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Because your life depends on it

  • Are you lost in the bewildering UK cancer maze?
  • Have you exhausted local treatment options in the UK?
  • Do you have a rare or difficult to treat cancer?
  • Are you concerned about your current treatment and feel you need a second opinion?

You may be surprised to learn that just across the English Channel there are cancer treatments not available in the UK. 

We are not talking about alternative cancer medicine, unproven or dis-proven treatments. We refer to precision medicine using targeted treatments based on modern genomic tests.

We help you access and arrange this world-class genomic testing to accurately identify treatment targets, personalising every aspect of your care.

Therapeutic Director, Grace Gawler, has three decades experience referring patients to the EU. Grace has resided in the UK and worked with many of the U.K.’s leading cancer charities and support networks.

This experience enables her to help you navigate the UK medical maze.

Take a minute to read these comments from some of our UK patients:

Ged (UK ) – Leiomyosarcoma and primary Bladder Cancer

All I can say is, I’ve no idea where I would turn to get sound, practical, common sense, viable options without you. We’re very grateful for the service you provide and are constantly extolling your virtues to anyone we come across and who cares to listen!

Thank you for all your help. Ged & Angela – UK

Rona (UK ) – Breast Cancer 

I haven’t met anyone else who has Grace’s empathy and honesty, depth and breadth of information and level of commitment to her clients. I feel I can trust her advice because she has my well-being at heart and wants the best results for me.

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Even after my initial treatments in Europe, Grace kept in touch and followed-up and supported me when I got home and was going through the toughest times. I feel I have a friend for life. If you are overwhelmed by information about cancer treatments, have questions about what you should do next, or feel you have run out of options, please contact her. Rona 2013

Tasha (UK ) – Re-Diagnosis of Carcinosarcoma Stage IV 

Thank you for your recommendation and help organising a second opinion and biopsy for my wife.

A second opinion led to a new diagnosis of carcinosarcoma. 

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This further led to seeing a new specialist at St Bart’s, London; now after months of frustration, we have ended up in this amazing facility and all seems to be going well so far. We wish we had found you sooner.  ( Dominic and Tasha UK)

Camilla: (UK – present) Stage IV Metastatic Colon Cancer at diagnosis.

With her medical contacts around the globe, Grace provides options when it seems there are none.

Her decades of experience means whenever we have a query or feel physically or emotionally exhausted, using a combination of tenacious research and thoroughness, she finds the cause and always has a solution.

You need an ally to navigate this complex cancer maze.

This is incredibly important if you are seeking treatment in a country where English is not the first language.

From our experience, many self-referred cancer patients at attain less than desirable outcomes.

Often travelling with incomplete medical records, and no one to case manage or advocate on their behalf, as well as having little knowledge of treatments and the nature of cancer itself, the entire experience can be daunting and at times unnecessarily expensive.

Navigating one’s way through the maze of overseas treatment options now available for cancer patients; is fraught with challenges and potential health issues; not obvious at the outset.

Self referred patients don’t know the questions to ask, or how to evaluate the treatments offered.

As the world’s leading cancer navigation service – these types of referrals are our forte.

Take the next step:

As each case is personalised, please contact Grace to make an appointment for a video consultation.

Grace will provide you with a multitude of options that would not have been evident to you.

We welcome each patient as a member of our cancer survivor ship community. Our mission is to help you enjoy wellness and longevity through the experience of cancer.

Patients are invited to explore our full range of services via our global cancer navigation package.