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Testimonial Ethics:

All Grace Gawler Institute testimonials are medically verifiable. To protect patient privacy, names and photos are omitted. Some patients had long and difficult journeys and ultimately succumbed to their illness. To honour their tenacity, even though they are no longer with us, we are currently constructing a special page where their stories can live on. (coming soon)


NEW – A minimally invasive approach for Squamous Cell Carcinoma – base of tongue and lymph node

Lawrence – Northern NSW, Australia. Contacted Grace Gawler Institute. Nov 2019

Here’s what Lawrence had to say about his experience being navigated by the Grace Gawler Institute….

“Although I was the patient, my journey was a joint partnership with my wife.
In October 2019, I discovered a lump in my neck. This came as a great shock as I had been
living a very healthy lifestyle and I felt fitter than I had felt for many years. I got the shocking
news that I had Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
The referring radiologist’s recommendations of a biopsy, surgery and a possible neck
dissection, followed up by chemo-radiation therapy just didn’t feel right, as the potential side
effects sounded horrific. It scared the hell out of me.

My wife and I were desperately searching Dr Google for alternative cures, and while
researching nutrition, stumbled upon the Grace Gawler Institute. It felt like a good fit for us, and we sent an email straight away.

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Grace was very reassuring in our FaceTime consults and emails and said that there were safe, minimally invasive options that we could explore other than the standard treatment. They were ‘high tech medical options’ and she could connect us with the specialists.

She got busy immediately and while waiting for answers to her inquiries on our behalf, she prescribed specific nutritional functional food supplements. We did not have too wait too long when the email came that I had been accepted for treatment in an overseas university hospital.

We travelled to a world expert in Frankfurt, Germany three times from December to March to get Trans-arterial-chemo-embolisation, a targeted Chemo treatment directly to the tumours.
The tumours responded well to the treatments and we were on track to have a follow up ablation when Covid-19 hit. This delayed my final treatment for several months.
During this time, we increased our focus on physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This was a very useful tool in calming those feelings of anxiety and fear that a cancer diagnosis can bring.
Thanks to Grace’s expertise, knowledge and contacts, we were able to travel with a
medical exemption, to receive Cyberknife Radiosurgery. The Clinic was fantastic and worked with Grace behind the scenes to arrange my treatment plan while we were stuck in Covid quarantine.
I had five cyberknife treatments that were very successful with minimal side effects and will have my follow up PET/Scan and consultation in December.

Through all of this experience, we have found Grace’s professionalism and care for our
individual needs very reassuring, and we are so very glad we found the Grace Gawler Institute on a Google search. Thank You

Soft tissue sarcoma

Wayne R – Busselton, West Australia, contacted us in Dec 2019

My name is Wayne and I have been wrestling with soft tissue sarcoma for 6 years, Large primary tumour in the thigh with secondary large abdominal tumour.

Initially following mainstream treatment options (chemo, radiotherapy, surgery) I respectfully passed up on the proposed surgery and was referred to palliative care.

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I started looking at all treatment options….including the metabolic approach of helping the body to heal naturally from my disease…….I was very fortunate to have the advice and knowledge of mainstream doctors and surgeons, qualified naturopaths and integrative health professionals both in Australia and overseas, and had progressive improvements but with regular setbacks including further mets to the lungs.

In January 2020 my research led me to the Grace Gawler Institute…..A challenging time as a preferred treatment option overseas was soon unavailable due to the Covid19 pandemic.

While still relatively early days in our relationship (9 months), Grace’s caring attitude, good ear, deep experience and sound advice has already been invaluable and not only enabled me to explore new treatment options but, importantly also to avoid options that may compromise my recovery.

Our Long Term Survivors tell their Stories:

Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)

Alan M. Gold Coast. Long Term Survivor – left sinus spread to scalp and facial nerves in 2010.  

One year before my cancer diagnosis I had constant headaches, but all standard diagnostic tests were normal. Then I developed numbness throughout my left scalp that spread to my tongue nose and then mouth. An MRI found a meningioma, but they thought that it was benign and nothing to do with my symptoms. A biopsy confirmed a diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma in behind my eye and surrounding structures. Pathology performed on my tissue called it a secondary or metastatic SCC cancer, but no primary lesion was found.

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In retrospect, like many people living in QLD I had several skin lesions removed over the years but not all of them were biopsied. Most of these were removed by my GP. If there had been a primary SCC tumour on my skin, it was long gone.

I underwent radiation and chemotherapy (cisplatin) – but the condition progressed with doctors changing my chemotherapy to Docetaxel, 5FU and Carboplatin. The tumour progressed. A large tumour was now profusely growing out of my left eyebrow and I was told that surgery was the only option, and that such a procedure would virtually remove almost half of my face, then I would need more chemotherapy and that might buy me an extra 6 months.

A naturopath friend I knew recommended Grace Gawler. I had a one-hour solutions focussed consultation with Grace. She took a thorough history whilst I was in her consulting room, then contacted an oncologist she knew whom she believed could help. Within minutes it was all arranged, and I was booked in for an urgent consultation with him later that same day.

He prescribed an oral cancer medicine called Tarceva (Erlotinib) a type of targeted cancer drug. It was off label for me, but I could pay for it and given I had little other option than surgery, I agreed to give it a try.

That day signified a turning point. Although I felt fatigued from previous then current treatment, there were no more headaches, facial numbness was stable, and I felt generally well and able to function normally. My eye had been affected due to the tumour and radiation, but I had sight in a forward direction, peripheral vison was not functioning. But most important of all my tumour began to regress significantly.

Stage one had been completed. Grace encouraged me to leverage off the success and seek further targeted treatment. With the support of my new oncologist, I travelled to Germany and underwent local chemoperfusion at the University of Frankfurt Hospital. I had other treatments including a very exacting method of whole-body hyperthermia that took 6 hours each session spread over many weeks. My German doctors who were excellent with communicating with Grace, were now becoming a team. Targeted complementary medicines along with further conventional treatment was added. I started interferon along with another drug that was traditionally used for treating acne. Vitamin D was added.

