The groundbreaking services delivered by the Grace Gawler Institute are built on a solid foundation of research – ongoing, thorough research – a 15-20 hour per week commitment.research

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The advanced diagnostics & innovative cancer treatment options that we offer patients – are made possible by our dogged research.

Repeatedly – Our research enables us to find viable treatment options for those told ‘there is nothing more we can do.’

The ability to research  at this depth arises from Institute’ founder, Grace Gawler’s many decades at the cancer coalface with over 17,000 + patients  a large sample group by any standards.

research-1Research of this calibre cannot be achieved by a patient, a medical student or average doctor.

Actually –  in our experience, most oncologists do not research this consistently – they are very busy & limited by hospital protocols.

Our research – ‘Exploring the other side of Possible’

Benefits for Patients:

  1. DIAGNOSTICS: The Grace Gawler Institute research has enabled us to find & integrate advanced genomic diagnostic tests for our patients.
    These breakthrough tests enable us to determine personalised treatments that are accurately targeted – they show what works for each patient & also what treatments won’t work.
  2.  TREATMENTS: The research enables us to locate and become familiar with the treatments of innovative oncology specialists around the world.
  3. COLLABORATIONS: Our research enables us to communicate at their level – speak their complex language. Without exception – these specialists have been more than willing to collaborate with our institute – providing untold benefits for our patients.


Example – some years ago, searching for a treatment for a young patient with brain cancer, Grace initiated a dialogue with a leading American brain surgeon.

Impressed by her thorough preparation and patient reports he indicated his willingness to collaborate.

Soon the patient was undergoing innovative treatments at his hospital. As a result of working with Grace, he wrote a four-page hand written letter indicating he was willing to act as an advisor for our charity. (which he still does)

We have similar relationships with leading cancer specialists across many countries. Like him, they happily offer guidance and collaborate medically when we share patients.

4. VARIETY: Thus the research enables us to offer a smorgasbord of innovative treatments that patients are not usually offered. This is particularly pertinent to patients told ‘there is nothing more we can do.’

  • Via our global alliances we can offer patients an array of valid treatment options.
  • Not only do we help them access these treatments…
  • But we navigate them through the complexities involved with marrying offshore cancer treatments with home country doctors and oncologists.

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The video explores genomic tests – a state of the art diagnostic tool allowing targeted treatments not previously possible. Thanks to collaborations arising from our ongoing research efforts our patients are accessing these groundbreaking diagnostic tools NOW.



Research Testimonials: 

Ged & Angela, Leiomyosarcoma – UK, Nov 2016

Since diagnosis with a rare cancer approximately 12 months ago, Grace has been patient-in-bed-clip-art expertly guiding us through the “cancer maze”, providing us with options when at times it seemed that there were none.

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Nicole – Chondrosarcoma – Australia, Nov 2016

My last appointment with new oncologist did not go as planned, they say there is nothing more they can do for me here in Australia. I do really feel let down, falling through all the loop holes.

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Steve – Father of 10 year old boy with Brain Cancer – Australia Nov 2016

In August 2015 our family was dealt the cruellest blow. Our beautiful, loving life 9 year old son was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. Life as we knew it changed immediately.

The medical profession does not provide what you would expect in this situation.

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Camilla – Metastatic Colon Cancer – UK – Nov 2016

When you receive the diagnosis of cancer, you feel as though you are falling into an abyss with nothing to cling onto…..but then you find Grace!

My oncologist gave me no hope.  He offered chemotherapy but and I was told “we will keep you as well as we can for a long as we can”.  I was 41 with a husband and four children; this was definitely not the news I wanted to hear.  It was then that we found Grace.

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Dee S – Colorectal Cancer – Australia – Nov 2016

My journey began 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colorectal Cancer.  Unfortunately it has been a rough road with 11 surgeries and 3 rounds of Chemotherapy only to have the disease metastasise even further.

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