Outsmart Ovarian Cancer with Personalised Cancer Vaccines

Why Cell-Based Immunotherapy (Cancer Vaccines) are more successful for Ovarian Cancer

The failure of Drug-Based Immunotherapy to treat ovarian cancers:

Due to failure to treat ovarian cancers with immune checkpoint inhibitors, it was believed that they were non-responsive to drug-based immunotherapy, which basically means not readily penetrated by anti-tumour T cells.
However  recent research has shown that ovarian cancers often express a range of tumour associated antigens and T cell infiltration which often equates with better patient survival.

Success of Cell-Based Immunotherapy:

The Grace Gawler Institute for Survivorship and Research via our Navigation Services; can direct you to a significant value-add immunotherapy treatment for ovarian cancer.

But it is a special type of immunotherapy that seems to be most effective; a type made from harvesting your own immune cells-safely proliferating them in the laboratory (without genetic engineering) and then giving back to you as a personalised immunotherapy vaccine. If tumour tissue can be safely harvested and prepared; then it provides a substantial volume of tumour intel and codes that can be read, interpreted and actioned by your body’s own immune-surveillance system.

Help outsmart ovarian cancer as early as possible in your diagnosis / treatment protocol – discover how cell-based immunotherapy can help you!

A case of recurrent stage IV ovarian cancer and personalised cancer vaccine treatment: 
Published in Case Reports in ‘Oncology’

A 54-year-old female was diagnosed (2010) with a recurrence of ovarian carcinoma 1 year after initial surgery followed by chemotherapy for stage IIIC ovarian carcinoma. Her recurrent stage 1v cancer showed liver and spleen metastases and a CA-125 level of 243 U/ml. She was treated using cell-based cancer vaccines in combination with chemotherapy then followed up for 18 months.

Treatment:  “Six infusions of her own harvested, expanded and activated natural killer (NK) cells and activated T lymphocytes were administered in combination with 6 cycles of chemotherapy (carboplatin and doxorubicin). Following the combination treatment, CA-125 decreased to 4.7 U/ml along with regression of the metastatic lesions regressed and quality of life improved.

There were no adverse reactions reported from treatment with personalised cancer vaccines (demonstrating safety). Eighteen months of follow-up revealed a static non-progressive disease. Combining AIET with chemotherapy and other conventional treatments has been found to be effective even in patients with advanced ovarian cancer. Note – It has also been previously reported that NK cell activity enhances the action of carboplatin in the treatment of ovarian cancer”.

A More Natural Approach to Cancer Immunotherapy - ask the Grace Gawler Institute

Did you know that Personalised Cancer Vaccines (Cell-based Immune Therapy); is Available to You Now!

  1. You may be surprised to learn that tumour-based cancer vaccines (made from your tumour tissue) & cell based immune therapy vaccines (Made from your own immune system) have been thoroughly researched & clinically available outside of Australia & NZ for almost 4 decades.
  2. During that time, tens of thousands of patients have received these personalised cancer vaccines.
  3. Given the possible impact on survival with minimal to no side effects; unlike drug-based immunotherapy; you may be asking why personalised cancer vaccines have not been available to the public.
  4. There have been several successful personalised cancer vaccine trials in small numbers of humans within Australia (& in large numbers of dogs worldwide).
  5. Sometimes these personalised vaccines either made from a patient’s own tissue, their immune cells or both; can be combined with conventional treatments for a value-add result!
  6. Research shows treatment with personalised cancer vaccines can lead to the body developing a memory of immune targets, which may lead to long-term control of tumours.


  1. Cell based immunotherapy; personalised vaccines made from your own immune system
  2. Cell based immunotherapy + personalised vaccines; created from your own tumour (called tumour lysate).

The future in personalised cancer vaccines is now! Jan 2020:

Griffin the Rottweiler:

A story reported on ABC TV about a Rottweiler named Griffin highlights the efficacy of Personalized Cancer Vaccines to activate the immune system. Griffin was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma in December 2017. Tumours were growing at a rapid rate and he was given three months to live.

Rather than the more traditional route of chemotherapy, Griffin was enrolled in a medical trial using a personalised immunotherapy treatment, designed to “wake up” his own canine immune system so it recognised his cancer as foreign. His restored immune system eradicated 11 secondary tumours which as of today have not returned.Veterinary Science has been intensively researching personalised cancer in dogs for some time with great success!

The Earlier the Better:

Our Professor who was involved in this treatment suggests it is preferable to start personalised cancer vaccines before chemotherapy and as early as possible after diagnosis. 
Grace Gawler says: “I encourage you to be an active participant in your ovarian cancer treatment & health restoration program. Before your treatments begin, make sure you understand all your options; especially value-add treatments such as cancer vaccines made from your own immune cells.

Be Proactive: Contact Grace Gawler for more information about how personalised cancer vaccines can help you manage ovarian cancer.

Why Ovarian Cancer benefits from new approaches such as cell-based immunotherapy:

  • Ovarian cancer often has no symptoms during the early stages, so the disease is generally advanced and metastasised when first diagnosed.
  • Ovarian cancer exhibits unusual behaviour because it is one cancer where first line treatment most times eliminates the cancer for a period of time, but recurrence occurs often.
  • The standard treatment for ovarian cancer consists of debulking surgery (an opportunity to harvest tissue for a personalised vaccine-a special process required); followed by six rounds of chemotherapy.
  • One recent study found that just 37 percent of women receive this standard treatment, despite evidence showing that it is the most effective in conventional oncology medicine.
  • Because of the nature & behaviour of the disease, all patients with ovarian cancer should know about personalised cell-based immunotherapy after standard treatment so they can make a choice that could significantly impact survivorship.

Exceptional Survivor Testimonials:

Our exceptional ‘navigated’ cancer patients talk about their exceptional outcomes…

Most of these outcomes have been hard earned. They are the result of the patient’s tenacity, will to live and expert guidance provided by our cancer navigation services. Available to those enrolled in a Survive & Thrive Cancer Navigation Package from the Grace Gawler Institute. 

As well, many of the patients below received a special cell-based cancer vaccine overseas, in conjunction with their other treatments. The vaccine has been successfully used (in Asia) since the 1990’s with over 10,000 patients – little to no side effects. As a result, some of the patients experienced DNA repair to damaged genes that were driving their cancers – verified on genomic tests.

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