My disease had gone into complete remission.  My quality of life was high-I had returned to my work as a pharmacist. Then there was the decision as to whether I should have surgery whilst in remission to prevent a recurrence. I chose not to have surgery and continued my chosen path with Grace’s guidance. A few extra visits to Germany for follow up just in case there were any residual cells and then I was closely monitored by scan and blood tests for many years. I lost some further sight in my eye and some of my scalp and facial nerves remain slightly numb. There is of course a much larger story to tell but it would fill a book and is beyond the scope of a summary testimonial.
2020 Update: I am now 74, retired and enjoying life and family. Grateful for the help I have received both inside and outside the box of cancer medicine. The consultation with Grace Gawler that day proved a significant turning point in my cancer journey and is testimonial to using professional advice for a best of both worlds approach.

My remission is fully verifiable with complete records.

Advanced metastatic squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)

Robert – Perth, WA. Long Term Survivor – salivary gland with lung metastases – 2013.

My  original diagnosis in 2013 showed a parotid tumour. I had a neck dissection diagnosed with SCC with mets in lung. PET CT showed avid nodules. The prognosis was poor. Grace Gawler, from the Grace Gawler Institute, organised for me to visit Japan for immune therapy in September 2015 after previous surgery, chemotherapy and radiation failed to halt progression of my metastases. Remarkably I only went once and the benefit was huge.

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Forward to November 2017 – Still well. I went to the oncologist who called me the ‘miracle man’. That sort of thing makes me nervous!  I don’t believe in miracles.

But I do believe that Grace Gawler put me in touch with the best cancer immune therapist and that his work is brilliant. Grace has continued to advise me after my return.

For that and all your support; my wife and son thank Grace most sincerely.  I think, too, that I have made and am making an effort with my lifestyle change.

The oncology registrar I spoke to said she has seen about 7 or 8 long term survivors with what I’ve got, which she described as nasty and aggressive.  I asked her what common threads had she seen among these survivors.

If anything, it was that they all pursued sustained physical endurance exercise.  This was interesting for me, because, unwittingly in regard to my case, I do a lot of endurance training.

However; the oncology registrar had no experience with the immune therapies I received so he could not credit them.

2017 – I had genomic testing on my original cancer tissue and it proved the oncologist right; how serious and aggressive the cancer had been! Again, thanks so much.  Robert had further cyberknife in WA – Feb 2019. Update  2020 – Still in remission. Cycling long distances. Claim to fame –  between 27 Sept 2004- 15 June 2020 – has walked the entire length of the Bibbulmun Track, (over 1000 km) one of the world’s great long distance walk trails,  winding through the heart of the scenic South West of Western Australia.

Orbital cancer-eye, metastatic squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) 

John, Sydney, NSW. Long Term Survivor. 2016

A high profile NSW man, contacted the Grace Gawler Institute just two days before his scheduled surgery at a reputable Sydney hospital. They were about remove his eye socket & upper facial quadrant. He was extremely distressed knowing he faced a rigorous 5 month recovery affecting his quality of life. Given the urgency of his situation, within hours of his Skype call, Grace consulted her international medical network for a second opinion. Before long his scans & reports were sent to renowned eye cancer experts in Germany & Japan. A lengthy dialogue with many email exchanges followed.

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Australian medical experts discussed best treatment options for John and suggested a plan of treatment. He also consulted a German pathologist who provided a second opinion on the type of cancer found in his biopsy. The biopsy results were provided to GGI’s Japanese colleagues and a new minimally invasive treatment plan was recommended.

John cancelled his surgery and flew to Japan for cyber-knife treatment with a world expert. He also benefited from cell-based cancer vaccines. His side-effects were minimal and the treatment was successful. He later experienced a small recurrence that was successfully treated with a targeted therapy. Update: John retains his eye and upper facial quadrant and remains tumour free – Aug 2020 

Primary and  metastatic prostate cancer at first diagnosis 2011

Craig, Qld

I was 43 when diagnosed with prostate cancer. At the time of diagnosis, my PSA was over 100. The cancer had already metastasised from my prostate; several lymph nodes were involved and there were spots detected in my ribs. I was told that control and not cure was the objective and that because of my age; the cancer was overly aggressive. Life changed dramatically that day.

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I had extensive radiotherapy to my pelvis; Zoledex and a series of different anti-hormone therapies followed over the years. I also tried various complementary medicines. I kept the cancer at bay sometimes for short periods and sometimes for longer periods.

But in 2017 I had a crippling pain flare up in my ribs. It was then I sought help from the Grace Gawler Institute’s Grace Gawler. She helped me to organise a genomic test via an oncologist. The results shed light on damaged DNA that was driving the cancer to grow. Grace prescribed some complementary meds and recommended I visit the Institute’s preferred cancer immunologist in Japan for cell based immune therapy, which I did. I also began bone strengthening drugs with a monthly infusion and then had targeted radiation to ribs. All this was followed up with new hormonal management. Grace and her experts made a plan that enabled me to action a plan that used a combination of strategized treatments. Grace added some vital missing links into my original plan, and it was those missing links that made a difference to my outcome. I have been monitored since 2017 and remain in good health.


It is now 2020 and I have remained pain free and cancer free according to blood tests and scans. It has not been a simple recovery and I am ever vigilant with my medical follow up visits.

Advanced metastatic gallbladder cancer 

Janet – Queensland Long Term Survivor May 2016

Janet’s husband –”I feel so lucky that I clicked onto Grace’s name whilst doing a google search on behalf of my wife, Janet,  who was diagnosed with advanced metastatic gallbladder cancer. * When I clicked onto her website, I immediately related to the mantra of ‘navigating the cancer maze’! That was exactly what Janet and I needed.  Grace immediately gave us new HOPE, VISION & DIRECTION that we were sadly lacking at that stage of our journey!

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I was not prepared to accept the traditional oncology approach of ‘no other options than chemo.’

In my wife’s case, we were also told that chemo was not the cure!

Grace’s recommendation to consider a special immune therapy (not drug based) as a value add, in combination with chemotherapy, gave us renewed energy to move forward. Within a fortnight of her recommendation we were on a plane to consult with a world leader in immune therapy.

I fully believe that the immune therapy Janet received has been the XFACTOR in her recovery. Although this can never be proven, her poor prognosis prior to immune therapy, cannot be questioned.

