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What’s Happening at The Grace Gawler Institute: Do you really Need to travel overseas for Cancer Treatments?

It has been an exciting and challenging 12 months. Last July we discontinued our Medi-tours to Hallwang Clinic. Having referred cancer patients to Germany and other overseas Clinics for 30 years; we decided to focus our services locally and take advantages of tremendous progress being made in oncology both in Australia and Asia. You would be amazed at the quality and innovation of cancer treatments that can now be sourced here in Australia.

Before considering an overseas cancer treatment option, I suggest you get in touch with me. Experience tells me that long haul travel for cancer patients is fraught with potential health issues – it is very complex. Our position with regards seeking cancer treatments overseas is a recommendation to absolutely minimise tumour load using medical resources in Australia and Asia first. We Australians suffer from the tyranny of distance – the trip to Germany can be very grueling; and most patients do not realize that so often – they will need to return again and again! This can be further complicated by burning bridges with home-based oncologists who most times have no idea of the types of treatments you have had in Germany. For my UK clients; it is so easy to visit Germany.  So – What to do? I have been collaborating and working with Specialist GP Dr Bruce Whelan for some time now. We have just started a new Practice at Paradise Point-Gold Coast. Patients are visiting from all over Australia and even New Zealand. We are rather like a one-stop-shop for centralizing information about innovative cancer medicine. During a team consultation with both of us; at one visit – we provide referrals, scanning, blood tests, forensic diagnostics and access to second opinions whilst helping patients discover which complementary medicines and botanicals can work for their cancer type. Feedback is that patients are amazed at resources they knew nothing about. If you would like to inquire how we might help you: contact me by email at  More Info:

The Coconut Oil Myth: Healthy or Not?  Conduct a quick Google search, and you’ll find miraculous claims about a tropical fat that has become increasingly popular among health conscious consumers in recent years: coconut oil.  Health claims about the oil’s ability to help you burn fat, boost your memory, improve your heart health, help cancer—and even prevent sunburn—abound. Many trusted talk-show hosts and ”wellness experts” have touted coconut oil as nature’s ”miracle” food. But …… it?  What is the science behind the coconut oil fad?
Coconut oil has long been on the list of ”unhealthy” fats due to its high saturated fat content.
So, whom should you believe? According to Scientists at the Pritikin Longevity Centre in Florida USA – “Ounce for ounce, coconut oil has more saturated fat than butter, beef tallow, or lard. “ So coconut oil raises LDL cholesterol as much – or more – than animal fats,”
The following link also sheds some light on the real science behind Coconut oil.
CLICK HERE to read the SCIENCE (Guaranteed safe link)

Be informed – For your health sake. Grace Gawler Institute recommends against the use of coconut oil for cancer patients. Cold Pressed virgin olive oil is recommended.

Impact of stress on cancer metastasis

■ Collective evidence points to a prominent role for chronic stress in cancer growth
and metastasis.
■ Sympathetic nervous system and hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis activation, along with related hormones, have functionally and biologically significant impacts on the tumor microenvironment.
■ β-adrenergic receptor signaling pathways directly affect cancer cells. Stress hormones (e.g., norepinephrine and epinephrine) stimulate angiogenesis, cell migration and invasion, leading to increased tumor growth and progression.
■ Dopamine retards tumor growth by inhibiting angiogenesis.
■ Glucocorticoids inhibit chemotherapy-induced cancer cell apoptosis and promote cancer cell survival.
■ Integrated pharmacological and biobehavioral interventions are being developed to target neuroendocrine dynamics in the tumor microenvironment and create more successful cancer therapies.

Repurposing Drugs in Oncology

Did you know that there are a range of pharmaceuticals known as repurposed drugs and that they are being successfully used in a multi targeted approach to treating cancer. These drugs synergise with a range of other drugs, including existing chemo-therapeutics. Our practice is now able to provide these to our patients – surprisingly there are few if any side effects.

