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How Grace Gawler's extensive research benefits Patients

Grace’s extensive research enables her to offer a smorgasbord of innovative medical treatments, not usually offered to patients in the normal standard of care. 

For you to comprehend the nature of her comprehensive research it is necessary to explain our unique clientele:

Her unique clientele: Grace works primarily with cancer patients who have fallen through gaps in the medical system. 

Dedicated research enables us to assist cancer patients like you

Our patients include those…

  • who are newly diagnosed
  • dealing with a first recurrence
  • with treatment resistant cancers
  • with rare or difficult to treat cancers
  • who have exhausted all treatment options
  • who can’t tolerate harsh treatments (e.g. elderly patients).

Grace's research underpins her networks of innovative cancer experts

The Grace Gawler Institute Cancer Navigation Services

Rigorous Research:

Grace’s weekly commitment to rigorous research enables her to source innovative, minimally invasive treatments for her clientele. 

Patients benefit from these treatments NOW… not 10 years in the future.

These innovative treatments can often provide them with a second chance at life.

How patients benefit from Grace's research endeavours

The Grace Gawler InstituteBETTER DIAGNOSTICS: 

Grace Gawler’s researching skills enables her to find & integrate advanced genomic diagnostic tests in consultation with her oncology colleagues. Genomic test results enable them to determine personalised and targeted treatments.


Grace’s research enables her to liaise with innovative oncology specialists within Australia and around the world, thus providing far-reaching benefits for patients. These experts offer guidance and second opinions helping patients to more effectively navigate the cancer maze.


Recognising “the Person” in “Personalised Cancer Medicine” is a focus for Grace who has dedicated almost half a century to specialising in supportive care approaches for cancer patients.

Respecting and compassionately listening to patient’s life stories as well as their cancer stories; bridges the gap between a cancer diagnosis and the life experience of the patient. Connecting these two aspects creates a therapeutic powerful patient-centred approach to wellbeing and life extension.

Grace constantly researches improved ways to assist patients psychological and emotional wellbeing via her Professional Networks on ResearchGate and  She is a member of IPOS (International Association for psycho-oncology) and recently value-added to her qualifications upskilling via a course in Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome with world expert Dr Bessel Vander Kolk (2020).

Our Singapore Taiwan Cancer Research Tour

Our visit to Taiwan was for research and development regarding the impact of functional foods on gut micro-biomes.

In particular; the impact of functional foods for certain cancer types.

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