We are true believers in what Grace Gawler achieves in her role as Cancer Navigator!

Update Aug 2020: Testing reveals Janet is in good health and remains cancer free.

Grace explains Janet’s case: On the 17/05/16 Janet was diagnosed with a malignancy of the gallbladder which involved the fundus infiltrating into segment 4 of the liver. There were adhesions of omentum with peritoneal seeding, proven on biopsy. Palliative chemotherapy was given however this was to minimise or stabilise growth with little chance of eradication.

*Metastatic gallbladder cancer – has a poor survival outcome (medium survival time of 4.8 months) especially without surgery. Janet has been declared tumour free by scans and internal biopsies that are negative for a malignancy. (Updated – Feb 2019)

Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) locally advanced – both breasts.

Sandra B. NSW.  Long Term Survivor – Long term remission from 2014.

I was shocked when diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer – a high grade carcinoma with lymph node involvement. The doctors said that my cancer was locally advanced with several lumps evident on scans throughout my breast. I had only found one lump which I ignored for several months before seeking help. When further suspicious nodes were found I began to lose hope.  I was lucky they said as my cancer had not metastasised anywhere else in my body it was localised in the breast and lower nodes. I was told that these types of tumours (TNBC) are often chemo resistant and there were no guarantees that even with radical treatment that I would be OK. Despondent with my poor prognosis, I was even more fearful when many doctors said that because I was young, 40 years old, my cancer was likely to be extremely aggressive and fast growing. There were no hormone treatments.

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I was advised to have chemotherapy prior to an advised double mastectomy and was prescribed a usual protocol of 18 weeks chemotherapy – Taxotere, Adriamycin and Cyclophosphamide. (TAC)- It was tough going, but I got through.

After chemotherapy they could find no evidence of the tumours. Then the next treatment; a double mastectomy. The surgery confirmed a complete response with no residual microscopic disease.  Things began to look rosier. When recovered, then came six weeks of radiation therapy. My body felt like a war zone. I was exhausted and traumatised especially with the extra demands of a young family to raise. I asked myself “Should I rest on my laurels” take time out and watch and wait as had been advised.

I am not good at watch and wait so I decided to become proactive being aware of the ongoing risk of recurrence and the impact of side effects that were already plaguing me.

My inflammatory markers were high, and I had constant joint and muscle aches. I found the Grace Gawler Institute which was a turning point. I soon became a client. I had no idea of the huge range of possibilities that awaited me.

As a navigated client of the Grace Gawler Institute, I was prescribed complementary medicines and was referred to a qualified overseas clinic for whole body hyperthermia. Then I travelled to the Institute’s recommended specialist cancer immunologist in Japan.

I underwent a series of personalised cancer vaccines made from my own immune cells. I have returned every year for treatment and a holiday with family. With the advice and support from Grace, my health improved dramatically, my fatigue melted away as did all my aches and pains.  I had turned a significant corner in my healing and wellbeing.

Update: It is now 2020. My remission has continued, and my health is beyond expectations. My kids are now teenagers and I know I will be around for them and see their birthdays and graduations and one day hopefully grandkids.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) locally advanced.

Alexa M. Victoria. Long Term Survivor. 2015

Early in 2015 at 54 years of age I underwent a lumpectomy and chose not to have follow up treatment. My breast lump was relatively small, and surgeons said they had performed a wide excision and although they recommended, I follow up with either chemotherapy alone or radiotherapy or both to be sure. Under the microscope my small lump was a triple negative breast cancer. A positive thinker, I’d always had an ethic of following natural and lifestyle medicine and I was prepared to take the risk of getting on with my life and leaving cancer behind me.

I travelled overseas for a holiday, but although I did not mention to anyone, nagging fears began to plague me; fears about the cancer coming back. Those fears caused me to decide whilst I was in Europe that I would undergo a course of treatment at a German Cancer clinic where I had a few treatments including whole body hyperthermia to help prevent a recurrence. I took supplements prescribed by a naturopath and German doctor. thought little About breast cancer when I returned to Australia.

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I thought I had done all the right things however there was one word that had not been explained to me or I that had not heard or understood. The word lympho-vascular invasion. When added to TBNC, this turned out to be the reason why follow up chemotherapy and radiotherapy was recommended after my lumpectomy.

2016 Recurrence! My heart sank. This time not only one lump but several were found and according to pathology reports, they were all related to the previous lump.

I was devastated because not only had my cancer recurred with a vengeance, but my life ethic of curing cancer naturally was shattered. I was ushered into the world of conventional cancer medicine at speed with hardly time to think. Well still I was told that triple negative breast cancers often don’t do well with chemotherapy and if they do, it may only be for a short time before another recurrence. Fear and anxiety began to dominate my life.

A friend suggested I consultation with Grace Gawler Institute. I had a videocall with Grace Gawler was surprised when she told me that debulking the cancer with surgery and mopping up stray cancers with chemotherapy was the best way. She told me that because my cancer had spread in my breast and lymph glands but was nowhere else to be seen on scan; that this was the best course of action.  This was not what I was expecting – not what I had read on the internet about curing cancer. I don’t know much about cancer, but I was trying to fight it. It seems a crazy thought now; thinking you can fight something when you don’t even know what it is. I had adult kids and I wanted to see my grandchildren grow up and I thought constantly about all that stuff you think you will miss when diagnosed with cancer again.

Grace assured me that conventional treatment would not be easy and still there were no guarantees, but she would help me to give it my best shot. Before surgery she mentioned there was a Cancer immunologist in Japan who was helping many of her patients with a special kind of immune therapy made from their own cells. I liked this idea and I asked her if she could help me to organise a trip to Japan after my treatment had finished. She said that I could do even better and sent a request to my surgeon to have some of the infected lymph nodes removed and sent to Japan for a personalised cancer vaccine. I’m not sure of all the behind the scenes arrangements but somehow grace made it happen. From that day on there were a lot of video calls and emails as she guided me through the process.

My surgeon gave some dire warnings about my long-term survival so I felt that the Japan option might offer me some extra protection. I have followed up with scans and blood tests and it’s a good feeling when your surgeon says she doesn’t want to see you for another year and then another year and then another.

