Precision Medicine – Exciting new treatment options for cancer patients

Warning: information on this page (see buttons below) will increase your cancer health literacy. American AMA studies show improving health literacy positively impacts cancer survival.

Knowing that cancer treatments vary from country to country, we created our Global Cancer Navigation Service to help patients access breakthrough Precision (personalised) Cancer Medicine.

Precision medicine is already revolutionising cancer treatment but most hospitals lag behind.

Although the science is thoroughly proven and tested – Precision Medicine is not ‘Gold Standard’ treatment in most hospitals – e.g. AU, UK, NZ, etc.

Solution: Our Global Cancer Navigation Service provides our patients priority access to the best of precision medicine in select overseas locations.

Our global cancer navigation delete service ushers in a new paradigm of cancer treatment and care. As such it disrupts outdated cancer approaches.

Having a global benchmark or yardstick we know what can be achieved in the best medical centres worldwide and encourage our patients to settle for nothing less.

Grace Gawler, our Global Cancer Navigator, recommends exploring the pages (buttons below) to understand Precision Medicine and our new paradigm service.

Precision medicine and our Cancer Navigation Services go hand-in-hand – but being at the front here of supportive care cancer medicine – both are not easy for doctors or patients to pigeonhole. Being unique and groundbreaking, they serve the patient not the medical system. 

Of course, if you’d rather talk in person about our services, you can arrange a Skype video consultation with Cancer Navigator, Grace Gawler. (Purple button)

Grace will discuss your options and how we can help you access Precision Medicine; if that is your wish.

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