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Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia Initiative

In March 2015 Grace launched Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia   podcast radio from the Gold Coast. The new platform makes informative & uplifting podcasts accessible to all cancer patients.

The weekly show was originally hosted via America’s largest internet radio producer (since 2012).

Grace’s new Gold Coast platform gives Australian cancer patients a chance to interface with the dedicated men and women at the cutting edge of new cancer treatments.

Gold Coast Medical Tourism: For the past 3 years the Grace Gawler Institute directors have scoured the world sourcing & interviewing cutting edge cancer specialists & innovators.

Grace Gawler Institute Gold CoastOur findings: You may be surprised to know that the Gold Coast is becoming a leader in cancer medicine. As a result of our podcasts, patients from across Australia and New Zealand are now making the effort to travel to Grace’s Gold Coast clinic where we refer on to local cancer specialists & diagnosticians

With your help we can expand awareness of the new podcasts & our referral and case management services. 

It is our aim that more Australasian cancer patients will become aware of the innovative medical diagnostic & treatment options available on the Gold Coast.

The show which is free to air and download, can reach thousands of patients and health professionals with a solutions-focused message of hope and possibility. As a NFP Health Promotion Charity Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia is one of the primary ways we deliver uplifting cancer education to the community.

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Why Donate:  Because of the calibre of pioneering researchers and leading cancer doctors interviewed, our institute has been able to broaden our referral network. This in turn widens and fast-tracks the treatment options for our patients! Your donation is tax deductible of course!

Together – we can Move the World with Grace

The Vision to Help Thousands of Australian Cancer Patients: Imagine if with your Financial Support, you and Grace can grow the show’s outreach to positively impact thousands of Cancer Patients.

Yes Millions – Your help to Expand our Radio Internet Show, Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia, can make a huge footprint. We thank you for your anticipated donation.

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 Moving the World with Grace – Our Goal:

Currently – our charity covers the costs associated with the podcasts

Your donation goes directly to cancer services:
  • As a small charity – we punch way above our weight.
  • We have very low overheads & make a huge impact
  • Donations are tax deductible.

Risks & Challenges:

Our founder knows what it is like to be a patient and how services like ours can provide a lifeline. Grace has experienced many life challenging situtations having endured 22 life saving surgeries.

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 The Impact

Imagine what it is like to be a cancer patient.<br /> Overnight you'll confront isolation, fear, confusion & information overload.
With our 40-yrs hands-on experience in cancer care, we can help patients navigate the cancer maze more effectively. This is a project close to many people’s hearts. We often feel hopeless in the face of cancer, not knowing what to say or do when friends or family are diagnosed. We dispel the fear & mystique surrounding cancer via the good news for cancer patients on our Navigating the Cancer Maze.

On the show we interview leading cancer researchers, patients with inspiring stories and doctors who are achieving excellent results. Click for YouTube Sampler

Empowering Patients: The show’s uplifting & life-changing education empowers patients with knowledge & credible information to add to their survival kit. Experience tells us we make a very real difference in the lives of many cancer patients and their families.


The Grace Gawler Institute is a registered not-for-profit health promotion charity with DGR status ABN: 71146457874 to verify our status click here for Australian Charities (ACNC) site