That’s all in the past now, I have been to Japan four times for my cancer vaccine treatment.

Update: I am still in remission four years later Aug 2020. I’m grateful for being alive and well and to all my doctors but especially to Grace for the role she played in my recovery. I hope that my story can encourage others and that they can learn from it.

Advanced Micro Papillary Breast Cancer with Bone Metastases.

Marianne, NSW. Long Term Survivor – Oct 2016.

Grace is the light in a sea of darkness for me. An angel brought into my life, she guided me through the complex process of obtaining effective cancer treatments overseas! Having been diagnosed in February 2014 with breast cancer, and having taken a number of alternative treatments working on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, I was given the all clear.  However, in November 2016, I was diagnosed with a huge tumour in my breast which metastasised extensively into my bones.

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Well, I thought with all the work I had done I had conquered my fear of my mortality.  It came back in full force overshadowing me, with anxiety at an all time high.  After doing so much emotional work, I was shocked to see how much fear I still had. I have avoided the medical system most of my life, as I never received clear answers for my ailments.  Fear surrounded me when it came to allopathic medicine.  Fear of diagnosis and treatment was overwhelming.

The immense, unbearable pain over two months lead me to succumb to see a doctor. Fear and pain had a hold of me! I felt defeated! My worst fears had come to realisation.  Test after test revealed my worst nightmare. I feel so blessed to have been guided to Grace.  She has been pinnacle in transforming my fears of doom and gloom to hope. Poor Grace.  Working diligently to keep me on course through the many times I wanted to bail ship!  Through her loving and caring nature, Grace was able to put me back on track.

I wanted to take any opportunity to deviate from this course, believing that alternative ways were the only way to full recovery, and also within my comfort zone. Other treatments showed up for me to go off track from the path Grace was desperately trying to keep me on! So many supposedly great treatments out there that swear they cure cancer, all very believable when in such a fragile emotional state.  From well meaning family and friends they are all legitimate in their belief that they work.

Unlike the path Grace leads you on, they are a one size fits all treatment for everyone. I definitely do not fit into the one-size fits all category, as revealed through the many tests Grace led me to have. Grace steered me in the right direction each time with logical sound reasoning from her wealth of knowledge, understanding of other treatments out there and whether or not they will have any chance of being effective in my individual case.

Achieving great results requires a team effort which Grace co-ordinates so smoothly and professionally. Every Skype call I have had with Grace so far has transformed my doubts, fears and anxiety to peace, hope and knowing that I am on the right track. From the roller coaster three months since my diagnosis, I am now in a state of healing.  My health has already improved substantially and I am in a great emotional state, confident and at peace with the paths I am taking.

Since I met Grace (less than 3 months ago Oct 2016) I have gone from being debilitated with pain and suffering to living a normal pain-free healthy energized life on a healing path to optimal health that I have never experienced before. My health issues began as a small child.  I have been managing them as best I can but until I met Grace I had no idea why I was having the unusual symptoms I experience.  Grace has not only worked out what triggered my health issues and cancer but also a path of healing them along with my cancer!

Grace explains: Invasive micro papillary carcinoma of the breast can be aggressive. It is rare and accounts for less than 1% of invasive breast cancers. Marianne pursued alternative diagnostic procedures for some time which failed to diagnose her rare breast cancer type.

Before embarking on any treatment, Grace recommended a genomic test which was performed on her biopsy tissue. Fortunately, the test revealed, that chemotherapy was not appropriate and that hormone therapy alongside a new breast cancer treatment, would be more targeted to her cancer type. Concurrently, Marianne was referred to an Asian expert for blood-based immune therapy and hyperthermia, both synergistic with the new treatment and hormone therapy.

Due to successful reduction of the main tumour mass in the breast and the disappearance of all but one bone metastases, Marianne is about to undertake her third trip for further treatment. The goal is to reduce the tumour as much as possible before mastectomy. Her long-term outcome is looking favourable. Update: Aug 2020 – despite occasional challenges (successfully treated), Marianne continues to do exceptionally well.

Advanced breast cancer – stage IV (Male) lung metastases.

Mark. Brisbane. Long Term Survivor – 2006.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. I had a mastectomy and chemo. My cancer came back in 16 lymph nodes and both lungs. Australia had nothing new or promising to offer. They just gave me time and said I had a hard road ahead of me.

So my wife started a Google search and came across Grace’s website. We joined a Survive & Thrive Cancer Navigation Plan in 2014. 
With Grace’s Cancer Navigation Service, Grace collaborates with various overseas doctors on our behalf, advising and monitoring all treatments in great detail and consistency.

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Grace also arranges extensive genomic testing on your specific type of cancer which has never been offered to us previously.
This would all be an impossible task for us to do as we do not have the experience or knowledge that Grace has.
Grace has become a close friend to us now and I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for all her hard work in finding the best successful treatments for me. I would highly recommend Grace to anyone trying to navigate the difficult cancer maze.

Update: Aug 2020 Mark is experiences high level well being with lung tumours dormant. 

Metastatic Bladder Cancer 

Sonya.  2019 – Long Term Survivor 

I discovered Grace and the GGI whilst searching for a personalised plan and approach to deal with my cancer diagnoses and treatment.
After my first session with Grace I signed up to the navigation package. Grace arranged Genomic testing and based on the results she devised a personalised plan and treatment schedule.
After chemotherapy finished I travelled to Japan where I received immune cell therapy and hypothermia. Grace had sent all relevant scans and reports to Japan and facilitated all of my treatment schedules, as well as keeping in contact with myself and the treating Dr.
The entire process was made easy by excellent organisation and communication.
Being able to access this treatment and having Grace doing the groundwork is one of the benefits of being a navigated patient.
Grace and Pip are both exceptionally supportive, intuitive and sincere and both offer meaningful direction with genuine care and empathy.
I frequently receive resources and updated information pertaining to my personal situation.
Being a navigated patient I have found the support, guidance and individual care to be exactly what I was searching for.
Grace and Pip are an awesome team and it is a privilege and honour to work with such caring mentors.[/su_spoiler]

Advanced Stage 4 Metastatic Urothelial Cancer

Carol. New Zealand – Long Term Survivor.

