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Enter the world of personalised cancer care

Don’t get lost in the cancer maze

During your Survivorship Care Plan our experienced global cancer navigator, Grace Gawler, engages with you to attain a comprehensive overview of your unique cancer history providing a dedicated & personalised approach to your cancer treatment & management. 

To be effective; the navigator must have longevity in the field and be multi skilled across a broad range of supportive care cancer disciplines. 

The navigator provides personal guidance as you move through the cancer maze, empowering you to make informed decisions to improve your cancer outcome.

Experts in our network: A care plan will introduce you to many experts who have different skills and whom you will consult with at different times during your recovery. Some specialists will be long-term on your team whilst others will provide a specific skill required at the time.

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Don't get lost in the confusing and bewildering cancer maze

Best patient outcomes arise from our meticulous research, thorough coordination, collaboration with cancer experts

Basic Care Plan – your 10 hours service may include…

  1. Read & familiarise your case, collate your records, safe storage, digitally & in hard copy.
  2. Video Consultations. Once underway; follow-up consults may be of varying duration. 
  3. Emails, organising expert second opinions,  coordinating, collaborating with genomic laboratories and experts.
  4. Emotional & Psychological Coaching – keeping you on track.
  5. eBook Series including navigation tips.
  6. Resources, education & thorough explanations – to help you make informed decisions.
  7. Email reminders to keep you on track.
  8. Your care plan provides 10 hours of service but in reality we’ll spend more hours assisting you; the shortfall is covered by our charity donations

Platinum Care Plan – 15 hours services: 

The platinum plan is the ultimate service and is designed for patients who have rare or difficult to treat cancers and who often, have failed multiple treatments; therefore needing a truly dedicated service.

Your 15 hours of services may include…

  1. All services as outlined in the basic care plan above.
  2. Priority services; when urgent, after hours, weekends, holidays.
  3. Regular overview of your case to ensure nothing has been missed.
  4. Referrals, second opinions, intensive follow up.

Your Platinum Survivorship Care Plan Navigator…

Aims to form a close, trusted &  personal alliance with you.
Researches on your behalf & advises you through the important decisions.
Advocates for you – with doctors, clinics and medical systems.
Helps bridge gaps in communication.
An important part of your platinum care plan is referrals and intensive, thorough communication with expert professionals who belong to our collegiate network.

Your Survivorship Care Plan is a Globally Unique Service

Point of Difference:

  • We are NOT a medical tourism service!
  • Unlike many referral services, we have no financial links with health professionals, clinics, hospitals or other service providers that we refer to.
  • We therefore have no bias as to where we refer patients – each case is taken on the specific needs of the individual.
  • Continuity of care and in-depth therapeutic relationship with each patient.
  • Extensive experience in the psychological and emotional aspects of dealing with cancer. Published Author

Is the survivorship care plan right for you?

It is important to understand that the survivorship care plan is not a mix & match arrangement designed by you the patient, with occasional checking in with your navigator. Whilst we encourage patient empowerment, we consistently observe patients attempting to ‘research’ and flit from one treatment to another – getting lost and confused in the cancer maze. For best outcomes a close ongoing relationship between navigator and patient is required.

How to proceed: 
Patients must apply for a Survivorship Care Plan. It is a requirement that you read and comprehend our terms of service. Should you wish to proceed with a Care Plan please contact Grace.  

Write Survivorship Care Plan in the subject line.

We would like you to get 100% advantage from your Survivorship Care Plan. Please engage with us and please read the information we send you throughout your Plan.

We love to see our clients move from Critical Help Phase to a Management and Monitoring phase. Our best hope is to watch you move towards long term remission. 
Lets see what we can achieve together!

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Talk to Grace, our experienced cancer navigator today. Most patients say it was a life changing conversation & wish they found her sooner...
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