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I’ve helped many patients lost in complex cancer mazes. e.g. the medical maze, alternative medicine maze, nutritional & supplement maze, conventional treatment maze, emotional maze & immune therapies maze.


Although we don’t endorse alternative medicine; we do offer access to state-of-the-art medical & scientifically validated alternatives. For example – genomic diagnostic testing, safe cell-based immune therapies, proton beam therapy, cyber-knife and more.

Defining Our New Culture of Cancer Survivorship:

We provide Boutique Cancer Advisory & Navigation Services for patients seeking life-extending treatments overseas. 

Background: Grace Gawler has made it her life mission to create a bespoke personalised cancer care & navigation service. 

During her 43 years in the field, Grace has seen patient-focused care replaced by modern assembly-line cancer medicine. With this in mind, our Survive & Thrive Cancer Navigation Packages are specifically designed to help patients who have fallen through the gaps in the ‘corporate’ medical model.

Fees charged for the navigation package are subsidised by donations to our not for profit; enabling a dedicated boutique service that is affordable.

Singapore: Grace with news article about her world-first surgery

“Overseas treatments – my life-saving experience(s).” Grace Gawler

I’ve had 6 life-extending surgeries in the Netherlands & Singapore. Every time I refer a patient for treatments overseas, I can relate to them from my own experience. 

Notably, I was discouraged by many Australian specialists when I chose to undergo a world first experimental surgery in The Netherlands (2002/3). It is still not available in Australia. Had I not taken that risk I would not be alive today.

Grace Gawler BBC UK Interview – Attitudinal Strategies for Survival – click here

One-Stop-Survivorship-Shop: If you are newly diagnosed or a long-term patient, we have the breadth & depth of experience to help you. 

Via our international medical alliance we help you access state of the art treatments & guide you through the whole process.


Skype ConsultationsThe Benefits of Cancer Navigation:

The cancer navigator will assist you in creating a Survivorship Care Plan as a part of our Survive & Thrive Navigation Package.

Patients find that stress is significantly reduced by joining our Cancer Navigation Community. No longer alone; we help patients make informed life preserving decisions.

We help you avoid the many scams & pitfalls promoted by cancer bloggers & entrepreneurs.

Patients can leverage from our strong & trusted oncology collegiate relationships for second opinions, referrals & treatments such as cell-based immune therapy.

We help you build a collaborative & communicative team – who are informed & updated regularly – an important ingredient in your health restoration & recovery.

We help you manage side effects of chemo & radiation. We advise re targeted nutritionals & botanicals; prescribing only those not contraindicated with conventional cancer treatments.

More information about the benefits of being a navigated patient – here. 

Introducing your Personal Cancer Navigator, Grace Gawler:

A cancer navigator is entrusted with your life. They must have credibility, qualifications, experience and longevity assisting cancer patients in navigating the cancer maze. By now you’ll know I have 4+ decades of multi-disciplinary cancer experience. Using the model I developed, I guide, monitor & manage patients helping them to develop a personalised survivor-ship care plan.

Survivorship:  Our aim is to help patients become long term survivors. Survivorship may not always be about finding a cure, although some of my patients do. For many my role is to help them manage their cancer as a long-term chronic disease. This is the new & realistic approach to treating cancer.

Background: In the early 80s, I co-founded the first breast cancer support groups in Australia & pioneered residential programs for cancer patients. For 22 years I was a caregiver to a cancer amputee. Later I was co-founder/director of 2 cancer charities, international speaker & author of 4 cancer related books. A solid background in veterinary surgical work led on to training qualifications with distinctions in nutrition, herbal medicine, & naturopathy. This was followed by courses in counselling, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, psycho-oncology, Rubenfeld Synergy (USA) and more… More about my background – click here 

Skype Consultations

Our care plan helps to bridge gaps in the medical system.

These gaps may impact some patients – for example…

A.) Medical errors  – 3rd  leading cause of death in U.S –  similar in AU & NZ.  Johns Hopkins Study. 

B.) AU & NZ ranked near last to receive new medicines already approved overseas.  Medicine Australia. 

C.) Misdiagnosis – more than 50% of patients presenting to us were misdiagnosed.

Boutique Solutions: Small is better. Our boutique service sees each patient personally supervised by experienced cancer navigator (Grace Gawler). This approach minimises risk of problems such as above.

Be Proactive

Talk to Grace, our experienced cancer navigator today. Most say it was a life changing conversation & wish they found her sooner...
Grace Gawler