Skype ConsultationsThe Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions (GGI) is an independent not-for-profit health promotion charity with deductible gift status (DGR). 

The Institute’s sole purpose is to benefit the lives of cancer patients via comprehensive cancer navigation, support & education services.

GGI is based in Queensland, Australia – ABN: 71 146 457 874.

Grace Gawler Institute Aims

  • The Institute’s sole purpose is to benefit the lives of cancer patients via comprehensive cancer navigation, support and educational services
  • As a result of working directly with patients, the Institute researches the most effective and beneficial methods learned from patient experiences.
  • We aim to bridge the gaps in cancer medicine and help patients to navigate the complex cancer maze.


Longevity of the GGI: 

We are well aware of the need to train future cancer navigators ensuring the longevity of the Institute. We have a 2-year & 5-year business plan, beginning 2017, which includes…

  1. Re-establishing the College of Supportive Care Medicine (originally founded in 2004). The College will train retired or interested health professionals, for example nurses & other para-medicals to work with cancer patients following the navigation model established by the GGI. The name was registered in late 2019.
  2. Recognising the need to extend services we plan to establish a branch in Southern Australia, most likely Tasmania.
  3. A new service dedicated to brain cancer patients has been established. Brain Cancer without Borders is a subsidiary of the GGI sharing an ABN. The same DGR Status applies to this new entity.

The Institute…

  • Operates as a separate entity – with a different philosophy to Grace’s former Gawler Foundation in Victoria.
  • Founded in 2010, has an established track record. Grace Gawler has 45 years experience working with cancer patients.
  • Provides service to national and international cancer patients.
  • Has developed special expertise in local and overseas referrals.


The GGI is a registered not for profit Health Promotion Charity with DGR Status. Registered with ASIC & bound by the rules of the Australian National Charities Commission, to whom we are responsible for accurate financial reporting/submissions.

Our charity is registered and compliant with the ACNC

  • Three directors – Grace Gawler, Pip Cornall, Jeff Hutner
  • 2 to 5 volunteers
  • Annual Income usually between $100,000 – $140,000
  • Most income derived from fee for service and product sales, a small portion comes from donations and grants.

About the Directors:

About the Directors:

Grace Gawler is the former co-founder of the Gawler Foundation, Melbourne Cancer Support Group and the Yarra Valley Living Centre at Yarra Junction, Victoria. (1980s) She left the organisation in 1996. Grace has always had strong liaisons with the medical profession – promoting a best of both worlds approach. She resigned from the Gawler foundation due to changes in the organisation’s philosophy and practices that diverted from her original founding principles. Grace is now co-founder and director of the Grace Gawler Institute. She is also therapeutic and research director. Grace responds personally to all patient inquiries, consults with patients and their families and is also an author, presenter, social commentator on cancer issues. Grace hosts our podcasts, conducting interviews with leading cancer researchers, doctors and inspiring patients. Read More about Grace

Pip (Philip) Cornall is a director, co-founder and public officer of the Institute and is responsible for reporting to ACNC (Australian National Charities Commission), ATO/ASIC. Pip’s role includes web development, cyber security, social media, media creation, workshops, presentations and more. Pip has a background in juvenile justice and mediation. He taught conflict resolution in Oregon schools, was a mediator in the Oregon court system. In 2002, he conducted a week long course culminating in a ‘clear the air’ mediation with a high ranking Australian Olympic team. Pip is leader of the Prostate Mates Project and the Cancer Survivor Ship events. Read More about Pip

Jeff Hutner, USA born ex Wall Street experienced trader; previous board member of Nutiva, (a $100 million super-foods company). Now resident in Tasmania, Jeff has the role of independent 3rd party adviser – not connected with day to running of the GGI. Jeff’s Wall Street work included sales, research and investment banking. He helped raise money for Earth Child, the country’s first organic baby food company and Aspen Systems, a legal data base provider. As an entrepreneur and marketer in the 70’s and 80’s, he brought “indoor-skydiving” to the U.S. and natural foods to movie theatres. Now a resident of Tasmania, Jeff is a regular 3rd party advisor to the GGI but is not connected with day to running of the GGI.

Notably: Jeff became interested in Grace Gawler’s work when a friend in Australia recovered from cancer with Grace’s help. Jeff’s friend was so grateful that he helped with expenses when we established the Grace Gawler Institute in 2010.

Directors Wages:

Grace and Pip take very modest wages for service – Jeff Hutner takes no fee as the independent Director. The financials are updated regularly and transparency is priority.
Financials can be viewed by members and open for public scrutiny on request.

Funding & Finances:

The GGI outsources bookkeeping. All financial records are updated monthly with an independent bookkeeper. We present financials to the ATO and ACNC each year.

Funding is sourced from:

  • Patient consultation fees
  • Private grants, bequests and donations
  • Sales from books and e-books
  • Events

All proceeds raised from BCWB events are dedicated to that cause.

Legal – Philanthropic Law Advisor

The GGI also has open access to the Pro Bono services of Australia’s most qualified Philanthropic Lawyer, Dr Robert Kelley, B.A., J.D., LL.M., Dip. FP Centre for Philanthropy, Perth Western Australia.  Robert advises GGI as necessary on issues that arise as a result of being a NFP organisation.

A former Washington-based Lawyer, Robert moved to Perth, Western Australia in 1998, after being hired by Merrill Lynch as its first Financial Planner in Australia. Rob established the Centre for Philanthropy in 2001. Rob took his outside the box thinking and experience as a former tax lawyer and investment adviser to develop the Centre to being the leader in the not-for-profit and deductible gift recipient sector. He is an adviser to the ATO and works with Australian government agencies and a large number of charitable bodies.

Adviser for Business and Day To Day Ethical Issues that Arise:

ETHICS ADVISER: Professor Julie Crews – Edith Cowan University – advises and is proactive in the ethical issues that arise both in the business running within the GGI as well as the ethics of involved with patients who are misled by fraudulent cancer entrepreneurs and internet misinformation. Julie is also gives her time on a Pro Bono basis.

Conflict of Interest Policy:

The GGI policy helps the GGI directors to effectively identify, disclose and manage any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest in order to protect the integrity of GGI and manage conflict of interest risk. Read More


Where necessary, GGI has access to a number of specialist oncologists and other experts in medical and scientific research should opinions be required re medical and patient ethics.

Volunteers: 2020 changed due to Covid-19

We look forward to resuming our normal volunteer arrangements in the future.

Our usual practice is to call on a group of volunteers for assistance with events or day to day office work. We aim to keep overheads including staff overheads to a minimum.

Charitable Services:

  • Fee for Service to help patients and families navigate the complex cancer maze. To keep patient cost at a minimum, GGI subsidises many patients with extra uncharged hours and research.
  • Free informational podcasts at Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia – interviews with Cancer researchers, innovative cancer clinicians, inspiring patients, and discussions about the latest treatments and protocols for cancer patients.
  • Captain Pip and the Survivor Ship – educational events held at yacht clubs and venues with water access so the Survivor Ship (our promotional vessel and marine billboard)  can be on display. Informational presentations by Grace Gawler followed by a Q & A Session. Currently suspended due to Covid-19.
  • Alternative medicine rescue – gently nursing patients back into the medical system after experimenting with alternative medicines.
  • Patient Advocacy –  building patient morale, stress reduction, resilience. Hospital visits currently suspended due to Covid-19.
  • Cancer education via websites, blogs, newsletters and videos.
  • Concessional or free consultations for patients who are financially challenged
  • Due to Covid-19, GGI is developing further services via webinars and other ‘virtual’ methods.