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Cancer Navigation is our Specialty!

Most patients are unaware of the vast array of new treatment options. Grace and her team of experts can broker your survivorship options; including, genomic diagnostics minimally invasive treatments, personalised nutrition, complementary medicines and supportive care.

To more effectively broker your new treatment options we designed our unique Survivorship Care Plans.

What to expect from your Survivorship Care Plan

Most patients tell us they felt ‘lost in the confusing cancer maze.’

Many decades ago Grace realised patients needed a skilled navigator to guide them through the ‘confusing’ cancer maze. She developed our Survivorship Care Plans to meet this need. Patients enrolled in our Survivorship Care Plans engage with Navigator Grace Gawler, on a regular basis with the aim of helping them to become empowered and informed participants in their Survivorship.

Access to cancer experts in our network:

A Survivorship Care Plan will introduce you to a variety of cancer experts who have different skills and with whom you will consult during your recovery.

Some of these specialists may offer a second opinion; others will become long-term on your team; some specialists will provide a specific skill required at the time.

The Grace Gawler Institute
Patients are frequently lost in the confusing & bewildering cancer maze

Survivorship Care Plans - Benefits

Reduce Stress and Isolation: Imagine how the stress & isolation of dealing with cancer can be reduced by engaging the services of an experienced cancer navigator.

Imagine someone who is dedicated to you & available to answer your cancer related questions and can troubleshoot the confusion and overwhelm that comes not only with a cancer diagnosis but with ongoing treatment decision making.

Your veteran navigator is also your patient advocate who champions your cause

A Patient Advocate provides: 

* Validated information and education about cancer and treatment options to empower decision-making.
* Brings patients awareness to the need for compassion in medicine thereby aiming to minimise suffering whilst undergoing cancer treatments.
* Emphasises wellbeing and quality of life as being fundamental to cancer survivorship.
* Informs you of your rights as a patient. 
* Assistance to improve communication with your oncologist and allied health practitioners.
* Coaching you to develop ‘healthy’ attitudes to controlling your healthcare.
* A voice to patients’ unmet needs.

A Patient Advocate: 

* Advocates for case reviews and second opinions including compassionate use of drugs.
* Provides avenues of exploration for cancer patients to access genomic diagnostics, targeted treatments and oncologists who can action their use. 
* Organises access to specialised cancer treatment hubs who can provide skill, experience and expertise for rare and difficult to treat cancers.

Survivorship Care Plans Explained

Basic Care Plan10 hours of dedicated services.
During this time Grace will…

Read & familiarise your case, collate your records, safe storage, digitally & in hard copy.
Organise your first Video Consultations. Once underway; weekly short follow-up consultations can be scheduled. 
Coordinate & collaborate with genomic laboratories & other experts on your behalf, including second opinions.
Keep you on track with emotional & psychological Coaching, including resources and eBooks.
Provide education & thorough explanations to help you make informed decisions. 
Email reminders & newsletters to keep you on track.

Platinum Care Plan– 15 hours dedicated services: 

The platinum plan is our ultimate service and is designed for patients who have rare or difficult to treat cancers and who often, have failed multiple treatments. These patients require a longer term, more devoted service. 
Your 15 hours of services may include…
Additional services to those provided in the basic Survivorship Care Plan.
Includes: priority services; when urgent, after hours, weekends, holidays.
Taking a deeply forensic approach, leaving no stone unturned, Grace casts a wide net involving her expert colleagues. This may include fast tracking of appointments or ‘re-examination’ of the original diagnosis. New research shows cancer receptors can change overtime requiring a new treatment approach. This can significantly impact patient survivorship. This just one example how the services are more intensive than the Basic Survivorship Care Plan.

Our Basic Survivorship Care Plan is Cost Effective:

On average, fees for consulting cancer health practitioners are charged at $450 per hour, therefore, 10 consultations would cost $4500.
Our Basic Survivorship Care Plan fee is only $2200 for 10 hours of services, equating to $220/hr. 

Our Platinum Survivorship Care Plan is Cost Effective:

On average, fees for consulting cancer health practitioners are charged at $450 per hour, therefore, 15 consultations would cost $6750.
Our Platinum Survivorship Care Plan fee is only $2950 for 15 hours, equating to $196/hr. 

Expectations – Informed consent is an important part of all healthcare; not only in terms of treatment(s), but also advice provided. Not only does effective informed consent protect healthcare practitioners, but it is paramount for you – the Patient.

Informed consent reaches across the entire range of healthcare:  in conventional medicine, diagnostics, and all areas of complementary and naturopathic medicine. Informed consent also applies to Patient Centred or Personalised Medicine advice.

Be clear about your choices in cancer diagnostics, second opinions, possibilities for minimally invasive treatments, how to navigate the medical oncology maze and how complementary medicines & complementary therapies can help you. Read more: 

Your Survivorship Care Plan is a Globally Unique Service

Point of Difference:
Our organisation provides independent and notably different patient advocacy and navigation services compared to cancer information services provided by the Cancer Councils who fill that role adequately.

Independent and non-biased: We are NOT a medical tourism service! We therefore have no bias as to where we refer patients. Thus each case is taken on the specific needs of the individual.

Independent: Unlike many referral services we are an independent organisation with no financial links to health professionals, clinics, hospitals or other service providers to whom we refer.

Long term continuity of care: We aim to build a long term in-depth therapeutic relationship with each patient.
One-stop hub: We are unique because we operate as a one-stop hub of cancer treatment and support options.

Is the survivorship care plan right for you?

It is important to understand that the survivorship care plan is not a mix & match arrangement designed by you the patient, with occasional checking in with your navigator.

Whilst we encourage patient empowerment, we consistently observe patients attempting to ‘research’ and flit from one treatment to another – getting lost and confused in the cancer maze. 

For best outcomes a close ongoing relationship between navigator and patient is required.

How to proceed

Lets see what we can achieve together!

Patients must apply to join a Survivorship Care Plan. It is a requirement that you have read and comprehended our terms of service. 

Should you wish to proceed with a Survivorship Care Plan you can contact Grace below…

Please write ‘Survivorship Care Plan’ in the subject line of the contact form.

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