Minimally invasive cancer treatment advocate, Grace Gawler

We help our patients access some of the world's most innovative minimally invasive treatments

We’ve all had friends or relatives who experienced significant suffering in their fight against cancer; regardless of whether they won or lost.

Likewise; in our work with over 18,000 patients in the last 45 years, we’ve witnessed horrific side-effects from chemotherapy, radiation therapy & the new drug-based immunotherapy. It is prudent to be informed about the side-effects from an independent source.

*chemotherapy – see more
*radiation therapy – see more
*immunotherapy – see more   

Too often the patient’s side-effects exceeded clinical expectations as represented in the medical literature.  


We help our patients to co-design a highly effective minimally invasive cancer treatment plan.

These treatment options are highly effective but have significantly less side-effects.

They can include cell-based immune therapy & other hi-tech treatments

We’ve been

helping patients in this way for many decades.

Minimally invasive 5-point Cancer Survivorship Care Plan

Cancer Survivorship Care Plan:

  1. At the crux of our five point cancer survivorship care plan is genomic diagnostic testing.
  2. The tests can identify target treatments so the patient does suffer trial and error one size fits all options common to hospitals in Australia New Zealand.
  3. The same scientific diagnostics can be applied to nutrition and exercise plans that are scientifically individualised for each patient based on their genetics and DNA. 
  4. The patients immune system can be restored and reinvigorated using cell based immune therapy which is safe, predictable, effective and has no side effects. This is done overseas.
  5. All components of the plan are coordinated, maintaining good medical communication between local and overseas doctors and pathology laboratories and the patient. Patients are supported and guided to get the optimal outcome from the five point plan.

Seeking a minimally invasive 5-point Cancer Survivorship Care Plan? Please read on…

1. Genomic & DNA Cancer Testing

Scientific 2nd opinion using multi-gene panels cancer analysis for precise detection of targeted treatments. More

2. Targeted Treatments (based on test results)

Referrals for targeted & minimally invasive treatments; local and/or overseas 

3. Gene based diets & Complementary Medicines
DNA tests eliminate Google guesswork. Plans are designed to work with your inherited genetics, not against. More

4. Cell-based Immune Therapies

Referrals to the pioneer of cell-based immune therapy. Rebuild your immune system. More

5. Coordination, Guidance & Support 

18,000+ patients have received effective support during our founder’s 45 years of cancer service. More

Cancer Treatments without Borders - Accessing minimally invasive innovative treatments

Cancer treatments differ globally:
We often need to cross national and international medical borders to assist our navigated patients. High-tech treatment facilities outside of Australia and New Zealand can offer treatments not available locally.

These include proton Beam therapy, cell based immune therapy, interventional radiology for minimally invasive treatment of cancer and targeted therapies according to genomic diagnostic results.

Participants in our navigation services can access some of the leading centres in cancer medicine. The navigator’s role is to refer, organise, coordinate, advise & support you through the entire process…

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