Liver Bile Duct Cancer

Precision medicine introduces an expanded world of treatment options for liver cancers.

Welcome: I’m Grace Gawler, cancer navigator and patient advocate.

I’ve worked with cancer patients for 43 -yrs. In Nov 2017, I am able to help liver cancer patients access the best of precision medicine.

Genomic screening and diagnostic tests pinpoint targeted treatments with a high probability of success.

Via my global alliance of innovative cancer specialists, we can provide this range of exceptional new treatments for liver cancer patients.

The liver and treatments:

The liver is an amazing organ with inbuilt regenerative powers. The liver can replicate itself rapidly – approx every 6 weeks.

If a spleen is removed due to an accident or disease – the liver simply takes over the job of the spleen.

Liver cancer can be primary or a secondary cancer from a primary bowel cancer or breast cancer.

Liver cancer used to have dismal prognoisis – but now thanks to sophisticated genomic diagnostic and pathology techniques as well as a huge range of this precision medicine treatment options; liver cancer treatment can produce consistent quality outcomes – even remissions.

Treatments include TACE ( Trans arterial chemo embolisation), Radio Frequency Ablation, chemo perfusion, specialised immunotherapies including NK and dendritic cell vaccines and many more.


Complementary medicines can be extremely helpful as adjunct treatments for liver cancer.

Knowledge of what to prescribe is imperative so the conventional treatments for liver cancer – such as chemotherapy – is not excreted at a rapid rate.

Important with liver cancer – I strongly recommend you do not self prescribe vitamins, mineral of herbal preparation.

Alternative medicine alone to treat liver cancer is never recommended, I’ve never seen one good outcome in over 20,000 patients across my 43 years of cancer service.