017) my health is excellent.

The Cause: Unexpected complications from routine surgery. It was 1997. My husband had left our marriage but 3 days, when I had a total uterine prolapse. The surgical repair whilst in a shocked state of mind, had horrendous consequences.

I sold everything I owned and went into debt to pay for surgeries. I was told by 14 out of 16 specialists that it would be a waste of time seeking the very treatment overseas that has saved my life. My personal experience added weight to my qualified knowledge as a complementary therapist. My work improved enormously.

In 2016, as mentioned, I am in great health and able to sustain very long hours helping my patients and running our charity”

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Grace Continues: 

Special Needs: “Cancer patients with ileostomies, colostomies and other surgical re-arrangements; for example a large portion of bowel removed but no bag, have very special needs. Dr Google’s general advice for cancer patients or that found in cancer recovery books fail to meet the needs of this special group of patients.”

Colon Cancer Care has become a specialist part of my clinical practice. This includes some of the more difficult colon cancer and pre-colon cancer cases. Adapting to body changes, including body image as well as the impact on intimate relationships is also my specialty.”

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The following TV interview, recorded in 2002, features Grace with her ileostomy. It gave her horrific burns from leakage. She had a very poor prognosis for a shortened life and a bad quality of life on a day to day basis.

Later that year Grace’s research for a better life led her to the Netherlands and her world first implant of a ‘bionic colon stimulator’ for her condition.

Grace was alone, without moral or financial support and travelling to a country on the far side of the world where few of the medical staff spoke English.

Her success is an inspiration for all those who face the horrific challenges of colon disease; especially given almost all her Australian doctors said it had never been done and was unlikely it could be done.