Men’s Health Books

A Male Challenge eBook – can sow the seed to help boys build great lives – even prevent violence.

Be Proactive for Positive Male Change. Help create a more positive form of masculinity – today’s boys – tomorrow’s leaders.

1. Sustainable Masculinity

sustainable masculinity pip cornall eBookA Toolkit for Parents and Grandparents, teachers and mentors who wish to Help Boys Grow into Fantastic Men

The eBook is ‘awash’ with with videos, animations and websites from leaders in health masculinity.

Few men have ever studied male gender issues – such as how to master our masculinity – how biological maleness differs from socialised masculinity and how build what is good about our programming and identify what is not – giving a male unprecedented choice over building character.

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2. Kicking a Goal for Masculinity

Kicking a Goal for Masculinity eBook Pip CornallA Toolkit for Coaches, Teachers, Mentors, Parents and Grandparents for Helping Boys who love sport Grow into Great Men

There is so much potential for boys involved in sport to build a wonderful character.

BUT – it won’t just happen – in fact the opposite is likely as we’ve seen with the proliferation of ‘bad boys’ in Australian and overseas sport.

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This eBook shows how inspire boys to use their sport not only to build character but to help inspire others to do the same – and join in the global movement to build a safer and more equitable world.

The books are very innovative packages – brimming with cartoon animations, films, and resources from world leaders in healthy masculinity.

The books are  a powerful focal point for parents, teachers, sporting coaches, community leaders, churches, governments and clubs, to provide a compass for boys to navigate the confusing road to healthy manhood.

A simple eBook like these may help save lives and prevent violence.

The Grace Gawler Institute is a Health Promotion Charity (HPC).

The institute focuses on illness-wellness paradigms, including Men’s and Women’s health.
In particular we are interested in…

Emotional health and its role in individual and community wellbeing .Issues pertaining to healthy femininity and masculinity are integrally bound into a society’s health.

I ask that you spread the word by promoting these eBooks:

Sustainable Masculinity and Kicking a Goal for Masculinity—because YOU can make a difference.

With Thanks…. Pip Cornall