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Testimonials for Grace’s NZ Retreats:

Gaye Rowcroft, Dunedin, New Zealand.

I attended one of Grace’s residential programs and it was of immense benefit to my state of health both mentally and physically. Grace offers solutions and hope. She teaches lifestyle changes to promote confidence and healing. Grace gave me inspiration and warm caring practical help to deal with my illness in a positive and healthy way. I recommend her services wholeheartedly.

Lene Ferris, New Zealand.

I have had breast cancer for several years, and in 1997 was diagnosed with secondaries, prior to attending a workshop with Grace Gawler in Auckland, New Zealand. My time with her there was invaluable, as it was for the other women in my group.

No one in New Zealand has got Grace Gawler’s approach to coping and living with cancer she has spent over 20 years working with people with cancer. The life skills which I am the rest of the group learned, we could not have learned anywhere else in New Zealand. Very much needed her ongoing visits and support.

Irene, New Zealand.

I was very sick from several courses of chemotherapy over three years for treatment of my non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I was extremely weak physically and emotionally and looking for direction on which to base my future life and health. I read many books on the subject but always ended up the will invite all the different recommendations.

The medical professionals with whom I dealt were either unwilling or unable to offer any advice so when I heard of your residential program actually coming to New Zealand, I couldn’t believe my luck. I gained so much knowledge from your five-day retreat, including appropriate diet, exercise, relaxation, meditation, and perhaps most important of all to me, self-knowledge. That knowledge has given me strength to live with the constant threat of a recurrence of cancer at any moment. I leverage those of the fall, within my capacity. I count my many blessings every single day. And I thank God for 1/3 chance at life.

For you to combine all these benefits into five days, and the blend term complete strangers, and very sick ones at that, it is such a close-knit group (we still meet fortnightly in an invaluable support group), was everything I could have wished for.

So, Grace, thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing your very special talents and considerable knowledge to New Zealand, and I hope many cancer patients continue to benefit from your inspirational residential retreats.

Janet Rochfort, Auckland, New Zealand

Two years ago I had surgery for cancer and I would like it known that attending Grace Gawler’s Ellimatta course has been a life changing experience. Quite apart from Grace’s practical self-knowledge, she taught me to feel in control of my life and to enjoy it to the fall, and move this to say I remain well. There should be the opportunity for every woman with cancer to have the information Grace can give and to share in her wisdom and knowledge and this can only be achieved with Grace’s regular visits to New Zealand.

 As cancer patients we need all the help and support we can find us we undergo clinical treatment and I cannot speak too highly of Grace Gawler and the benefits you can bring to the healthcare of New Zealand women.


Comments from residential participants in Australia – December 1999:

Fran, Victoria:

Grace is a deep fountain of great wisdom which she shares with us with gentleness and love. She approaches are individual differences and in fact supports and nourishes them. So that each person feels valued, supported and loved. We leave the workshop fulfilled with knowledge, hope and renewed vitality for life and the skills to support our own healing. The workshops provide a shining light in an otherwise dark world for cancer patients.

Gaye, New South Wales:

an absolute must for anyone who has been touched by breast cancer. My heartfelt thanks to Grace whose teaching in her workshops what should be reference material in every conventional medical practitioners office. The right to be different and yet educate people with what you believe in, is a gift I feel honoured to have been part of that gift and thank you is my journey to healing begins. My smile has returned finally.

Christine, New South Wales:

Although I attended your seminar as a supporter, I received more out of the program than many other development and health seminars that I have attended. I feel your program would help all who wish to develop and advance into today’s world. The skills you have cooled and taught me will enable me to clear blockages in the future. Things I was not even aware of before attending.

Kerry, Victoria:

The residential was a wonderful experience. It really awakened me to my sense of being me. Not only being a mother, lover, worker or friend. Grace was a very inspiring leader on how to be oneself. I felt I had come away with a great knowledge and empowerment to change me on the inside and to make a better me outside.

Patricia, NSW

I attended the workshops pre-surgery to find out more information. The amount of information I learned from Grace and the group was an ocean full. I have participated in lots of groups and graces far and above the best group leader I have had the fortune to participate with. The gentleness of the group and the facilitation easy learning was comfortable, contributing to the success of the workshop.