Grace saved my mums life. She read the medical files, had a Skype session with us, told us who could help, forwarded all files and a summary to those doctors, and kept in relatively good contact along the way. Not bad for $1200. Mums stage 4 cancer is now barely visible. Best of all she’s alive after NZ doctors said she had 3 months maybe a few more to live. That was back in 2017. Thank you. Carol’s Daughter. Update: Feb 2019 Carol is currently receiving proton beam treatment overseas

High-grade serous ovarian carcinoma stage IV.

Rachel. Australia – Long Term Survivor – diagnosed December 2015.

13 January – 2017 – Email update from Rachel: 
Just letting you know I had PET/CT scan and results yesterday and I am all clear. I have No cancer! Many, many thanks for all your care of me and support over the past year and a bit and throughout my cancer journey. You gave us direction, courage, hope and lots of good paths to follow especially sending us to Japan and recommending a new oncologist and surgeon. My husband and I are so very grateful. We can’t thank you enough. As of May 2018 – Rachel remains well and cancer free.

Rachel’s Story: In January 2016 liver metastases were diagnosed along with multiple peritoneal nodes.

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December 2015 -Rachel presented with right upper quadrant tenderness. Subsequent CT diagnosed multiple liver lesions from 6 cm ovarian mass.

Jan 2016 -PET CT multiple metastatic deposits of the liver intrahepatic Metastatic Deposits (Segment 6 liver) and Peritoneal Metastases in the Pelvis.

January 2016 – Grace suggested that to prepare for chemotherapy- she would request an opinion from Japanese immune therapy specialist. Rachel decided to pursue this approach and underwent pre-treatment with NK and DC vaccines with hyperthermia in Japan (Not drug based immune therapy – but vaccines made from her own cells.)

1 February 2016 – In Australia Rachel entered into a chemotherapy regimen of neo-adjuvant dose dense chemotherapy.

May 2016 – Grace consulted the Japanese doctors again and it was suggested more NK and DC vaccines (with hyperthermia) in Japan  would be a significant contribution to recovery chances.

July 2016: Grace suggested Rachel consult a Brisbane oncology-gynaecology surgeon to explore option of a hysterectomy to remove uterus, fallopian tube and remaining ovary as well scope for any other cancers

(Notably in December 2015 surgery, only the left ovary was removed)

Post-treatment completion saw Rachel’s third visit to Asia to receive more immune therapy….DC and NK cells (made from her own cells)  with hyperthermia. The outcome was exceptionally positive.

Prior to travelling overseas Rachel had considered a liver resection and major de-bulking surgery. However with the results of a recent PET CT scan and follow-up MRI since returning from Japan she had new options because all that remained was a solitary 5 mm residual tumour, which according to the Japanese doctors, may resolve as the others have done. 

 Hepatocellular Carcinoma – advanced primary liver cancer

Gary. Canada – Long Term Survivor – March 2017 – 

My name is Gary,  I was diagnosed with severe advanced liver cancer in March of this year. Living in Canada I was given a year to live – probably less. The prognosis was the unfortunate product of a public health system that applies to New Zealand and Australia as well. All three countries have similar dismal records with this disease. Knowing I was in trouble I started checking around.

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The US was just to expensive and it was quite scary as they started soliciting me when I made enquiries. Fortunately after combing the internet I came across a cancer navigator. Never heard of one of those but it was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me.

The Grace Gawler Institute is a wonderful organisation that only have the patients needs in mind. Grace and Pip have searched the world to help people like me. Which is how I ended up in Japan.

They are leaders in the world in curing cancer. They are not scared of trying new treatments.Though TACE and RFA were promised to people in NZ, AU and Canada 17 years ago.It never eventuated due to budget constraints.

While receiving immunotherapy at Tokyo Grace organised for me to be put in touch with an expert on HCC carcinoma at a Japanese hospital. We can deal with that was their answer. Which is exactly what happened.

Japanese hospitals are a thing to behold their commitment to patient care is incredible. All through this process I had an angel on my shoulder in the form of Grace whose advice and care makes you realize you have somebody with you all the way. She makes sure you are getting the best treatment possible – she collaborates and orchestrates it all.

Grace insists on following up when treatment is finished  – as after care is almost as important as treatment to maintain a good result. Grace and Pip have been an absolute godsend even taking the extra step of supporting my wife through this traumatic experience.

This is the reason I feel I have an angel on my shoulder as I know I have them watching out for me. Even my cousin said when he found out what happened,”you found an angel didn’t you”. I totally agreed.

I would recommend The Grace Gawler Institute to anyone that asks. Because of them am looking at staying on this world for a lot more years to come.

Thank you Grace and Pip – Gary Howes 

Advanced (local spread) Rectal Adeno Carcinoma.

Ngareta. Sunshine Coast, Qld – Long Term Survivor – 2017.

I cannot recommend Grace highly enough. Because of her, I’m now cancer-free. I was diagnosed last December, and didn’t know what to do. Luckily I found Grace, and I signed up for a cancer navigation package. I was totally opposed to having medical treatment, but she convinced me that that was the right way to go.

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I had chemo/radiation for 6 weeks, meanwhile I was supported by Grace with herbal & nutritional supplements. This made the whole experience much more tolerable, and now the cancer has gone! Under her guidance I’m on my way overseas shortly to get an amazing immune treatment, so it never returns. Grace is the best! UPDATE: May 2018 – Ngareta maintains good health – especially notable is the lack of nasty side effects common with this cancer type.  

Nodal Marginal Zone Non-Hodgkins lymphoma stage IV 

Karen. Darwin- Long Term Survivor – Oct 2017.

In October 2017, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Nodal Marginal Zone Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A mouthful I know! My NHL is one of over 40 different types of lymphoma. Mine is a very rare one and there is currently no treatment available for me. I am on what the Doctor’s call a ‘watch and wait’, with my Haematologist checking me every 4 months for symptoms.This means that I wait until it gets worse and I start to display symptoms then they will do chemotherapy treatment.

