Maintenance & Monitoring Plan

Welcome back! We’ll start by acknowledging your great recovery achievements & tenacity. We have really enjoyed helping you to effectively navigate the cancer maze. Your success is our success.

Message from Grace:Our Maintenance & Monitoring Plan is an important & essential part of your follow-up strategy. As with our Cancer Navigation Survivorship Plan; regular communication with Grace remains your lifeline to life extension & well-being.

Follow-up necessitates copies of regular blood tests & imaging results to be emailed regularly & then distributed by Grace, along with a summary letter and update to various specialists who have been involved with your case. As well, your Maintenance & Monitoring Plan is designed to keep your cancer navigator informed & adjust or change previously prescribed complementary medicines. Genomic follow-up tests using Cell free DNA is recommended every 3 months for those who are in remission or whose cancer remains stable.”

We have been inspired by your tenacity, dedication and will to live. We look forward to assisting you throughout the coming months to maintain your gains and work to prevent recurrences. 
Grace and Pip – directors the Grace Gawler Institute

Maintenance, Monitoring & Prevent Recurrence Plan: $1200.00

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This package/plan is for our patients who have completed one or more Cancer Navigation Plans or have obtained a stable condition, or who are in remission. 
It provides six hours of service & can be spread over 9 months. It includes…

  • Monitoring your regular reports – blood tests, scans, weight loss/gain, genomic CT DNA tests.
  • Supporting further overseas treatments and ongoing referrals when necessary.
  • Monitoring & advising re your nutritionals & diet – prescribing new nutritionals.
  • Updating & re-assessing previously prescribed botanicals or targeted supplements.
  • Organising referrals to oncology second opinion practitioners.
  • Check ins – support & monitor well-being, including psychological well-being.
  • Prevention – via monitoring reports & discussions with patients – adopt risk minimisation strategies along with strategies for increasing well-being.
  • Forwarding relevant results to international cancer experts who have been involved in your case. 

Please read our Terms of Service before payment:

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Conducting the Maintenance & Monitoring Orchestra: 

Just as she does on behalf of patients on cancer navigation plans/packages, Grace is like a conductor who coordinates all the various components that go into maintaining your well-being, monitoring your progress & skilfully advising you.