To name just a few tumour disrupting properties – these re-purposed pharmaceuticals assist Microtubule disruption in cancer cells, decrease tumour vascularity, are anti-angiogenesis agents as well as impacting many common molecular pathways in cancer cells. Information can be supplied to your GP if you live at a distance; or come and see Myself and Dr Whelan at our Gold Coast Practice to have these re-purposed pharmaceuticals prescribed.

LIVER FLUKES & LIVER/BILE DUCT CANCER: Knowledge may lead to prevention:
If you have travelled  in South-East Asia, South Korea, Taiwan, Northern Vietnam, Laos and Northeast Thailand, Eastern Europe Eastern Russia, Manchuria, Northern Siberia and China- be aware of the possibility of being infected with liver fluke – You should be tested for it and treated if positive. In China 15 million people carry liver fluke.

The most common types of liver flukes are Clonorchis sinensis, Opisthorchis viverrini and Opisthorchis felineus. Approximately 35 million people are infected with liver flukes throughout the world and the very high incidence of cancer of the bile ducts (cholangiocarcinoma) in some countries is directly associated with a high prevalence of liver fluke infection.

If you have been a regular traveller to these areas, periodic stool tests to check for the presence of eggs in the stool are highly recommended. Also anyone who has travelled to these parts of the world and eaten raw or under cooked fresh water fish should be tested. HEALTHSCOPE’S 3-day parasitology test is recommended. There are effective treatments for Liver Fluke – Take action if you think you may have been infectedwith liver fluke at some time during your life.

PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU NEED HELP TO NAVIGATE THE COMPLEX CANCER MAZE! Skype video consultations are available for distance clients, Team consultations at Gold Coast with Dr Whelan or one on one personal consultations at the Practice.

I hope you have this information to be helpful and informative. Please let me know if you have any topics you wish me to cover in the Newsletter?
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For the past almost 3 years The Grace Gawler Institute has hosted Navigating the Cancer Maze with Voice America. It has been one hour per week commitment to bring cancer patients worldwide, access to various cancer experts & researchers.

We have just launched our VERY OWN WEEKLY PODCAST SHOW CALLED Navigating the Cancer Maze Australia CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE NEW SITE. It’s free to listen, download or share.

Last interview: Hear my interview with Australian Weekend Magazine Award winning Journalist Richard Guilliatt.

Stress and Cancer Metastases:

Recent cellular and molecular studies have identified specific signaling pathways that impact cancer growth and the impact on metastasis. An article published by a collective of researchers for The NIH –  provides an overview of the relationship between psychosocial factors, specifically chronic stress, and cancer progression.

If you would like a PDF of this article please email me.

If you want to know everything there is to know about taking curcumin then CLICK HERE.

Curcumin attacks multiple targets, providing the scientific basis for its effectiveness in many different diseases. Extensive research shows most diseases are caused by dysregulation of multiple signaling pathways–casting doubt on the effectiveness of monotherapy, which is limited to a single target.

Above….A unwelcome passenger from Asia: The Chinese Liver Fluke

There needs to be more awareness of liver disease so that patients can be treated early so that we can prevent cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer.  Diagnosis of a liver disease caused by these parasites is often missed until severe liver damage has resulted. Infection with this parasite occurs through eating fluke-infested, fresh-water raw or undercooked fish. Often local specialties that tourists enjoy.

Most people infected with this parasite have no symptoms; however patients with severe infection suffer from fatigue and abdominal discomfort. Long standing infection may cause stone formation in the bile ducts and the gallbladder, recurrent bacterial secondary infections in the bile ducts and cancer of the bile ducts.
I have been involved with a large number of diagnoses of Liver Fluke associated with liver /bile duct cancers during my 30 years as a Naturopath.  Unfortunately these patients all had severe liver damage. Their doctors had missed asking a very relevant question for anyone with Liver/bile duct cancer – Have you travelled in Asia at any time? Be proactive – be tested.