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I was advised by my Doctor that he will treat me with the chemo used to treat patients with Follicular lymphoma as that is all that is available for me. My symptoms may present in 1 year or 10 years, they don’t know. This, like any cancer diagnosis was and is devastating. I have two young children and I have been told I have this disease, go home, live healthy, go back to work and get on with your life. My Doctor said, “It’s just bad luck.”

I felt quite hopeless and without any control over my situation, I didn’t even understand it and I didn’t want to search the internet. I was fortunate enough to find a book called ‘From cancer Good Things Grow’ written by Jeffrey Deslandes. He had Follicular lymphoma and is now cured because of immunotherapy treatment from his own immune cells. I contacted Grace to discuss immunotherapy and vaccines because I believed it would help me as it had done for Jeffrey Deslandes. I was aware that the treatment was not offered in Australia. After my first skype with Grace my husband and I both felt a sense of calm wash over us after all of the chaos. Grace sent me research papers, answered my questions, organised a second opinion at short notice and other testing. Grace is knowledgeable, caring and helps to make you feel supported and empowered.

We paid for the navigation package ($1400) which, included a number of skypes (1hr in duration), numerous emails and assistance. We always felt better after talking to her. Grace made arrangements for me to go to Asia for immunotherapy in just under 6 weeks after my first skype with her. I had excellent treatment in Asia with an amazing Doctor and his team. I was in Asia for just over 1 month for the treatment. I felt good going to the clinic and I couldn’t wait to go back each visit. It had positive effects on me both physically and mentally. I am now on a monitoring package with Grace to keep in touch re pharmaceuticals, results and my next visit to Asia for treatment. I cannot recommend Grace highly enough. Update: Karen remains well as of July 2020

Stage IV Advanced Metastatic Prostate Cancer – No surgery possible

Patrick. Darwin – Long Term Survivor – June 2018  

Hi – I am 53 year old Male who 6 months ago was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and yes spread to bone, local doctors were grim, and happy to put me through the ringer straight away without further questions asked, although I was shocked I felt I needed time evaluate and seek other opinions moving forward. After weeks of research I sought the survivors across the web, and every time I searched, Grace Gawler came up in my search.

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To be clear to all , I had a PSA of 144 when first diagnosed and then after all the prodding around and tests my PSA was now 177 after biopsy that was, so in the oncologist eyes and to the majority it was not great, fortunately on my continued search and determination to find something alternative , so after a major change of life style , diet, drinking, smoking removed , exercise , new diet and new improved attitude with meditation and no stress added to my life.

I decided to contact Grace, this is where my journey was amplified upwards for the better that is 🙂 ,Grace made me feel at ease, with her relaxed , yet compassionate and positive outlook, Grace evaluated my results and set upon supporting me and my partner moving forward, now after 7 months since my diagnoses , I have been to Japan and completed treatment Immune therapy, and Hyperthermia. Along with quality supplements that I continue to take, Grace has given me continued support and my journey continues, while I can tell you, I feel the best I have felt in 30 years, my bloods are all normal, and best of all my PSA is near un-detectable.

I often wonder if I did not find Grace where would I be now, I chose no chemo, I chose no Radiation , I choose life and Grace has been an integral part in supporting my choices.

I highly recommend Grace and also Pip who does all the back ground organising, I look forward to meeting them both in person soon and giving them both a big hug and thank you. I can tell you that when I speak with GRACE she listens, when I speak with my Oncologist he looks at me if I am crazy, but the results speak for themselves) thank you Grace once again xxx Patrick. Update: Patrick is fit & well. Feb 2019. Being advised for next followup treatment.

GGI Director’s Testimonial – Singapore Taiwan Research Trip – March 2019.

If you are considering engaging Grace Gawler as your cancer navigator & advocate, you’ll find the following stories a strong testimony to the breadth and width of her global cancer network.

For some time, we have been prescribing two Japanese manufactured lactic acid fermentation supplements; LACTIS & CHITSU; both functional food supplements that are nutraceuticals. We have also taken both products ourselves – results have been very impressive.

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Rather than relying on anecdotal evidence, Grace is very particular as to the source and purity of products she prescribes for her patients. She needed to further investigate the manufacturing process, the science and therefore evidence-base of LACTIS & CHITSU. This was important with regards to impact on the gut microbiomes; especially the impact on certain cancer types. The importer and supplier for Taiwan had accrued valuable and valid scientific information from the Japanese that had been difficult to source from Australia.

Further meetings in Singapore & Taiwan with hospitals, oncologists and radiation oncologist’s merged with exciting meetings with researchers in complementary medicine. The success of our trip was beyond our wildest expectations.

These new collaborations will undoubtedly prove highly beneficial to many of our patients by increasing the range of both new medical treatments & complementary options not offered in Australia & NZ.

