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Jan’s Cancer Survivorship Story

Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)

Jan's Survivorship Story.

In late Feb 2024 I was diagnosed with breast cancer: Grade 2, Triple Negative, Ductal Carcinoma.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), I was to find out, is an aggressive cancer, not so easy to treat! Lucky for me I already knew about Grace Gawler’s cancer navigation service and got in touch immediately. At the age of 73 and with a history of other illnesses since my last breast cancer in 2007, I knew I wanted expert advice to help me make the most informed decisions about my path of treatment.

Grace provided that and more! The breadth of scientific and medical knowledge she displayed as she examined all my tests results, scans and medical history was extraordinary. Throughout the process she was able to give an integrated, personalised and detailed overview of my health situation that sadly medical specialists, due to their specialised focus, are unable to give.

At each stage of the process: diagnosis, analysing test results, seeking second opinions, making important decisions regarding treatment; Grace offered important information and preparation so I could be armed with informed questions to get the most out of each medical appointment.  

With Grace’s help I decided on a unilateral mastectomy rather than the standard twelve weeks adjutant chemotherapy and immunotherapy followed by lumpectomy, which my Sydney surgeon and oncologist were recommending.  Post op genomic tests we requested privately on the excised breast tissue, later showed my tumour would have resisted the chemo and continued to grow, putting me in a much worse situation.

Instead of following up my mastectomy with the standard preventative 12 weeks chemo+, with Grace’s guidance, I opted for AIET, Autologous Immune Enhancement Therapy in Japan. A non- invasive, drug free process, it builds up your NK (Natural Killer) cells to do the job of mopping up any cancer cells that may still be lurking.

Importantly; the tests done on my arrival in Japan showed my immune cells were so low that I was in no fit state to tolerate the post op chemo+ being offered back home in Sydney. The doctors and nurses in Japan were great and treatment was a breeze; eight days of one-hour IV sessions spread over three weeks.

Recently back from Japan, I am so deeply grateful for the care and guidance Grace has given and continues to give through this whole process. With Genomics for Life lab, we will continue to monitor my bloods for tumour markers. The Japan lab has kept some of my immune cells so if needs be I can go back for a top up! 

An added bonus in Japan was meeting three other Aussies who have also had great results with their cancers thanks to Grace. I know there are many, many more patients who have been successfully guided through the complex can maze by her.

Thank you Grace for turning my huge black cloud of fear and uncertainty into a positive experience of healing and empowerment.