Nutritional Products for Cancer Patients

Our cancer nutrition & botanicals expert, Grace Gawler, draws upon 44 years experience prescribing & advising therapeutic products shown to support & enhance patient's well-being while undergoing cancer treatments

What  distinguishes Grace from other natural medicine practitioners is her commitment to working closely with the patient’s oncology & genomics diagnostics team. This is the only approach that ensures a patient’s nutritionals & botanicals are personalised for their cancer’s unique genetic signature.

Please Note: Since most oncologist’s have low regard for natural practitioners, collaborating with Grace is unusual but in the patient’s best interest. Our oncology colleagues appreciate that her scientific approach reduces the chance of contraindications with medical treatments.They respect her in-depth knowledge of oncology & her preference for well researched science-based nutritionals & botanicals. These unique qualities have helped Grace create long standing relationships with many global leaders in oncology.

Knowing the majority of so called ‘cancer supplements’ are at the best; useless; or at worst; harmful, Grace has made it her trademark to prescribe only  nutritionals & botanicals which have extensive scientific backing.

Therefore, in our cancer specialty store you will find a public section & a private section. The private section is for prescribed-only products.

People who are not our regular patients can arrange a consultation with Grace – here.

Our system ensures your nutritionals & botanicals are targeted, not contra-indicated. Targeted cancer nutrition removes the guesswork – making products  personalised for each unique individual at the particular stage of their cancer.

Potent products – amid the Google hype & pseudo-scientific marketing of useless or harmful supplements & products, due to our experience and longevity in the field, we can confidently prescribe some powerful products that have both credible scientific backing and have served our patients well.

Strath: ( Bio Strath) Some products like Strath have been prescribed by Grace since 1978. Oncologists & radiation therapists noted & commented her patients had fewer side effects & attained better treatment outcomes.

Lactis – can re-balance the gut flora and modulate the immune system – in fact providing strong immune regulation effects due to the natural fermented extracts.(visit our Lactis Specialty Shop

Product b: In the private part of our store, accessible only to current GGI patients – we prescribe a very potent nutritional product which has been scientifically proven to…

1. increase natural killer cell activity (immune system)
2. significantly enhance the efficacy of your chemotherapy & radiation treatments.
3. reduce side effects.

It is an expensive product made in a credited laboratory with many credible scientific studies supporting the claims.

Many of our cancer navigation package patients take the product. They & we are convinced it is playing a significant role in their outcomes – which are consistently beyond clinical expectations.

Non-GGI patients wishing to access this prescription only product must first book a consultation with Grace Gawler.  

In this way, Grace can advise and monitor your progress for optimal outcomes.

More information about products ‘a’ and ‘b’

Product ‘a’ and ‘b’ are the best of Japanese nutritionals (functional foods) for digestive balance offering a unique and more potent alternative to Probiotics/Prebiotics. 

Traveller friendly – it does not require refrigeration
Natural long-term fermentation, enhances the quality of the bacteria

The manufacturer has a rich 100-year history of Lactic Acid Bacteria research and the first to commercialise yoghurt production in Japan.

More information about product ‘b’ and immune system enhancers.

Skype ConsultationsRich in polysaccharides and proteoglycans, numerous scientific studies show a boosting of natural killer cell activity.

We recommend it should not be self-prescribed; but needs to be a part of a well-managed and navigated patient health restoration program.

Grace Gawler says:

“Although expensive, I have found this product to be extremely beneficial for patients undergoing immune/cancer vaccine programs as well as after treatment. The addition of this product to a chemotherapy/radiotherapy program has yielded demonstrable improvements in general wellbeing with reduction of side effects from conventional treatments”. 

The nutritional product can stimulate a weak immune system (see right) more powerfully and safely than any other agent, natural or synthetic. In fact, Mamdooh Ghoneum, Professor of Immunology at the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, has stated that it is the most powerful immunomodulator he has ever tested.

Although nobody yet knows the exact mechanism, it appears to be able to do this by increasing the body’s production of natural cytokynes — substances such as interferons, interleukins and tumour necrosis factors, which not only help destroy rogue cells and viruses directly, but kick-start the immune system by increase the activity of the lymphocytes — B cells, T cells and especially NK (natural killer) cells. B cells focus on producing antibodies whilst the T and NK cells wander through the body directly destroying virally or bacterially infected cells, and cells that have turned cancerous.

If we can’t all be excited about the products above we suggest you read on down & then re-read the page.

Summary: While most claims for cancer supplements are unscientific, even bogus & give cancer nutrition a bad name; happily in our many decades assisting patients nutritionally, we have found the occasional science based products which have been shown to support chemotherapy, radiation and even surgical cancer treatments.

The cancer nutrition science is complex & involves emerging new fields like metabalomics – how a person’s metabolic state provides a close representation of that individual’s overall health status.

Introducing Metabolomics:

This metabolic state reflects what has been encoded by the genome – modified by diet, environmental factors, & the gut microbiome. 

The gut microbiome is a key word here. Remarkably, the 3 products we recommend above, all work at that level…