  • Our Generous Sponsor: RC, a Taiwanese businessman who has invested in healthcare, meshed with Grace’s long-term study in safe functional foods for cancer patients. His investigations into science-based complementary medicines meant he had often crossed investigative paths with Grace in Germany, Japan & Switzerland! For example, both had made exploratory visits to the Strath Tonic & Bio Force facilities in Switzerland. Thus, Grace and RC both only promote products they have personally researched from the ground up through to the delivery to the patient. During our 4 days together, we had many ‘constructive’ conversations about the science behind the products that will help our patients.
  • Singapore Radiation Oncology Story: During an invigorating chilli crab dinner conversation with Dr DT, a respected and innovative Singaporean radiation oncologist, I mentioned when living in the UK after her world-first surgery in Rotterdam; Grace had been offered consulting rooms in a prestigious London Harley Street Cancer Clinic. When Dr T asked with whom; Grace replied, ‘Prof Karol Sikora.’ Remarkably, Dr T had studied Prof Sikora’s work for decades and was inspired by his innovative approach to cancer treatment. When he asked how Grace came to know him, she replied he had heard her presentation at the Penny Brohn Memorial lecture in London. Impressed by her knowledge and experience, Prof Sikora became a colleague & collaborator and wrote an accolade for the second edition of Grace’s best seller – Women of Silence – The Emotional Healing of Breast Cancer. As Grace and Dr Daniel T talked on, he frequently expressed appreciation for the depth of her cancer experience and supportive care model.
  • Taiwan Story 1: Visit & personalised tour of the World’s Most Advanced Brain Cancer Treatment facility: Similarly, during a meeting with the leading Radiation Oncologist at a Taiwan University Nuclear Reactor Brain, head and neck cancer treatment centre, he expressed delight at Grace’s knowledge of his specialised field of nuclear medicine. This is a treatment little known in Australian & NZ medical systems.
  • Taiwan Story 2: Interventional Radiology Student Story
    At the same university we shared coffee with a young student of interventional radiology. We asked him if he knew of Prof Thomas Vogl from Germany, a world leader of interventional radiology. Grace explained we often referred patients to him and had filmed many of his remarkable procedures. The student excitedly said he had read all Prof Vogl’s books and hoped to meet ‘his radiology hero’ someday. Grace said she would be happy to write a personal introduction.
  • Taiwan Story 3: Complementary Medicine: Prof K, from Taiwan University; Department of Biological Science & technology, shared a PowerPoint presentation he had recently presented at a conference in Japan. The PPT outlined the thorough & elaborate methodology from 18 years of study by his medical and scientific team to verify efficacy of a species of medicinal mushroom. He presented irrefutable evidence of efficacy, verifying Grace’s decades of interest in the mushroom species. The Prof was delighted that Grace understood his complex presentation & that she had in-depth knowledge of the mushroom species and its clinical application for cancer patients.
  • Taiwan Story 4: Medicinal Mushroom Growers/Manufacturers: Interestingly, when we met the team whose farm produced the medicinal mushroom, we noted their Rotarian badges. They were surprised to learn Grace was an inaugural recipient of the Rotary International Jean Harris Award of Excellence for services to health in Australia in the late 90’s. Another remarkable ‘coincidence.’ Or was it?

    • We deepened connections with some of our outstanding cancer doctors.
    • We deepened our knowledge & ratified the source of our potent functional foods & nutraceuticals to help our patients. We were able to endorse them as the best complementary medicines available.
    • The vignettes above are remarkable for showing the breadth & depth of Grace’s international medical alliance – collaborations with innovative leaders in their fields.
    • You’ll not find any other cancer navigator, advocate or nutritionist anywhere globally, who has forged such amazing collaborations of behalf of her patients.


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The following patients did not have the benefit of blood or tissue-based cancer vaccines but their testimonials demonstrate the role of a cancer navigator/patient advocate guiding them through the complex cancer maze.

Ged, Leiomyosarcoma & Liver Metastases & Bladder Cancer – UK, diagnosed Oct 2015 

Since diagnosis  with a rare cancer approximately 12 months ago, Grace has been  expertly guiding us through the “local and overseas cancer maze”, providing us with options when at times it seemed that there were none.

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We have been incredibly impressed  with  the guidance and support Grace has offered.

She has been able to advise on everything from the latest treatments available world wide, to diet, supplements and so much more.

Grace has ensured that when we attend various appointments with consultants we are  well armed with the necessary questions to ask.

She works tirelessly on behalf of her clients to research and explore possibilities and avenues which are outside the ‘ box’.

Her  vast experience in dealing with cancer patients and their families, her depth of knowledge and her contacts with doctors from around the world means that we have confidence that no stone has been left unturned in trying to find and access the most appropriate treatments wherever they may be.

She is able to do this because of the time, effort and energy she puts into her research which is thorough and painstaking and ultimately benefits all of her clients.

We are extremely grateful and appreciative of all that she does. Ged is still fighting on 17/10/17

Steve – Father of 10 year old boy with Brain Cancer – Australia Nov 2016

In August 2015 our family was dealt the cruellest blow. Our beautiful, loving life 9 year old son was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. Life as we knew it changed immediately.

The medical profession does not provide what you would expect in this situation.

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We learnt at a rapid rate that we were steering this ship not the hospital.

If you do not learn / acquire an in depth knowledge of this complex medical condition you are in real trouble.

My life’s mission was to find a solution. I contacted Grace Gawler and was pleasantly surprised by a truly tenacious drive to find the solution to a condition that was continually met with closed doors.

Grace opened the doors to some treatment options that have increased my depth of knowledge to make smarter decisions.

She truly provides what the medical profession should provide. Thank you Grace for providing a direction in what can easily be a directionless situation.

Camilla – Cancer of the Saecum, Liver & Lung Metastases – UK – Diagnosed Oct 2013 

When you receive the diagnosis of cancer, you feel as though you are falling into an abyss with nothing to cling onto…..but then you find Grace!

My oncologist gave me no hope.  He offered chemotherapy but and I was told “we will keep you as well as we can for a long as we can”.  I was 41 with a husband and four children; this was definitely not the news I wanted to hear.  It was then that we found Grace.

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Through her, I have received treatment under the world renowned Professor Vogl in Germany, I have been on an excellent and well researched supplement programme and Grace is working on our next move.

With her medical contacts around the globe, there are many options which you may not have thought possible.

Grace’s possess such a vast knowledge, whenever we have a query or I am feeling a certain way, physically or emotionally, she hits on the cause and has a solution.

My care under the health system in the UK has been limited.  It would be very easy to become despondent but Grace NEVER allows me or Robert to feel that way.

She speaks of my “recovery”, a word which we never thought would apply to me three years ago.  She is a true lifeline. UPDATE: Camilla is still fighting on Oct 2017

Beth – Gastric Cancer – Jan 2016

Thank you Grace for bringing a new perspective to our family’s life-changing challenge as we deal with mother, wife and daughter-in-law Beth’s metastatic gastric cancer. You’ve contributed in your straightforward and generous way, invaluable information that’s given us completely new directions to explore, adding a very special element to the incredible support of an ever-increasing group of therapists and clinicians.

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Thank you for the dedication and commitment over decades that has led to the depth of knowledge, experience and insight that’s helping us right now and has encouraged and sustained so many others over the years. You’ve given us food for thought, provided practical advice and touched our hearts – brilliant combination. You are so appreciated!

Fairlie Dec 2015 – Breast Cancer

Grace is the “missing link” in the complex world of multi-disciplinary cancer management and treatment. Her ability to see the whole landscape of treatment and care options both nationally and internationally is unparalleled! As someone with a recent breast cancer diagnosis, she has been invaluable in assisting me with unpacking and interpreting the myriad of differing opinion that is out there.

