Nutritional & Botanical Oncology

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Nutritional & Botanical Oncology is a specialised field because much of what naturopaths, integrative GPs and the public knows about nutrition and biological medicines will LIKELY BE NOT APPLICABLE  when the patient is receiving oncology treatments.

Therefore your Nutritional & Botanical Oncology Specialist must also have a working knowledge of all aspects ot oncology, chemotherapy, surgery, radio therapy, immuno-therapy and much more

In my other role as a Cancer Management Consultant & Strategist I work closely with leading oncologists, surgeons & specialists in the UK, France, Germany, the USA, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, NZ, the Netherlands & across Australia.

Often I sit in with the patient & oncologist to help them get more value from from the consultation. When I can’t be present I prepare questions for the patient to ask the oncologist – sometimes patients record the consult and debrief with me later.

I am therefore familiar with treatments & protocols unknown to most ‘local’ doctors & oncologists. Thus I can source, new treatment options & refer on, patients who had in good faith been told there is nothing more we can do.

In this context – all the complementary medicines and therapies I recommend must work in synergy with the oncology treatments.