Hello, I’m Grace Gawler. Although I’ve worked as a cancer navigator & patient advocate for 46 years, few people know of my background in natural medicine and that I graduated from the Dorothy Hall College with distinctions across many botanical & natural therapies.

Even fewer people know that today, 2020, I have stayed abreast of developments in nutri-genomics – the new science of personalised cancer nutrition.

When nutritionals & botanicals are combined scientifically with medical treatments, the outcomes have been quite remarkable.

Background: In the early 80’s I designed the original Gawler Foundation diets. After I resigned in 1996, the dietary program was substantially altered suggesting that Ian Gawler had been on a vegan diet as part of his recovery program – this was heavily promoted.

NOTE: As Ian Gawler’s care giver, I’ve prepared and cooked all his food.  (22 years) His diet was never vegan. It included fish and seafood products, dairy products and eggs. We did not eat red meat.

I  feel a duty of care to mention this fact knowing it is important cancer patients will not base their recovery protocols on a story that is not factual.

Almost 46 years later I still offer a FORENSIC NUTRITION approach for Cancer Patients; this is my skill set. Patients can expect many benefits from the personalised nutrition plans I design for their specific cancers – just as they did in the early days of the Gawler Foundation.

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Of great significance is the fact that I have worked closely with oncologists and doctors on the patient’s behalf. (during 4+ decades) Thus I have a deep understanding of medicine, oncology, cancer psychology and botanical herb-drug interactions – conversely few doctors & oncologists have little knowledge of my fields. This puts me in a very unique position to help my patients attain better outcomes.

Over the decades Oncologists noticed my patients attained better outcomes from their chemotherapy with fewer side-effects. They often asked – ‘what was Grace doing?’

My reply was – it is different for each patient – What I do is specific to the individual so I don’t make blanket statements as to how I will help them – how I’ll help YOU. However I do have the knowledge, skill and experience to help you and invite you to participate with me. 

Click here for ANGELA – CASE STUDY: an astounding success story where my methods prevented a patient from losing her colon.

In their enthusiasm for well-being; many patient's quest for self-help becomes self-harm.

The remainder of the page concerns common mistakes many patients make. I suggest you read it in conjunction with the 
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*Cancer fads & fallacies 

Cancer Nutrition

For many decades I’ve been aware that the old saying you are what you eat is overly simplistic and mostly not relevant to my cancer patients.

Dr Google: Sadly many patients believe they are doing proper ‘research’ after spending some time with Dr Google.

In contrast I’m seeing much harm caused by patients who have no medical training but are prepared to experiment on themselves. In many cases the experiment harms their health or costs them their one precious life.

Dr Google and Overdosing: As you read on you will see that ‘overdosing’ on natural substances can be toxic to the point of harm.

Suffice to say; many patients who see me have toxic metabolisms that they caused – thanks to Dr Google and overdosing on a ‘natural’ substance.

Cancer is a very serious business so a more comprehensive approach is needed. We need to go deeper with our understanding of cancer nutrition…

The simplistic statement ‘You are what you eat’ can be replaced by the more accurate statement observed in the picture – you are what your body can digest and absorb – where the emphasis is on YOUR BODY.

This is personalised medicine – our genes, our DNA dictate the best nutrition for us.

This is YOUR BODY – your unique cancer – your unique genetic – please don’t let Dr Google tell you how you should eat – this is  mediaeval nonsense! 

Will Dr Google visit you when you become overdosed and sicker from following his advice? Do you think she will look at your nutritional intake personally and determine a personalized health plan for you?

The fact is you are biologically unique and how your body responds to cancer is unique.

EXAMPLE: Dr Google makes thousands of claims that the ‘superfood’ kale is good for cancer patients. But this may not apply to YOU. Such statements imply a one size fits all approach and we can do much better than that –  you much do better than that if you want to boost your recovery from cancer! Kale is actually harmful for some patients!

Here is a sample from a relevant article…

About Kale: “It’s the dose that makes a poison. If people have hypothyroidism or they’re taking thyroid medication, then they should check with their doctor. But even in this case, reasonable amounts shouldn’t be a problem. Now, if people have a tall glass of kale juice every single day, then it gets into the unknown territory.

Click here to read the full article about the dark side of kale.

Simply put; diets and supplement regimes must be personalized and that requires cancer specific skill and cancer specific experience.


That is my skill set and my patients can expect many benefits from personalized nutrition plans I design for their specific cancers.