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Her depth of knowledge, broad experience base and her compassionate character, coupled with her intellectually curious and rigorous nature; make her an anomaly in the field.

She is one of the few cancer practitioners that is able to integrate the many disciplines and protocols to come up with an individualised approach to a patients care that considers all their needs, medical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional. She does all this with a no nonsense pragmatism that engenders her patients with a sense of empowerment that is difficult to feel at a time like this.

Her ability to bring together and collaborate with experts and practitioners from so many fields and geographical regions is a gift and I have no doubt her work will go a long way to improving the fractured nature of cancer treatment in the future.

The only problem as I see it is…..we need more like her, the demand for her services is far outstripped by her ability to meet the enormous and growing need for holistic, evidence based cancer treatment and care.

David Anastasi, Northern NSW, Head & Neck Cancer, 2012

If you have experienced the medical inadequacies such as the long overdue return phone calls, the lack of bedside manners, the feeling of having no control or input as to your outcome, let Grace guide you out of that minefield of disappointments, as she has for me.

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Grace will not only steer you onto the right path of treatment but recommend the best doctors. These doctors are surprisingly like Grace. They genuinely care for your well being, you are treated as a person who needs to be helped back onto the road of recovery. Grace is continually there behind the scenes organising doctors and specialists on your behalf and always calling or emailing you to keep you informed. Until I met Grace I’ve had one and a half years of misdiagnoses, false hopes, severe pain and had lost sense of all direction. Now after 2 weeks with Grace my prognosis is promising, my pain is under control, my life is salvageable, all directly due to Grace and her team. I am ever so grateful. Author’s update – David is alive and thriving well Dec 2015

Joanne – Pacific Pines, Qld – Reactive Arthritis & Fibro Myalgia – June 2015

Grace Gawler is passionate about health and empathetic about working with what I could manage. She was very knowledgeable about test results and turning them into a treatment program that is working for me.

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I am also in a much better frame of mind with more energy and dramatically improved mobility. This occurred within 2 weeks of starting on Grace and Dr Bruce Whelan’s treatment plan and continues to improve.Together with Dr Whelan, Grace has taken the time to listen and investigate my concerns thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned and along with frequent correspondence I feel confidently supported during this journey of better health. I’ve finally found a treatment plan that is building up my health from the foundations upwards. Instead of being given immunosuppressant medication along with a cocktail of other medicines by a Rheumatologist which had little effect, I now have a plan that is working for me, most of which includes natural medicine. I can’t recommend Grace and Dr Whelan highly enough. My expectations were very much met.

Marnie 2015 – Early stage Breast Cancer:

“I had the good fortune to find Grace Gawler and Dr Bruce Whelan through Grace’s book “Women of Silence” that was recommended to me by a friend shortly after my breast cancer diagnosis in September 2014.

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My first consultation with Dr Whelan and Grace Gawler was within a few weeks of my diagnosis. I, like many newly diagnosed patients had made numerous appointments with ” Dr Google “and had been lured into exploring “alternative” treatments for my cancer, as well as having embarked on radical diet changes.

In that consultation with Grace and Dr Whelan, I soon was made aware of the dangerous nature of some of these “alternative” treatments that are not based on any scientific evidence.

It is difficult to put into words the immediate difference in the way I viewed not only the journey in front of me, but the reassurance that I felt that there was now a ‘buffer zone’ between myself and the doctors and hospital system.

Someone to talk to about treatment decisions and options (very important). Someone who remembers your name without looking at a piece of paper or a computer screen and someone as knowledgeable about cancer treatment as anyone else in the hospital system.

The absolute professionalism and intelligence that both Dr Whelan and Grace possess gives you the confidence and piece of mind that you need to place your trust, your life, in their care.

I was transformed from someone dealing with a diagnosis, stumbling through ‘Dr Google’s’ tangled web, into someone who was relieved and confident that I had found the help I needed to assist me along my treatment journey.

Grace makes herself always available for advice along the way, in a very personal way that makes you feel comfortable to email her about even the smallest things. She very soon feels more like a friend which I feel can be lacking in conventional care.

There is no other person I think that could come close to Grace in her manner, knowledge, enthusiasm and experience. The ‘grace’ that she has in the way that she presents herself in her dealings with people is truly unique.

The gift that she gives to cancer patients and their families during the most difficult times of their lives is one wrapped by her helping hands. I look forward to a long relationship with Grace Gawler her partner Pip and Doctor Whelan long into survivorship and beyond. ‘ Marnie Rose. QLD, Australia – Update – May 2018 – Grace and I attended Marnie’s 50th birthday – she look great.”

Rona in the UK Says –

I haven’t met anyone else who has Grace’s empathy and honesty, depth and breadth of information and level of commitment to her clients. I feel I can trust her advice because she has my well-being at heart and wants the best results for me. Even after my initial treatments in Europe, Grace kept in touch and followed-up and supported me when I got home and was going through the toughest times. I feel I have a friend for life. If you are overwhelmed by information about cancer treatments, have questions about what you should do next, or feel you have run out of options, please contact her. 2013

Grace Gawler Skype ConsultationsA word from Grace Gawler…

I meet some amazing people through my work with cancer patients.

It is an honour and a serious responsibly to assist patients and families as they navigate the complexities of the cancer maze.

This page features true testimonials and I know they will offer great hope and inspiration….



From Pip Cornall – Co-Director of the Grace Gawler Institute..

Pip CornallAfter a consultation with Grace about 90% of first time patients say…
“I wish I had found you sooner. “

Many had advanced tumour volume, had failed conventional treatments or had previously tried ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatments they found on Dr Google. Some were advised by friends or ‘natural practitioners’ without cancer experience.

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We began our cancer navigation service to help people like them who were lost in the alternative medicine maze. I urge you to contact Grace and be one of the patients who say, ” I’m so glad I found you sooner.”

Pip’s Audio Testimonial – Recorded early 2015 – Grace’s work was saving/extending patient lives with such consistency that in 2007 I stopped my work with boys in Juvenile Prisons (Oregon, USA) to support her efforts. In 2010 we foundered the charity – the Grace Gawler Institute